1. Navyator

    Slow window, new runs/weatherstrip

    Looking for advice. Left front window struggles to go down, especially in cold weather. I swapped out the window run and weather strip with new ones and cleaned/greased the window channel and regulator gear. Window works well before door card is installed, but when I put the door card on with...
  2. UZJ40

    SOLD  NV: Complete Cowl Vent Assembly - FJ40

    No longer need this Very good condition Includes brand new weatherstrip, knob, and louvered cover $120 shipped or $100 picked up in Las Vegas NV
  3. Door weatherstrip question

    Hi! Guys, is there a real difference, for example, on the Rear RH door weatherstrip parts 67871-60043 and 67871-60041 beside the second one being just a little lower in price? Thanks!
  4. lndshark

    Tailgate Weatherstrip

    Has anyone here had luck with the Amazon/Ebay/other-supplied tailgate weatherstripping? Mainly, quality? Mine has curled to the point of no return. It doesn't leak but I'd rather have it right. These sell for $300 + even from discount Lexus dealers. PartSouq shows it as $195 shipped. Maybe...
  5. youngmanchego

    Which side up for CCOT weatherstrip replacement?

    This might be a stupid question but I can’t get ahold of CCOT and I can’t find anything online. Does the “L”/“R” side face up (not into the metal on the door) or does it face down? It seems to fit better with the letters up, but it’s also an uglier seem. The picture below is with the letter...
  6. B

    Door weatherstrip replacement

    Hi there fellas, Talking about weatherstrip, I’m working on a 97 LC that has the DS front door weatherstrip ripped close to the door hinge area and need to ask a question about it. Is it possible to remove the old weatherstrip without breaking the clips that are connecting the rubber to the...
  7. tennessedan

    Metal Weatherstrip lining back hatch upper door

    Hello, my back glass shattered on my 1987 FJ60 and it has been a nightmare getting it replaced. I have found glass but now I have an issue as the metal lining that borders the weatherstrip is not available at Toyota or online. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get one or alternative...
  8. 1

    SOLD  FJ40 Miscellaneous Parts For Sale - 2 Items – Post 3

    This is one of several listings I’m posting for parts taken off my 1979 FJ40 or purchased but not used during the restoration. If you are interested in any item(s) PM me. Where possible I’ve provided an estimated shipping price based on a USPS Flat Rate Box. The shipping price for the other...
  9. tennessedan

    Back Glass OEM Weatherstrip for FJ60

    Hello, my back windshield blew out and I am looking to get it replaced but need an OEM weatherstrip. I checked Cruiser Corps but they are out of stock. I also checked but their site is a bit gnarly to navigate and I didn't find anything. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I...
  10. duncanrm

    Window Trim clips... Two types?

    Does anyone know if the clips that hold the inner weatherstrip trim (inside the door, alongside the glass) changed at some point.. I am getting conflicting information .. there's a plastic clip and a steel clip. Is it possible that when the model update was done (square double headlights etc)...
  11. M

    GX470 Rear Cargo Door Weatherstrip Issue

    I wanted to share this with everyone now that I discovered this issue. I was working on having the common rust hole that occurs around the third row seat mount above the rear passenger side wheel well repaired. When I was reinstalling all the interior plastic panels over that wheel well I saw...
  12. houstonfj40

    SOLD  Houston FJ40/45 68182-90300 vent glass weatherstrip (pair)

    FJ40/45 with the functional vent windows - pair - NEW OEM - $50 plus shipping from 77005. Venmo
  13. fraserb

    FJ62 Inside door sill weather strip?

    Is there a part number for this weather strip that mates up to the normal door seal? I need to replace mine on both sides but haven’t been able to locate a part number on it nor do I see it listed aim any of the usual parts sites. Thanks in advance!
  14. orikawa

    NEW 60 Series Storage Options

    60 Series Replacement Door Panel Sets NOW IN STOCK at send a message if you have any questions ! or Instagram @orikawajdm 60 Series manual windows only, but 62 and more series coming ASAP. this is a COMPLETE solution to upgrade Audio, Worn out Door Cards, Inner...
  15. crazyfinn

    Edit: Sunroof is the Culprit - (Was Door & Window Seal Questions)

    Sorry, these might be dumb questions.... but I'd love if someone could confirm these parts for me before I order: 1. The rubber seal that sits on the exterior of the door at the bottom and seals against the glass - is this what Toyota calls "belt moulding assembly" ex: PN 75720-60021 which is...
  16. ThatDude

    MWB Window BJ46 - Parts

    Does anyone know where I can get a weatherstrip for this rear window? I think they’re unique to the MWB models. I think OEM is out of production, so hoping there’s an aftermarket source or a similar Part that can sub in.. I’d prefer not to have to try and sika the thing back in… Any ideas...
  17. B

    Driver's door weatherstrip leak

    Hi there, I have been trying to track down the reason for the carpet on the driver side of my LX450 been always wet after raining or washing it and after a long and thorough research, it looks like the door weatherstrip is the culprit. I only see water droplets inside, half way down the lateral...
  18. Drake2

    Door Seals - Rubber The Right Way

    Got this door seal material in a bulk 40 parts purchase on Friday along with some CruiserCorps parts. The material is very supple, yet rebounds nicely. Does anyone have experience with the brand/product? If so, would you recommend it?
  19. T

    Weatherstripping for a 1979 FJ55

    Hello fellow Pig owners / connoisseurs, Bought a 1979 FJ55 couple of months ago and have finally tuned the last bits of the 2F prior to mayor body & paint restoration. I'm currently in Costa Rica and parts for the 55 are notoriously hard to find if not shared with the 40 series so I'm sh**...
  20. mrjordann

    Hardtop-to-Tub weatherstrip... how do I install?

    Hi, I recently bought the 2-piece hardtop to tub gasket kit from CityRacer LLC. I'm sure if you've tried to install one of these, you'll realize how difficult it is. Can somebody give me any useful information? My main issue is that the top keeps tearing the outer piece off of the rib of the...
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