Builds 1996 HZJ75 Land Cruiser Pickup

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Will Van

Aug 18, 2017
Austin, TX
This is my 1996 HZJ75 Land Cruiser Pickup.

How the truck looks now:


The day I picked it up:


Some of the specs are:
  • GCC Market from Qatar
  • Diesel
  • 1HZ Engine
  • 12-Volt Power System
  • Dual Fuel Tanks
  • 36,000 kms
  • No rust
  • Factory PTO Winch
  • Hand Throttle
  • H55F 5-Speed Transmission
  • Toyota “Split” Transfer Case
  • Toyota Full Float Rear Axle

Wish me luck as I drive it home from LA to Central TX! (More pics and details once I get it home)

And yes, @Gun Runner 5, I have posted the truck in the US 70 Series Registration thread. ;)
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Nice truck.

Welcome to the madness.

Congrats on the new truck. She is a beauty.
Congratulations, that is great!

I am certainly looking forward to following this one along, should be epic with your skill and attention to detail!!

Would love to see it in E TN when the 70 series folks make it to town!
Amazing find!
I like the camouflaged door handle and windshield hinge... unusual, to say the least!
Obviously some things were upgraded already? I'm noting the new style side mirrors that I don't believe were offered in 1996?
I'll let Will fill ya guys in, but they can't sell military trucks with insignia or military colors, so this one got a quick spray in standard beige.

It's a great truck, be interesting to see what Will does with it.
I'll let Will fill ya guys in, but they can't sell military trucks with insignia or military colors, so this one got a quick spray in standard beige.

It's a great truck, be interesting to see what Will does with it.

I was wondering about the paint situation and military.

hijack/ I love Payson AZ...have always wanted to move there.
Ben, I am curious if you plan to strip back that respray beige? Be interesting to see what's underneath.

I wonder if they sanded off all the insignia stuff or literally just sprayed over it.
Hey Mud, I am finally settled back in Austin.

As I mentioned earlier, I flew into Los Angeles Thursday evening and bought the truck Friday morning. I hit the road Friday afternoon from Glendale, CA back to Austin, TX (over three days). Seller was kind enough to put the best set of split wheels/tires he had available, but I was still on tube tires the whole trip. It was exhausting and I could only do about 60 mph the whole way.


This is what the truck looked like when I first got it.











The first order of business was to update the wheels and tires. After much consideration, I went with OEM 70 series Land Cruiser wheels (Toyota PN: 42601-60262-03) and BFGoodrich 235/85/16 All Terrain Tires.



Perhaps someone can help me with the spare? Because the new wheels are a different offset, the lug doesn't snug down on the mount.

This is fully tightened on the "small" threads.
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The truck was originally from the Middle East, and was a service vehicle in that area. PartSouq lists some of the items on the factory PTO winch as "For Pakistan Government" so it might have been a municipal vehicle for Pakistan.

I have been told that dealerships in the Middle East are not allowed to sell former municipal vehicles with government markings. So at some point the truck was repainted so that it could be resold. They put a lot of Bondo on the hood.


Clearly some body filler was used, although I don't know why. The metal underneath does not appear to have any rust or damage. They sprayed over everything, including the door handles and hood hinges. They did some minor repairs in the bed, where perhaps some piece of equipment was mounted???

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Although I would love to start adding fun stuff to the truck, like air conditioning, lockers, or turbo, my first priority is to baseline the truck and get it reliable. Just in the short time I have owned it, this is my list for repairs to get it legal/reliable (in no particular order):

  • Wheels/Tires
  • Full Fluid Flush
  • Horn Repair
  • Air Filter
  • Oil Drain Plug
  • Radiator Hoses/Heater Hoses/Heater Valve
  • Drive Belts
  • Timing Belt Kit
  • Rear Main Seal
  • Mirrors
  • License Plate Light
  • Diff Plugs
  • Trans Plugs
  • T-Case Plugs
  • Speedo Cable (failed about an hour outside of LA)
Anyone have a part number for the 1HZ oil drain plug and washer?

Also, the horn isn't working. Is this the correct pin plate kit for my steering wheel?

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Great truck! Congrats.

I think all these things from the middle east are full of body filler.....mine had at least 2 gallons worth on it :)

You're missing the big lockdown for the spare tire carrier....that's what threads on to the big threads. The smaller ones are for the locking lug nut.


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