Advice on Warn winch restorers?

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May 7, 2017
Las Vegas, NV
I pulled my Warn winch off of my frame and it needs to be cleaned up and restored a bit. While I'm working on my frame and body, I'd like to send the winch off to get fixed up like new. Do you have any recommendations on restorers?
It may be more cost effective to just buy a new 8274 versus paying someone. That said, it is rewarding to find one cheap and freshen it up. If I can do it anyone can. Awl_tec and flintnapper have awesome documentation in the winching forum.





I’ll give it a go. Thanks.
Some advice to remember on the solenoids. When you are removing the nut that holds the wire to the solenoid DO NOT let the lug rotate. It has a nut on it you can use to hold the lug in place as you loosen the removable nut. The lug needs to be in alignment to make proper contact inside the solenoid. Those solenoids are NLA and the whole kit is pricey from Warn. I learned this lesson the hard way. Let me know if I can help.
@thebigredrocker very nice job! Where did you get the new decals? I called warn and searched everywhere for some, no luck.

@vegas, rebuild it yourself. I did mine and it wasnt too hard. and turned out pretty nice. Several good threads on MUD
I bet SMG can make them. He makes a lot of nice stuff like that.
I have no idea where to have a winch restored, but I found it funny that nobody actually answered your question...just gave advice and told you to do it yourself.

Good luck!
I have 3 sitting in the garage that im planning to give makeovers haha

Yes, I can make them. Just need someone to send me some measurements or sample.

The person that provides the info gets a cost break..


What exactly do you need? id gladly peel one off for yah if thats what your after
I have restored a couple of 8274s using the info off of mud. The solinoids, wiring for the solinoids, covers, motor and stickers etc.can all be sourced from Warn, Amazon or eBay. A very straightforward piece of equipment. One :banana:to:banana::banana:job.

Good Luck :beer:

If you peel them off and mail them to me, I’ll give you the first set for free.

Mine arent good enough to peel off! @thebigredrocker gave me a name of a guy that may have some. I hate to threadjack, but I will post back here if it works out. If @SMG is going to make them, I would rather buy from a MUDDER.
I'll gladly peel mine off and send em to ya for the first set. Pm me if interested. Believe mines a mid 78 production date.

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