Alcans (again)

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Sep 1, 2014
Whitehorse, Yukon
So there are lots of older threads it seems on Alcans, and without getting into debates on quality that dominate past threads, has anyone ordered lately and have their specs?

@RUSH55, I know you ordered longer springs, and while I am going to to do the reversal, I am not lengthening the stock pin to pin length (and yes, finally decided on SUA).

Just looking on thoughts regarding how to spec my order. My weight differences from stock are, engine 200 lbs lighter than a 2f, smallish steel front bumper w 8274, steel rear bumper with 35" tire swing... likely an aluminum rack, modest sliders, 4" lift, 5" shackles.
Have you looked to see if you have a spring builder in your area? Working with a more local business can help reduce your shipping costs and wait time. Alcans are great and do good work from my experience. They may even already have a build spec for 4” lift springs. Most local builders can most likely do what they do, they’re just not as well known in the Cruiser arena. I would just double check to make sure they are longer than stock to compensate for the increased arch.
Now, were you planning to convert to FJ60 axles or were you keeping the 55’s?
Thanks @RUSH55 we do have some local guys, but not many who build springs for anything more than trailers, but its been a few years since I checked around..

Yes, i have hj61 axles that are going under, part of the reason for the shackle reversal since I already have to outboard the mounts anyway. To save time, I have the ruffstuff fj40 soa kit on its way now...
So you’re going to use the SOA hardware kit to outboard your hangers in a shackle reversal front setup and run your springs SUA?
I’m curious about how the front spring geometry is gonna play out. The way I’m picturing it will require more spring arch than the normal 4” front because of how tight the hangers will be to the front, probably around 2” from the frame to the bolt hole center (maybe it’s more). This is going to mean a dramatic difference between heights from the ground to the eye centers front and rear, because of the long shackles you’re planning to use. What that’s gonna boil down to I’m not real sure, but I think this thing I keep coming back to with spring eye levels has to deal with castor.
Anyways, lots of other guys have done this other than me, so excited to see what you end up doing!👍
Well, to be honest, last night I was comparing the overall height to my 80 on 35s and if i do soa, its going to be tall.. too tall for me, so landed on sua with the kit already ordered - and I wasn't thinking about spring centers until your post.

The outboard mounts, ubolts and perches will be useful regardless, so its not a total waste at least.

I'll have to take advice and think on this further, but maybe it makes sense to skip the reversal. Especially since this is also going to create more angle on the driveshaft..:bang:
Running shackle forward is probably the overall easiest and quickest way to go. Lots of guys have gone back to shackle forward, and there hasn’t really been much complaining. Hop on SLOW 71 and see what Scraps did. Simple, straightforward, and effective. Just be sure you have your shackle hangers where you want before welding solid 🙂
Alcan Springs, since 1982.

FJ Ben ran a set on his old rig.

Toyota designed that way for a reason 😉🤔! So thers a Reason for that 🤔🤔😉😏😳😂


But then didn't they turn around and do shackles in the rear for mini-truck and 1st gen 4Runners a few years later?

Wonder what the reason was for that? 🤔
I’m 100% sure I could easily run any 35” tire on the market on my Pig with the Cruiser Outfitters FJ55 Kit. Hell I removed springs in the rear and could still easily fit them.

If you want to keep it tall with all the leafs then get one of those BTB style reversals. They lift the front 1.5”. That’s what @Voodoocruisers has on his turd to run 35’s
I really liked my Alcans. They rode pretty good and flexed good as well. They were set for 300lbs over in the rear and thus it sat ass high unless you had that weight in it. Personally I would have made the rears a little longer to help shackle angle and ride when unladen, but it wasn’t awful.



here next to my other pig witha man-a-fre 4” safari lift kit on 33s

I’m 100% sure I could easily run any 35” tire on the market on my Pig with the Cruiser Outfitters FJ55 Kit.
I'm 100% sure you are correct sir.
I have Alcans on mine. It rides really nice with the OME shocks. I had them built for 3" lift spring under. I did not have them built for extra weight other than a winch up front. Can't really see in this pic, but it usually has some rake to it, so we'll see if it settles once I add a little weight. It rides really nice, though I did add a sway bar after the lift which improved things quite a bit.

Someone on the forum suggested having the spring 1" longer on the shackle side which I did. I think that was a mistake and I may be getting a replacement main leaf from Alcan. The shackles just seem to tight. I have 1 1/2" extended shackles and they barely fit. Stock shackles could not be installed because they would not reach the eye of the spring. Also my truck didn't lean before the lift, now it does. I don't know what it causing it, but I wonder if it has something to do with those tight longer springs? I had a local rock crawler builder/fabricator tell me that was a mistake to have them built that way - but, it does ride well.

I did have to send my springs back for a little fine tuning. Sucks living in the boonies sometimes, but Alcan is 12 hrs away and I couldn't find a shop close that had a lot of experience with 4x4 springs like Alcan does. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on Alcan, but the ride on my 55 is great. Rides really smooth and I would say very comparable maybe even better than my 60 with OME lift. Alcan is currently building a set of springs for another cruiser of mine.

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Looks good from the pic. You might have the springs installed on the wrong side if they were made side specific. They give the driver side springs a tad more height to compensate for the weight of the driver, or so I've heard.
@RUSH55 yes, i hoped that was the case but they do not unless you request it - is what I was told. I removed the springs and swapped sides 3 times with different shims trying to fix it. OME makes them 1/2 taller on the drivers side - some other manufacturers do as well from what I understand. It's not the normal lean and doesnt always lean, which makes me think maybe its that spring being so tight on the shackle it won't let it settle. Wish I'd have just made them standard length. I think once I get my new set for my 40, i'll put my 55 on blocks and get the new main leafs at the correct length made. I have a 1 cruiser on blocks at a time rule.

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