77 fj40 fromt axle rebuild question

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Aug 21, 2005
Hello all. looking for advice. tore axle completely apart .except for rust and birfeild soup.came apart fairly easy. reassembly? the short shaft slid in really easy. a small twist and pop it was in. as for the long side, it seams it fight me. keeps hanging up on birfeild,to end of axle. locked solid. as if I need a bfh to drive axle in.whats up? what am I missing
you have to get the axle shaft in straight. It is a lot of weight cantilevered out from the birfield joint. If you need a hammer then something is not right.
Downward pressure on the birfield should raise the shaft to allow it to slide all the way in. Have to play with it for a while. No BFH for this!!!
Birfield soup? Did you replace the whole axle or just the birfield? If the axel is new make sure that you have the right spline.
I had some difficulty with this too - as @subzali said - the issue is the weight of that long axle will pull it "down" in the housing, making it difficult to line up. When I rebuilt my axles, I ended up laying on my back, under the truck, pushing the axle in and aligning it with both hands, and spinning the driveshaft slowly with my foot. Sounds crazy, but it worked. Spinning the driveshaft allowed the splines to line up while I was pushing in with my hands. Eventually, it dropped in. Took about 20min of fighting with it though!

Also - a word of warning: if the axle has been in and out of the housing several times, you may want to replace the seal again...unless you're using the Marlin Crawler inner axle seals. The stock Toyota ones, I have read, do not deal well with repeated attempts to install the axle - you may wind up doing it all over again if the seal has collapsed...I used the Marlin Eco Seals and they seem to have survived the process OK.

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