1. mrjordann

    Oil line broke! How can I fix this?

    Pics say it all. What are my options? Does anyone remember where the bottom of this line goes? I'm dreading taking my lifter cover off... I really hope I don't have to pull the motor to access it. Any help is very appreciated!
  2. skhochay

    intake valve under microscope

    what do you think replacement or it can live? this is intake valve
  3. alohamade

    For Sale PRICE CHANGE: FJ40 Rocker Arm Assembly, push rods, head bolts valve OEM

    $160 + Ride ( shipping from Hawaii, I think a large Flat Rate would work, Looking at around $20 for shipping ) Might not be complete, Came with the 64ʻ FJ40 I purchased.
  4. bruegge

    Brake Help

    Hi all, I been having problems with my brakes. Long story short, rears don't seem to be working at all, drivers front is taking much more abuse than passenger. I have 4 runner front calipers and a t-100 master cylinder. I have adjusted the rears and while the parking brake works ok, no luck...
  5. mrjordann

    What's the valve sequence on an F engine?

    Hi. Trying to adjust my valves on a May 1973 F engine. Got it at top dead center, but a couple of the lifters are up when they should be down. Which makes me wonder... Am I looking at the correct valves? For example, valve 7 is open when it should be closed. Maybe I've got them in the wrong...
  6. morganism

    Electric valves coming

    "There are no timing belts or valve springs, with each valve getting its own miniature camshaft, complete with a desmodromic system that opens and closes the valves precisely and mechanically. And instead of being driven off the crank, each valve's camshaft is controlled by an electric motor."...
  7. CUSailor

    Head issues/MacGyver fixes?

    7/'79 FJ40 So you may have seen other threads where I was asking about ignition and emissions issues. Here's a head issue. One of the main reasons I started to work on the vehicle was I was getting significant oil/gas in my carb (Weber 2 Barrel) to the point it was smoking. Figured we'd...
  8. Tony_Farson

    Silly Question #2 - Where the Hell is the PCV Valve?

    Hey Folks! So the PO stated that there was no PCV because the valve cover had no provision for one... Right. I THINK I found the hose for the PCV, but I do not see a bung for it anywhere. Was the PO correct? Do I need to tap a whole? Please forgive any ignorance I am showing in asking this...
  9. themightyjak

    For Sale [AB] FJ80 EGR Assembly

    Part #'s: 25870-61020, 25620-61120 Location of seller: Edmonton, AB Willing to ship: YES New or used part: USED Price: CAD $75.00 Description: Removed the EGR Assembly from my 1991 FJ80. This includes the EGR Valve, EGR Vacuum Modulator, and the EGR Pipe. Does not include gasket or mounting...
  10. troutbum

    Name this part

    I have this piece that is broken off at the top of my engine bay. It's a part of what I believe to be a control valve for the cooling system. I can't find the part number or name of it. Any ideas?
  11. Matt1260

    Wanted Pre-1975 valve cover nuts

    I'm looking for at least one of these. Knowing how expensive they can be I may try to weld the holes shut on the three I have.
  12. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD 1FZE Fresh Cyl Head with valve job and resurface complete

    SoCal All machined and ready to install. This was on a 1996 (fits all 1993-1997)FJ80, LX450 engines. The head was just installed and within 2000 miles the bottom end started to go. Another complete fresh engine was installed leaving this beautiful machined head already to install. This is...
  13. MAD MARK 80

    Proportioning Valve leak. What option do I have?

    Hello all, I just found that my 80's Proportioning Valve is leaking. I kind of noticed my brake fluid got low 1/4 inch in this 3 month, I decide to look for potential problem or leak on brake line. What I found is the rubber seal is full of brake fluid inside. Do I have any other option other...
  14. inkpot

    Idle Air Control valve overhaul

    I have searched and found references to folks that have pulled, cleaned, whatever, but no actual mention of taking it apart and servicing it. Anyone open one of these little gems up? I am having floating idle speeds and I have eliminated about everything except this. I have tested the valve...
  15. sunrk

    1HZ diesel engine valve shim job

    1HZ diesel engine valve shim job. I have a genuine Toyota tool for it (thanks to another 1h8mud forum member), have read up quite a few guides on doing it. My 1hz now has 630 k km's on it. Cannot currently afford to replace motor with a rebuilt 1hz or 1hz+t or 1hdt and fuel usage is going up...
  16. Mattyboy

    Valve Cover gasket repair.

    I am going to attempt to either repair this myself this weekend, or pay to have it done:( I am afraid that i will break something, or it will go wrong and then I have my truck stuck in the garage at work. That will be bad come Monday. I have the o ring for the Distributor and a gasket with...
  17. westwardCruiser

    PCV Valve - How Tight?

    I found a couple threads on changing the PCV valve one mentioned it was on very right. My question is how tight should it be? I just changed the PCV on my 2006 corolla and it goes flush against the block. When I took the current one off the cruiser (04) I noticed that it was not flush. I...
  18. G

    Valve Clicking after Air Intake Manifold removed to replace PHH

    Dealer-maintained FZJ80 Land Cruiser with 1FZ-FE engine has about 100K city/highway miles. I took it to a non-dealer to have PHH replaced. They had to remove the Air Intake Manifold (upper and lower) to replace the PHH (which was bulging and leaking) with an Xtreme Silicone Pesky Heater Hose...
  19. C

    Brake Proportioning Valve

    So as I am finishing up my knuckle rebuild, I put on new brakes. Noticed that my master cylinder was leaking. So i took it off to rebuild it, my question is do I need to do anything the the brake proportioning valve? I bought a rebuild kit for the master, is there anything needed for this...
  20. baldilocks

    For Sale 1993-80 series AC compressor and expansion valve

    I don't know if it works because the AC system had no refrigerant in it when I bought the vehicle and I replaced the entire system before recharging. $20 plus the ride or local pick up in Vacaville, CA.
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