1. G

    LX470 Suspension Opinion

    I have a 2000 LX470 with 185k miles that I inherited from my father. Ive been getting everything up to date with maintenance, and the suspension is something I just kind of forgot about until now. My mom has a 2006 LC that has an OME Medium kit on it, and I noticed that my LX was driving rougher...
  2. G

    Suspension Recommendation

    I have an 07 GX470 with KDSS and I have had no real issues with the drivability of the vehicle until this weekend. I was driving my friend to the airport when I noticed my ride went from a smooth and comfy one to bouncy and harsh. Every bump felt much harder, and the car felt bouncy. I tried...
  3. ProBoy

    Suggestion Needed! BP51 Rear spring misaligned

    I have been hearing squeaks from driver side rear suspension. I got under the car and found spring misaligned. Does anyone has any suggestion of how could it has happened? I did some intermediate wheeling in the past weekend, but it doesn't seem to make sense of why the spring would end up in...
  4. Brian Maenpaa

    vibration after 2-3" lift

    I recently installed OME lift springs on my 80. 2" inch up front and 3" in the rear so it's level under load. Everything is perfect under load, but when I'm light, I get vibration on the highway decelerating between 60-70 mph. I'm assuming its one of the drive shafts just out of its ideal...
  5. amongmany

    I'm lost on suspension. I've read a ton, but the choices are kinda overwhelming. Could use some input...

    Recently purchased a used 04 GX. I dropped it off to a widely respected shop (RPM Garage for the SoCal folks) who came back with a longer list than I expected. Truck needs: CV's Swaybar Links (Front and Rear) Front Lower Control Arm bushings Rear Lower Control Arms Shocks F/R Airbags are shot...
  6. trek931

    SOLD  Boulder, CO - 2020 LC200 Stock Suspension ~650 miles

    For sale is the factory suspension pulled from 2020 LC200 Heritage today. This includes UCAs, front coilovers, rear shocks and rear coils. ~650 miles on them so they're basically new. Asking $500 OBO.
  7. Brother BONES

    1987 HJ60 RHD Part Availability

    Hyd everyone. I am new to the forum and looking at buying a 1987 HJ60 that is RHD. Talking to the seller, he says it needs new sway arms (confirmed during the test drive). I am just cautious based on not know the part availability for a JDM RHD truck. Are the LHD parts such as sway arms...
  8. WesSiler

    For Sale  MT: Like New OE Suspension and Body Parts off 4k mile 2020 200 series

    I just did the Tundra-parts long travel suspension thing to my wife's new 200, and had ARB bumpers fitted, so have a bunch of virtually new parts we don't need anymore. I'm going to individually list the suspension parts below with prices (figure a reasonable formula is half what these list for...
  9. DesertReporter

    New Suspension

    Hey everyone. I am looking to upgrade the suspension on my 2000 LandCruiser. It’s stock right now, with 300,000 miles (I’ve only changed out the rear shocks once, and the front shocks are original OEM - so I’ve gotten my money’s worth.) It’s my daily driver, but I hit the trail twice per month...
  10. H

    Grease / White Lithium for Suspension

    Hey all, sorry on mobile and having trouble navigating, but I’m wondering what’s the recommended procedure to grease/lubricate suspension and drivetrain components? I have silicone lube spray and white lithium spray and was thinking of loosening the ubolts and other metal on metal suspension...
  11. Westbend5858

    For Sale  Koni Shocks

    Vintage Koni Adjustable Shocks New in the box still, never mounted. Model 8241-1022. Approximately 27" long. Asking $200 for all 4.
  12. Lexacruiser

    Just bought a GX460 and we need some suspension help

    After lurking in the shadows and consuming all the info I could my wife and I made a leap and purchased our 2017 GX460 last week. It is black on black with 40k miles. I have an SSO roof rack coming, blue ridge overland panels, better brakes because they are pretty mushy, and an MTS module. I...
  13. Elessey

    Disconnected part found while swapping shocks. Help me identify it?

    Hey there, As my title says, I was swapping/upgrading my front shocks when I found what looks like some sort of disconnected tubing. Just looking to identify what exactly it is and if I need to fix it. I'll attach photos of how I found it and a slightly clearer view. Cheers, Logan
  14. Boomslang86

    Trailer Suspension Rebuild — Teardrop — Heavy Duty / Off-Road

    Mudders — I am rebuilding a trailer suspension for a client. Their tear-drop's original suspension cratered, big-time [see Photos, including an photo of the whole trailer]. It's a relatively simple set-up: an axle, attached to parabolic springs by u-bolts, with shackles to the rear, and...
  15. mrjordann

    For Sale  Portland OR: 1973 FJ40 Leaf Springs

    Best offer. OEM leaf springs off a 1973 FJ40.
  16. C

    SOLD  Canada: lx470 1998-2007 strutmasters suspension conversion kit. 4 shocks, 2 #24 springs

    For 1998-2007 lx470 strutmasters TF14F. 4 wheel kit (4) shocks (2) #24 coil springs new, never installed around $500 new, yours for $200
  17. TinoFJ40

    Spring Over Mistake on 74 FJ40

    ‘74 FJ40 A few years ago I wanted to redo the suspension and add a little lift to my 74. A friend had his done by Brian at BTB in ‘97, back when they were still in San Jose. I convinced myself I wanted the same setup: reverse shackles, spring over, Rancho RS 9000’s, etc. I had the work...
  18. A

    LC200 BP-51 / King 2.5 Suspension upgrade

    How would you describe the on-road and off-road improvements that come from a BP-51 or King 2.5 suspension upgrade on an all-stock 2014 LC200? Also, are there any negatives you have noticed after upgrading the LC200 OEM suspension? My use is 85% in town with the remainder being a mix of windy...
  19. blahblahblah

    For Sale  CA BayArea - Ironman4x4 6" coil springs - front and rear

    Set of 4 Ironman4x4 6" 80 series coils. They were on my truck for about 1.5 years before I decided to drop to a 4" spring. They are in good shape and ride well. $300 for all 4. Located in Danville, CA. Local pickup only. Not interested in shipping at this time. TOYO60B TOYO61B
  20. HungryMedic

    For Sale  Louisiana: Dobinsons MRR lift package

    $2,750 Located in Covington, LA 70435 For sale is my complete adjustable Dobinson's MMR(remote resi) lift that fits the Prado 150 models (gx460 and 5th gen 4runner) as well as some other models with modification. it comes with coils and front UCA’s and rear upper and lower links and Panhard...
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