1. A

    LC200 BP-51 / King 2.5 Suspension upgrade

    How would you describe the on-road and off-road improvements that come from a BP-51 or King 2.5 suspension upgrade on an all-stock 2014 LC200? Also, are there any negatives you have noticed after upgrading the LC200 OEM suspension? My use is 85% in town with the remainder being a mix of windy...
  2. blahblahblah

    For Sale  CA BayArea - Ironman4x4 6" coil springs - front and rear

    Set of 4 Ironman4x4 6" 80 series coils. They were on my truck for about 1.5 years before I decided to drop to a 4" spring. They are in good shape and ride well. $300 for all 4. Located in Danville, CA. Local pickup only. Not interested in shipping at this time. TOYO60B TOYO61B
  3. HungryMedic

    For Sale  Louisiana: Dobinsons MRR lift package

    $2,750 Located in Covington, LA 70435 For sale is my complete adjustable Dobinson's MMR(remote resi) lift that fits the Prado 150 models (gx460 and 5th gen 4runner) as well as some other models with modification. it comes with coils and front UCA’s and rear upper and lower links and Panhard...
  4. Comfort AND performance at a great price?! A combo like this is as rare as a double rainbow

    Comfort AND performance at a great price?! A combo like this is as rare as a double rainbow

    A combo like this is as rare as a double rainbow. Wagner talks through what makes Ironman 4x4’s Nitro Gas Shocks and Struts so special.
  5. rtomac

    GX470 replace shocks, keep airbags?

    On my '07 GX470 with 105k miles, I am replacing failing OEM shocks with Bilstein 5100's. The shop that's doing it for me is telling me I have to replace the airbags with springs at the same time. Is that true? Is there some reasonable argument why it's better to convert the whole system all at...
  6. Rick Kane

    Bouncy AHC!

    New to the forum and looking to tap into all of your generous advice and expertise! I’ve got a 2006 Land Cruiser with 112K miles on it, purchased in 2013. Vehicle has been great except for AHC issues. Took it down to Ecuador with me for a few years and in 2015 the front end just dropped when...
  7. O Ironman

    Vendor  Wilsonville, OR: 100 and 80 Series 2" Nitro Gas Kits - SALE ENDS SUNDAY

    Nitro Gas 2" lift kits for both 100 Series and 80 Series Land Cruisers are being taken off sale this Sunday, Sept 15. $799- 100 Series Kit $699- 80 Series Kit
  8. Choosing The Right Suspension

    Choosing The Right Suspension

    Choosing the right suspension for your rig is like having the right tool for the job. We break down the types of suspension available and the end-use to help...
  9. 5th Gen 4Runner with Ironman 4x4 2" Nitro Gas Lift

    5th Gen 4Runner with Ironman 4x4 2" Nitro Gas Lift

    NITROGEN GAS PRESSURIZED - Low pressure nitrogen gas dramatically reduces the likelihood of oil aeration and shock fade. 35mm TEFLON BANDED PISTON - Precision shim-stack piston specifically valved by Ironman suspension engineers, banded with teflon for smooth long life operation. 54mm TWIN TUBE BODY
  10. 3rd Gen Tacoma with Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro 2" Lift Kit

    3rd Gen Tacoma with Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro 2" Lift Kit

    3" diameter beefy boys, lots of oil, durable enough for the Australian Military Foam Cell Pro provides exceptional ride quality, stability, and handling both on and off road.
  11. 3rd Gen Tacoma with 2" Foam Cell Pro Ironman 4x4 Lift Kit

    3rd Gen Tacoma with 2" Foam Cell Pro Ironman 4x4 Lift Kit

    "Mt. Hood" edition Tacoma at Toyota of Portland with our 2" Foam Cell Pro Lift Kit
  12. Best Overland Offroad Suspension

    Best Overland Offroad Suspension

    Originally developed for the Australian military, our Foam Cell Pro line of coil overs and shocks are the strongest and best performing option on the market....
  13. O Ironman

    Builds  2015 GX460 Family Overland Build

    We're beginning the build process of our 2015 GX460 today! We'll be broadcasting live on youtube at 5:30pm PST for the first of 10 broadcasts walking through the entire vehicle build process. Tune in and let us know what you think! We'll have a Q&A period at the end and welcome any feedback or...
  14. B

    For Sale  ICON Overland Rear Suspension 120 Series GX470/ 4Runner / FJ Cruiser

    ICON Vehicle Dynamics Rear Suspension GX470 / 4Runner / FJ Cruiser $450 2003 - Current GX470 & 4Runner Overland Series 3" Lift Rear Coil Springs 2003-UP Lexus GX470 & Toyota 4-Runner 2.0 Aluminum Series Rear Shock (1-3" Lift) I installed on my GX about 4 months ago and just swapped out to a...
  15. wet sprocket

    Intro and Request For Suspension Help

    Hello Everyone! My name is Mike and I’ve been lurking on Mud for about a year now. I’ve been meaning to sign up and introduce myself for a while but I’m just slow. I picked up my very first LC last December after a few months of searching. It’s a beautiful black 2010 that had one owner...
  16. JPClx470

    Lexus LX 03-07 suspension conversion leveling issue

    Hi all. I thought that before I bite the bullet I reach out to see if anyone can confirm that this isn’t a lapse in my [multiple] mechanics expertise. I had my suspension conversion. Got some decent springs put in my 2004 LX470. Side note: was pressured into the conversion because I needed new...
  17. ColoradoSequoia

    Timbrens - work great for towing but... (FYI and advice needed)

    I tow a 5,500 dry weight travel trailer with my `13 LC. Without the AHC of the LX (and my previous 2nd gen Sequoia), I added Timbrens SES to level the ride and add additional support to the rear. Install: Install was straightforward. Removed existing bump stops on the frame and added the...
  18. B

    FJ40 (soft) Suspension

    Good morning, I have had my FJ for over 20 years and love it thats why I still have it. I am looking for recommendations on a softer suspension setup. It has never been a soft ride I have had factory suspension, OME Heavy, BDS, and HFS. This last suspension setup is brutal! spine jarring...
  19. ChuckDelta

    How do you determine your Cruiser is North American?

    I am replacing my suspension, and whether my '85 FJ60 was made for the North American market or not determines whether I need A/B springs, or two A's (3" lift) or two B's (2" lift.) If I get it wrong, the Land Cruiser will lean. Models from outside North America have a higher lift on the A...
  20. aphil

    Help Diagnosing AHC issue

    Hey! So I just picked up my (new to me) '99 LX470 with 167,000 miles a few days ago. When I did the test drive everything on the AHC seemed to work fine, but i'm starting to notice some irregularities with it and after much reading I'm thinking it has to do with the pump but not totally sure...
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