Anybody want to trade 40's

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
Is anyone interested in trading their nice V8 fj40 for an 82 fj40 with 100k miles, lift, winch, weber, lots of acc. i just want to see the responsesi will get. i am looking for a good v8 fj40 with power steering, lift and maybe a 5 speed. maybe i'm asking to much though. thanks
Where are you? Got any pics of your rig?
I've got two 1948 cj2a jeeps ... each with a 4 cylinder and 3 speed. That's 8 cylinders and 6 gears total. :D
[quote author=Rice link=board=1;threadid=6549;start=msg53208#msg53208 date=1066734903]
I've got two 1948 cj2a jeeps ... each with a 4 cylinder and 3 speed. That's 8 cylinders and 6 gears total. :D

A j**p for a Cruiser.....Rude, man, rude. :mad:
Power man. there is something to be said about a 40 that can cruise at 80. 33's and 3.70 gears are so slow...i need to power man. then is may trade seems stupid how come knowone will do it. thanks
i think enjake was saying that your asking for too much, they would prefer to keep their V8 cruiser.

V8 the bugger yourself perhaps??? lower r&p gear??? give the 2f a pep up???

and something to be said about a cruiser cruising at 80 (i'll assume mph) umm 90inch wheelbase, ancient steering sytem, all that mass, long travel suspension, poor aerodynamics, and occasionally dodgy brakes = scary. i know the need for speed as much as the next guy, but at 20 i realised a 40 is not a speed machine :)

wouldn't you feel better about doing the conversion yourself instead of inheriting someone elses problems...
i would love to do my own v8 conversion but the fact of the matter is i dont the time, money or knowledge to do it and i'm only 17. School is a big crap hole i have to deal with too. my cruiser is an everyday driver and 50 percetn of it is on highway. love 40's to death but the practicality of it kinda sucks on an everyday basis. i'm leaning toward a 96 + 4runner that has lift and winch. nevertheless my 40 has alot of stuff i hae planned for it so before i do anything, i am putting new quarters, and fenders on it, doing to body work and repainting it all. How much do you think my 82 40 could bring w/ 4inch lift, 33s, sony cd player, two 5.25 poineers, and 2 kenwood 6x9's, hardtop, softop, bikini, top, fog lights, 6inch aux lights, brush guard, warn winch, new interior paint, new fenders, new quarter, new exterior paint, new weber, new intake, brake job, new heater core, 100k miles. i am hoping to get maybe 13-15k. wishfull thinking maybe, i guess it depends how all the body work turns out. thanks though.
Just a piece of advice from someone who did the same thing you're thinking of (selling the truck), twenty years ago, DON'T DO IT unless you are absolutley sure. I still regret doing it to this day. :'(
Dude, regear it, get the steering/brakes in *perfect* shape and you'll be fine. not good enough? Go buy some $600 beater car for all your on-road antics. And you'll get better mileage too. BTDT.
You do not want a v8 conversioned 40 that you do not know a lot about for a DD, the 2f is a far more reliable plant, and since it's meant to be there, that increases the reliability tenfold. I'm 17 as well, with a '74 40. You have a lot in comfort and driveability that I don't. Keep the 40 and deal with it.
My 40 has an anemic 3 spd a F with unknown mileage (probably 200k) and is nearly 10 years older. Needless to say my cruiser is slow as hell. I drove a v8 cruiser the other day that could burn out with these 13.5" wide worn A/Ts (aka slicks.) It was fast as hell, scared the living s***e out of me. Was it cool? Yes. Would I want to drive it everyday? Hell no. Some of my buddies drive fast cars (Infiniti Q45's, G35's, Honda's with 6 spds and 240 horses). One of them has already been in a wreck that should have killed him, and the others get plenty of tickets. I don't have to worry about that s***. Do yourself a big favor and keep the 40. I would keep the 3.70's and find an H41 Toyota tranny with the lower first gear. With 3.70's and 33's you are doin 2600 RPM's at 70 mph. Thats fast enough in a truck the size of a 40, and your 2F doesn't have to redline to carry you at a decent enough speed. I have a buddy with a 96 lifted, rearend locked 4 runner and hes very very jealous of my 40. I'm unlocked and I get get most of the places if not all that he can get, not to mention with no top and the windshield down, which is plan and simple more fun 8). He just doesn't have the balls to DD a truck thats 30 years old w/o A/C. :D You're making a big mistake. :'(
Dude, totally go buy a little honda crx si of hf as a daily driver and then go hard core on the 40. Crx's get killer gas millage. they are only 2 seaters, but they are fast and fun as hell to drive. I had an 86 crx si. I wish i had kept it.
well i didnt know so many people cared. that is nice though. Well i have some questions though. i have a weber on it and the old vaccuum retard dist. i got a new non-usa dist to go with the weber b/c i read it helps with power. will this just help with acceleration or tolp speed. my biggest of all complain about my 40 that make me mad is that it dies out on hills horraibly. like going 60 then dies to 40 on a hill that well it shouldnt do that. landpimp has an 82 with 33's and 3.70 and doesnt have this problem so i feel that is not the problem and the 3.70's are pretty nice. will the new dist help with this. also my retarded ass got a 32/36 for the 2f. would a 38 weber make a big difference. and would anyone in there right mind trade a 38 for my 32/36. Thanks though
If i were you, I would dump the whole retarded weber setup and go back to a rebuilt Aisain (did I spell it right david? :flipoff2:) And just keep it all stock. Unless your climbing Mt Fuji (which by the way LC's were the first vehicle to do) it shouldn't die like that. There was a guy on here advertising rebuilt carbs that got damn good mpg, and then theres always Jim C. Do you still have the original carb?
Cruiserhead05. You sound just like my little brother a couple a years ago. Gotta have the power. 40's aren't deigned to go 80 mph down the freeway. If thats what you want, go get a car of some kind and paint it bright yellow with reflectors all over it so we can stay away from you on the roads:).
These guys are right. Don't sell. I sold my first one when I was 17 because I wanted something more practical. Have regretted it ever since and Finally bought another last year after a lot of searching. 82s are hard to come by, keep her and take care of her. Buy another car for the days when you want to drive faster or have to commute. My brother had a chevy conversion cruiser and it was nothing but problems - even if it does go 80, it won't handle like it needs to at that speed.
Just a quick not to you re: the weber. The 38 is more carb than your little pump could ever handle...32/36 is the best match for the weber family keep it and adjust it properly. If you want to go 80 in a cruiser the earliest best bet offering is a 62. Keep your 40 keep your weber and as others have said pick up some POS to fill in the gap.

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