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  1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Parts for V8 conversions

    So Cal One Air filter lid for 1995 to 1997 two floor shifter sets for 1991-1992 L 2 3 4 Bell housing for AW4, Bell housing for A440F, A442F Shipping is available but costly compared to local pickup. Parts here for all years of FJ80, 1990-1997
  2. oakweb

    craigslist  1972 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, V8 Tan Diamond Plate NC

    Not mine $19,000 https://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/d/charlotte-1972-toyota-fj40-land-cruiser/7257835820.html --------------- Up for sale is our 1972 FJ40 Land Cruiser. It has a SBC V8 350/ SM465 conversion that was performed properly and runs very well. We take it out on the weekends and...
  3. overton

    For Sale  Bakersfield CA 1971 FJ40 - SBC V8 / Automatic

    Offered on consignment at $22,500 - More information, photos and video are located here > 1971 FJ40 | Land Cruiser Nation | North America
  4. 77highlux

    The 71’ Piggy that got a 3uzfe

    Hello all! This will serve as a slow burning resto-mod for a 71’ FJ55 I’ve recently acquired. My first build centered around a 77’ pickup that currently has a 1uz v8 with 4x4 5speed. In the spirit of that build this little piggy will be receiving similar treatment. Currently, the rig has the...
  5. K

    SOLD  1972 FJ40 Hardtop in Arizona - Now in Charlotte, NC

    Hello all, I'm posting our FJ40 up for sale since we're relocating across the country. It has a SBC 350/ SM465 conversion from the previous owner. It was well done and runs very well. We take it out on the weekends and for date nights regularly. It's titled as a historical vehicle here in...
  6. K

    For Sale  1968 FJ40 For Sale in Los Angeles Area (Dissasembled)

    I started the resto of my 1968 FJ40, but other commitments force me to sell it. The car was carfully dissasembled and all the parts were placed in bins. It had a V8 convernversion using an Advanced Adapters Kit from the PO. I got rid of the V8 as it was old and tired as well as the TH350...
  7. Boxer

    Builds  FRANK THE TANK - Landcruiser panel van build

    Hey all, Bit late to the party posting this as it’s getting closer to completion, but I figured some people might be interested. I’ve been on here a while, I’ve just been more of a reader than a poster. Will try harder :) I’ve had my 80 since 2010 and I’m the second owner. The first owner and...
  8. bowtied

    For Sale  San Diego, CA. 1974 Fj40, Classic Restomod, V8 Conversion.

    Long Post. Ask is 26K. Will do my best to paint an detailed picture. Sorry if any redundancy. Written this over a few episodes. Up for sale. Honest and I believe rust free '74 FJ. Very nice truck. Paint is likely 30+ years old. No slight of hand bondo tricks. Original factory original...
  9. texfredbastiat

    FZJ80 V8 plus 5 spd conversion, with dual case?

    disclaimer - i have read dozens and dozens of threads on these topics, but still havent quite found the answer. thanks to Beno, 70's guy, toolsrus, tor, romer, and many more for lots of ideas, info and knowledge. BLUF: i am wanting to pursue a v8 conversion with 5 speed manual transmission, as...
  10. N

    Project “Moose-Nuk”

    hey all! I’ve started tear down on my project. I have a 1991 TLC. Got it for $200, it was already hacked. So the plan is to keep it convertible and cage it and make a custom top for it. Also plan on swapping in a 5.3l vortec out of a 2003 pickup and got my 4l60e 2wd trans. I am keeping the stock...
  11. Jadski

    What should I do with my fzj 80?

    I have always loved the fj80. I finally decided to purchase one last May. I did a lot of research and finally decided on one I found in Texas. I purchased a no rust 1997 in night shadow pearl with factory lockers, an OME lift, ARB bumper, custom roof rack, winch and Led lights with 187k original...
  12. merbesfield

    LS into my FJ45 LV thread

    Dont get too excited, I'm on a fact finding and recommendation mission. I am a looong way from being ready to move forward with the actual install, but I figured I should start to formulate a game plan. There is not a lot of info on installing V8's into LV's. Jonathan Ward, of course being the...
  13. F

    Best cheapo V8 to use?

    This topic is beaten to death, but I figured why not throw you guys another thread! :D I bought an 84 FJ60 as my first car a few months ago for a good price, and as the de-smogged engine is not legal in California I plan to throw a diesel in it. In the mean time through, I'm thinking about...
  14. Ali M

    v8 conversion vs LC100 v8 (cost and driving experience)

    Hi All, I drive a 2016 LC and don't want to touch it for a while but have been thinking of adding another LC to the fleet. I am looking specifically at either FJ80 and do a v8 conversion or LC100. I feel with the classic fj80 and LS1 or LS2 v8 I will be getting decent power, torque and gas...

    AC troubles

    My AC works great at idle blowing cold air, but once I'm on the hwy, or at speed on the road it starts to blow warm air... I read up on this and could be as simple as being low on Freon , and or as complicated where my fan clutch is failing and not pulling enough air under load... Any input is...
  16. Chino Cochino

    For Sale  Trade your FJ40 for my Fj62 V8 Conversion CA smog legal

    1989 FJ 62 Landcruiser CA smog legal Motor- 5.3 Vortec V8 Trans- 4l60E Aluminum Radiator Lokar Shifter Brakes- Upgraded 4 Runner Calipers-Master Booster Upgraded 04 Tacoma bucket seats in front. Have OEM seats as well 4 Plus Bumpers Sound deadening throughout vehicle Stainless steel battery...
  17. Chino Cochino

    For Sale  1989 FJ 62 Landcruiser V8 conversion 5.3 Vortec/4L60E trans

    Finally doing it! Moving on to other car projects. 1989 FJ 62 Landcruiser 200K plus on the odometer CA smog legal Motor- 5.3 Vortec V8 Trans- 4l60E Aluminum Radiator Lokar Shifter Brakes- Upgraded 4 Runner Calipers-Master Booster Upgraded 04 Tacoma bucket seats in front. Have OEM seats as...
  18. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  '00 Land Cruiser 2uz + trans/xfer + harness/Ecu

    2uz + auto/xfer + ecu/harness $2500 located in North Florida I have a good running 2000 land cruiser that is being parted out due to rust in the rear quarters. I'm selling the drivetrain complete as one unit with the computer and harness. Timing Belt was just done in January. Drivetrain is...
  19. Workhorse

    SOLD  2006 100 Series drivetrain

    US spec 2006 UZJ100 complete drive train (engine w/computer, auto transmission, transfer case) Perfect turnkey opportunity for a swap or great condition low mile replacement 106,881 miles (about 9800 miles a year) video of engine running available upon request (couldn't upload it for some...
  20. Texas Navy

    Strange Clutch Issues 78 V8 Conversion

    Hey folks, I need a bit of help. I've got a 78 FJ40 with a Chevy V8 that I bought about 3 years ago. It's sat for a bit, since deployments weren't kind to me, but it ran and drove fine when it was last parked. I tried to get it going again last month and had a strange issue with the clutch...
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