Adding FJ40 rear storage “trunk”

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Feb 15, 2012
Black Diamond, Wa
As we all know FJ40’s don’t have any storage. I’ve been thinking of adding some type of storage box for awhile.

I wanted a box large enough to store fluids/recovery gear/tools and emergency supplies.

Needed to fit between frame rails and doesn’t hang super low. Also wanted it low enough I could possibly fab a fold forward rear seat. I think I achieved all my goals.

I’ve been putting off welding in my cargo floor for years and this is the last project before it gets welded. Top view of harbor freight trailer tongue box. Perfect fit. In retrospect I should have trimmed the trailer hitch and moved the box back 3 more inches. I say that because I would have more flexibility to move the axle back.

Under shot

Doesn’t hang low

Final product. This is the 2 3/4 sq ft harbor freight trailer tongue box.
It took me a minute to realize what I was looking at.
You'll have to let us knowhow you like it after some miles are put on it. Never would've considered that approach.
Now you've got me thinking of a hidden compartment under the rear floor, covered by the floor mat. Maybe a hinged lid or one that just gets removed.
The c channel at the mid bedpan point is hollow, I always felt that it would be a great smugglers hold 😂 second time posting this image today...
Someone on here once told a story about that channel being used as a secret compartment. If memory serves law enforcement found it pretty quickly as that channel isn't normally sealed at either end.

Now a 2nd fake locking filler door below the factory gas door providing access to a fly rod/blow gun/throwing stick might be cool.

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