1. MiguelDelgado20

    help to know what is this ground wire of my lx470 1999

    Acabo de comprar mi lx470 1999 y noté que este cable de tierra no está conectado y no puedo encontrar el otro extremo del cableado. También tiene esta tubería desconectada y no veo dónde ponerla.
  2. Shes Mad

    Tach wires LS Conversion using the stock tach DIAGRAM

    I finished wiring up my factory tach today with the Dakota digital SGI-8E module. I couldn't find a definitive diagram in the search, so I posted this up. Easier than looking through a long build thread I decided the easiest way would be to splice into the wires on the vehicle side of the...
  3. LTD FJ

    Routing Wires to the Rack

    Well, finally bought the Prinsu rack for my 80. I searched and read a few posts about running wires, but wondering if anyone has any other photos or advice. I bought the 40" LED light bar with the rack, before reading what others said about mounting a light up there, and hope I dont get too much...
  4. ZeGerman

    What kind of grommet do you use for wires going to roof rack?

    While I have my interior ripped out, I thought it would be a good time to run all sorts of wires preemptively for all the doodads I may or may not want in the future. One of those things is to run wires through the top for aux lighting etc for the future roof rack. What kins of grommet or other...
  5. K

    For Sale  FJ40 Pedals, harness, new spark plugs and wires

    From my 76 FJ40 Selling throttle and clutch pedal assemblies. They're in good shape and $50/ea. Rear body harness, $50 Spark plugs and wires for 2f $25
  6. luke27617

    Where to lead wires from Engine Bay through Firewall to Cabin

    I am thinking about installing flood LED lights when my nudge bar arrives. I cannot find it, but I am sure with all mods done on this forum it is an easy answer. BTW I have the 16LC. How and where in engine bay do I lead wires through firewall inside the cabin to install the switch?
  7. ariff

    Spark plug wires

    Hey by any chance would any local folks out there have a used set of plug wires you'd be willing to let go on the cheap.. Trying to fix up a non running 93 FZJ80 and I don't want to drop a bunch of money on a truck that I have no idea if it even runs in the first place.. Once\If I get it running...
  8. Henry Schofield

    1983 BJ40, European Market #Wire Diagram #Engine block crack #frame resources

    Hello ALL I just purchased my second Land Cruiser, first one was 35 years ago in Kodiak Alaska, today I own one in Clark Philippines. I am in desperate help for resources. My B engine has a small hairline crack and seeping water. Does the 2B engine fit where I have a B? Are there any good...
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