1. JPClx470

    Lexus LX 03-07 suspension conversion leveling issue

    Hi all. I thought that before I bite the bullet I reach out to see if anyone can confirm that this isn’t a lapse in my [multiple] mechanics expertise. I had my suspension conversion. Got some decent springs put in my 2004 LX470. Side note: was pressured into the conversion because I needed new...
  2. ColoradoSequoia

    Timbrens - work great for towing but... (FYI and advice needed)

    I tow a 5,500 dry weight travel trailer with my `13 LC. Without the AHC of the LX (and my previous 2nd gen Sequoia), I added Timbrens SES to level the ride and add additional support to the rear. Install: Install was straightforward. Removed existing bump stops on the frame and added the...
  3. B

    FJ40 (soft) Suspension

    Good morning, I have had my FJ for over 20 years and love it thats why I still have it. I am looking for recommendations on a softer suspension setup. It has never been a soft ride I have had factory suspension, OME Heavy, BDS, and HFS. This last suspension setup is brutal! spine jarring...
  4. ChuckDelta

    How do you determine your Cruiser is North American?

    I am replacing my suspension, and whether my '85 FJ60 was made for the North American market or not determines whether I need A/B springs, or two A's (3" lift) or two B's (2" lift.) If I get it wrong, the Land Cruiser will lean. Models from outside North America have a higher lift on the A...
  5. aphil

    Help Diagnosing AHC issue

    Hey! So I just picked up my (new to me) '99 LX470 with 167,000 miles a few days ago. When I did the test drive everything on the AHC seemed to work fine, but i'm starting to notice some irregularities with it and after much reading I'm thinking it has to do with the pump but not totally sure...
  6. ahiskydiver8

    For Sale Denver: Old Man EMU shocks fj40 sold

    New shocks that were mounted but never driven or used. They were on the vehicle x 1 week just to get measurements (reasoning this happened is the importer for the vehicle needed shocks on the vehicle to get measurement for the radflo shocks, I am not sure why but I plan to make a post about...
  7. C

    For Sale 1997 80 series parts

    Various parts for sale. Make a reasonable offer. Located near Sacramento, California. You pay for shipping. i prefer to sale local .


    2013 LAND CRUISER OEM SUSPENSION. Less than 30,000 mall crawling miles. BEST OFFER.
  9. J

    Updated suspension, new stance concerns

    Hello All, I am new to the LC realm.. owned a very neglected 2000 for 2 weeks now. Began correcting it's pain, and fell in love.. sold my two other vehicles and forgot about my muscle car project immediately. Anyhow.. my current issue is stance, or level rather. I have searched and read many...
  10. theone

    4th Gen Rear Strut Stuck on Mounting/Axle Post

    I'm nearly done putting on my new suspension (Dobinsons) kit, but the GD passenger rear strut refuses to budge off the mounting post (see image). So far, I have tried the standard pry bar, a 4-pound hammer and metal pipe placed against the bottom of the strut under the axle, and swearing. As...
  11. just differentials

    FLEX TEST - Lexus LX470 / 100 Series - Super Deluxe Suspension by JustDifferentials

    This Rig Was Already Running #NitroGear 4.88s - but you can find the same lift kit that's shown here on JustDifferentials website **LINK BELOW** Shop Suspension Packages: Features & Benefits: Bolt on Super Deluxe Suspension Kit includes: -Front Torsion...
  12. DanMedeiros

    For Sale 2.5" Lift. OME Heavy Lift. Price $275

    Hello everyone, I recently replaced my suspension to upgrade to 35-inch tires and move up to a 4 inch lift. I have the old springs and radius arms that were on the truck. These parts are in good shape and where installed brand new in January of 2017. All components have about 25K miles on them...
  13. Docwyte

    4Runner TRD PRO Suspension installed, DIY

    So my wife and daughter were out of town for a dance competition and my son was off with a friend. Time to jump on installing the TRD Pro suspension in the Blue Whale. Handling has definitely degraded and in last weeks cold snap it felt like the shocks were frozen. Truck up in the air...
  14. P

    PaulC's build thread by RPM Off-Road Garage - 35 inch tires

    Folks, I wrote the Yelp review below for the project mechanic on my LC200. I am pasting it here because this post is equal parts of build thread (at least Stage 1) and a thank you to Steve Lam and his team at RPM Off-Road Garage. When it comes to finding any service provider, I try to find 3...
  15. H

    For Sale 2004 Lexus GX470 rear air springs. Idaho, USA

    Had these installed this summer. They worked fine, but I couldn't track down a sensor issue, so I now have coil springs and am selling these. $100 for both.
  16. Harp123

    Dangerous Diagonal Bounce/Sway @ Highway Speeds

    Guys, I have looked around for a thread with the following issue, but I have not found the same problem that I am having. Of course I may have missed it. I have a fully stock 2013 with 117,000 miles. When I purchased the vehicle it had about 93,000 miles. I have noticed since purchase...
  17. Ruquik

    For Sale 70 / 80 series Timbren Bump stops

    Timbren ABSTORLC1 rear active offroad bumpstops. New in box $135 shipped to lower 48
  18. juane

    For Sale: 100 Series rear suspension parts

    I upgraded to heavier springs and Slee shocks. So have available: OME 866 springs, Icon II 2.5 inch remote reservoir shocks and Timbren bump stops. The springs and shocks are two years and about 25,000 miles old. Bump stops are new. Total retail: $1500 Will sell for $650 plus shipping. Or can...
  19. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Birfields, Drive Flanges, hubs, axle shafts, spindles, calipers

    So Cal BIRFIELDS for 93-97 ARE SOLD, NICE PAIR OF SHORT BIRFS NOW AVAILABLE, $100 EACH INCLUDING SHIPPING. Backing plates, Spindles, Axle Housing, Tie Rod, Axle shafts , Drive flanges, Relay Rod (Drag Link), Sway Bar, ETC ETC ETC Parts available for 91-97 Cruiser or LX series. From a 1997...
  20. icorradoi

    For Sale FJ80 OME 850/863 & Icon 2.0 Shocks Bay Area, CA $850

    Looking to sell this combo of 850/863 OME springs and Icon 2.0 shocks. This lift worked very nicely for me on my '96 80 series with a good level of comfort, dampening, and capability for a 2.5" lift. Springs and shocks have about 10K miles on them and are in very good condition. Prefer not...
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