1. Tank5

    SOLD  1968 Kaiser M715 Jeep 1 1/4 Ton, NM

    I brought this home with plans to turn it into a beater trail rig or upgrade the drive train and make a tow rig out of it. After looking at it for a while I have decided someone else might want to restore it or at least do better by it than I would. It is a really cool looking truck and I...
  2. E

    Started my truck last night and it was running kind of rough.

    Not sure what was going on. I started it and it was running rough enough to feel vibrations at each stop light. I could see the RPMs bouncing a little bit when stopped. I started and drove it 2 more times after that yesterday and it was perfectly fine after that. Any ideas?
  3. Perfectmax

    Is this truck a good buy? $15,000??

    I know all there is to know about FJ80's, 100's and 200's when it comes to values, etc but nothing about FJ40's. This said though, I've always wanted one but just don't know the market. I'm looking at this one truck on eBay and the guy will take $15k. Is this a good buy or should I steer...
  4. Sheck44

    Picked up a 2nd FJ ... Time to build my dream truck

    Well Im back after MANY years of building a full out pro-touring 1969 Camaro. The Camaro will be completed in the next 6 weeks, and then will be sold shortly after. This car is far to nice and far too expensive for me to drive. Thats why I've decided that after building and owning some extreme...
  5. Alaska ADV

    craigslist  Norcal FZJ80. Think it's a scam. Whos truck is this, it looks familiar?

    "Old Man EMU lift and nitro shocks and GOODYEAR Kevlar MT/R LT 35/12.5/17 tires and 17 inch gold Fuel Anza wheels, with a fresh alignment. It has a deluxe ARB Bull bar bumper, and 12K winch. New upper control arms/ball joints on front suspension." 1996Totota Land Cruiser fj80 Lifted
  6. JCruse

    My Truck Tried to Start Itself - Again!

    Some of you will no doubt remember the first time this happened when I was putting in a stereo three years ago, and then reconnected the battery ground cable, and the truck STARTED and ran in my garage until the shock wore off and I pulled the coil wire. Never figured that one out, but this...
  7. 4x4ren

    4X4 stickers, T-shirts, phone case, cups

    Offroading related vehicle Products for sale Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series by 4x4ren posted Dec 9, 2016 at 8:20 PM Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series by 4x4ren posted Dec 9, 2016 at 8:20 PM and more others check out more at: Car Tshirts by MandalaPics please let me know if you have any advise...

    For Sale  Solid 1965 Short Wheelbase Removable Hardtop FJ-45 Atlanta, Georgia- SALE PENDING

    Price: $29,995 Today only!!! Is your Life Dull??? You need this Truck, You Know you want one!!! Purist beware: The truck is not a stock restoration by any stretch of the imagination. It has many modifications. Although with enough money you could return it close to original if that’s your...
  9. bubfuji

    For Sale  Toyota Mini Truck AISIN Locking hubs 86-95

    I have 2 AISIN Locking hubs for a toyota mini truck with IFS years 86-95. Will not fit the FJ60/FJ62 Cruisers. Both hubs have been rebuilt (Cleaned, greased, etc) The Silver faced Hub is near perfect and in great shape, and locks/unlocks well. The Black faced Hub had some serious rust damage...
  10. landcrush

    Machine Shop/ Cruiser Mechanic NJ,PA,NY

    Looking for a respected mechanic or a machine shop that is knowledgeable in older LCs, somewhere in the tri-state area. I'm in South Jersey. - Evan
  11. Yodamaster52

    HELP HELP HELP 22re stumbling under load!!!!

    I have a 1987 22re the motor was just rebuilt about 7k ago. Almost everything under the hood is new and even the shop that built the motor is stumped! It starts, runs, and idles just fine even drives for a short time. Then it starts a constant puttering and drops power. New distributor, plugs...
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