Edit: Sunroof is the Culprit - (Was Door & Window Seal Questions)

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Feb 9, 2022
Sorry, these might be dumb questions.... but I'd love if someone could confirm these parts for me before I order:

1. The rubber seal that sits on the exterior of the door at the bottom and seals against the glass - is this what Toyota calls "belt moulding assembly" ex: PN 75720-60021 which is #4 in the diagram here:

2. Door seals - I seem to have both an inner and outer door weather stripping vs one just on the door on my 1992.

The inner seal basically is just stuck on via adhesive to where the interior trim wraps around the metal. Then there's the one actually on the door. The only door weatherstrip part I seem to be able to find (for RF door for example) is PN 67861-60071 which is #3 on the diagram. I am unsure whether this is the interior or exterior weather stripping, or if someone had purchased an aftermarket seal to add to the vehicle at some point? It looks like a factory molded shape, not like someone just bought a generic strip and put it on. This is unusual to me since most of the cars I've had that have an inner seal don't just stick on, they have a channel that "clips" over metal on the seam at the body opening.

Yes, the rubber-coated metal strip that seals the outside of the window glass to the outer door skin at the bottom of the window is called belt molding.

Yes, there's supposed to be a formed seal glued to the trim-lok that goes around the upper part of the door opening in the body. I had to reattach mine to the trim-lok with 3m weatherstripping adhesive.

Yes, there's also a seal that goes around the perimeter of the door, which is attached with little green spikes.
@gummycarbs thanks, I don't know why it wasn't coming up in my part search. The belt moulding is also called weather stripping on some pages of the toyota powered parts sites so one page that shows them has a different name than the detail page which was causing me some confusion.

For anyone in the future trying to find the part for the interior (body) side door surround weatherstrip, here is one that will get you started

Thanks, I had looked at that and a few other threads, but when I put the part number in here, say 62312-60070-B0

It says 95-97, and says this other part fits my 92, however it must be the outer door weatherstrip that is held on by body clips.

These parts sites drive me in circles sometimes...
These parts sites drive me in circles sometimes...
Many on this forum use partsouq.com
Enter your VIN and all part numbers are available to you. You can also order directly from them if it's in stock.
Ok guys, turning this into yet another sunroof thread since it's now painfully obvious after running water on various things that's the cause.

In the 92 FJ80 the pinch welds I see pics of all over this site seem to be nonexistent. The hoses themselves are clean, completely. I used aquarium pipe cleaner (brush on stainless flexible cable-springy thing) and they came out completely clean on both sides.

If I pull the rocker plugs on both sides it does drain. However, that's not the ideal long term scenario. Any ideas where I might find the body's sunroof drains on the 3FE FJ80 vs the newer ones? The only thing I see is a tiny slit about 1/2" midway of the front doors in the rocker, and I can't even fit a zip tie into it.

Also, the sunroof does not want to lift up to close properly. It seems the rails or something are worn. I have read about those, but seems hard to find that part number (along with the seal for the sunroof) after many days of searching for my 1992.

Tempted to just have a panel welded permanently at the moment....

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