1. edwardg

    For Sale  Seattle: Icon 2.5 CDCV Coilovers and Rear Shocks - 200 series

    FOR SALE - $1250 Icon 2.5 CDCV front coilovers and rear shocks for 200 series LC These have been on my 2013 for the past 5 years and have been rebuilt 3 times, most recently in May of this year. In the most recent service, the front main cylinder/body of both front shocks was replaced, as were...
  2. M

    SOLD  NC wilm total chaos ucas for lifted ujz100

    Brand new, I opened them to take the pictures, I decided to go a different route I ordered 2 sets but I have decided I don’t want uniball. I’m even selling with the stickers it comes with (haha) 800.00 obo will ship at your expense located in Wilmington Nc
  3. M

    For Sale  NC wilm total chaos ucas 100 series

    Brand new, I opened them to take the pictures, I decided to go a different route I’m even selling with the stickers it comes with (haha) 800.00 obo will ship at your expense located in Wilmington Nc
  4. Chibu

    2004 LX470. Wrecked Axle. Is it safe to drive? (Pics and Vid attached)

    Posting these is becoming a fun ritual lmao. '04 LX470; took a closer look at the driver side CV axle and I can actually move it with my hand lol. Take a look at the pics and the vid. Is it safe to drive? I showed my dad the extensive damage and we'll try to get a used/refurbished CV axle (and...
  5. nickoooch

    Cost to replace LX470 hydraulic suspension with something custom

    Looking into purchasing my first 470, although the suspension may need to be replaced in the near future. What should I budget to remove the hydraulic suspension and replace with something like an Old Man Emu (or something comparable) kit?
  6. slippas

    Starting upgrades on my 100 series

    Alright guys! ive saved up some money, looked around and talked to specialists, but not its time for me to come and ask guidance from the real heavy hitters of any aftermarket car community... the forum gurus. I have a 1999 LX470 with about 200k miles and stock suspension system. I have been...
  7. B

    looking at suspension swap on 07 gx470, have a few questions!!

    my 07 w 124k miles has the passenger rear sagging and I am looking into a suspension swap, looked at strutmasters, are there any other recomendations?? -also, when i went to my mechanic hes telling me I might be able to just do rears?? is this true? im new to all this thx!!
  8. C

    Broken front sway bar mounting point

    Something that I missed when inspecting my new LX470 before purchase: the front sway bar mounting point on the chassis is broken. Does anyone sell a replacement part? Or will I have to get this custom fabricated by a frame shop?
  9. C

    Bouncy AHC. Can I check health of system before trying replacing globes?

    I got a new 2004 LX470 and it came with a bouncy rear end. I know the accumulators need replacing. I want to keep the AHC system (I like the ride) if I can and want to know if there's a way to check/inspect the rest of the system for issues before I decide if I want to replace the rear globes or...
  10. Q

    Suspension Question

    I recently acquired a 2008 4Runner V8, SR5 4x4. The front suspension is stock Toyota struts - possibly the original ones, but I can't be sure. In any event, I think the shocks are done, or close to it. Springs too. The front end sits pretty low - lower than the factory rake would be, yet the...
  11. VMAX

    Should you grease the leaf springs?

    I am in the process of restoring the leaf springs suspension on my '81 BJ42 and somebody recommended I should grease the leaf springs. I've searched the forum and the internet and came across divergent opinions on this matter: NO, you should never grease or oil the leaf springs because...
  12. a_traut_man

    SOLD  Looking for Used 80 Series 2" Lift with Shocks- Austin TX

    Hey guys, looking for a used 80 series 2" lift in decent condition. Don't need a heavy set up and no real preference on brand. Central Texas would be great but open to paying for shipping if need be. Will be going on a 1995. Thanks in advance.
  13. leon7pro

    Thoughts on Manafre drop brackets vs off set bushings

    I have a ‘97 FZJ80 with an OME 3” lift. It’s been my daily driver for over nine years - been running it for almost three years without any caster correction. I need to get this done. I have the OMECA77B Caster Correction Kit(Bushings). But now I am thinking I should go with the 3Manafre...
  14. W

    2.5" or 4" Lift...Shackles, Springs and Shocks

    I have a '72 FJ40 and I have been looking for the best combination of shackles, springs and shocks...and of course there is just an abundance of information out there. I am hoping we can get it narrowed down a little bit here. Here is what I want: 1. I want to run 33x10.50 tires 2. I want to...
  15. A

    Wanted  Stock rear shackles fj40

    Looking for stock rear shackles for a 77-FJ40. Don’t need bushings have boxes of those. Used is fine as long as in good shape.
  16. S

    OME lift kit/suspension. Heavy load vs medium load

    Hello, this is my first time posting in this forum so my apologies if this formatting or anything is incorrect. I plan on getting a OME 2.5” lift for my LX450 but I’m unsure whether to get heavy load springs or medium load springs. I don’t currently have a heavy bumper or winch, but I plan to...
  17. I

    Ride Rotten - Think I know the cause, need advice

    Hi there, I have an 2006 Lexus LX470 that I am selling to my dad for more rugged use than my daily city driving. But there are a few issues I want to fix prior to handing it off to him: The ride is abhorrent and is like sitting on an AK-47 The AHC system seems to be auto-correcting on the...
  18. Sykoslug

    For Sale  Las Vegas: 100 series spare tire cross member & hoist,stock suspension parts, plus OME 2865 rear springs

    Hello mudders, Up for sale: Spare Tire cross member and Hoist- $150 stock factory oem front Upper Control Arms- $75 Stock front differential cross member -$50 Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms- $200 for all 4 arms. Toyota/Tokico front shocks w/approx 30K miles on them. $50/pair Stock torsion...
  19. EsbenDenmark

    HZJ75 Suspension for both light AND heavy loads

    I am building an overland camper on the base of a 1994 HZJ75 pickup. The camper box will be demountable, so I will also be using the truck without the heavy camper box. I just weighed my truck and it is 2100kg unloaded, but with the camper box it will be more like 3000kg I see 4 main options...
  20. A

    Body movement/wiggle on rear end

    I'm trying to identify the cause of some movement in the rear end of my 100 series Land Cruiser. It's like a small wiggle or shift back and forth of the rear of the body over the axle. I recently replaced all four shocks and rear springs with OME 865s, which was needed and improved the overall...
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