1. fjlau

    6” or 4” 35” or 37”

    I hope to make it clear that I am not only new to the forum but to the 80 series community as well. Just to preface, I have a 1997 fzj80 and am looking to get either a 4” lift or a 6” lift with either 35” tires or 37”tires. Which configuration would be best for all around off roading with the...
  2. M

    Stock guard to hub centre dimension

    Hi all. Is anyone able to point me to somewhere I can find stock dimensions for the guard to hub centre on an early 90s PZJ77 or similar? Things are feeling (and looking) a little saggy so I'm going to have a look at having my leafs reset.
  3. LeftHandRev

    '88 BJ70 RHD - OME Rear Springs Mismatch

    Hi all - I bought springs for my truck from a local resource. I bolted up the left side fine. The right side spring is short. I received CS017RA marked 1D22, which is what I was trying to get on the right-hand side of the car. I was able to bolt up the other wide, which is CS017RB / 12D21...
  4. alefer5

    SOLD PASADENA - Dobinsons Springs: C59-302 & C59-327

    Selling a 6-month old set of Dobinson's Springs: Front: C59-302 (Teal) Rear: C59-327 (Teal) Asking $200 OBO for the set of 4x. Will ship at buyer's expense.
  5. B

    For Sale Ballistic Joints, Brackets and Tabs for 3 & 4 link suspension

    Hey guys, hopefully this can help someone finish a project. This is my collection of parts for a 3 link front and 4 link rear suspension on a 78 FJ40 landcruiser, using 05+ Ford D60 and sterling 10.5" rear. Covid happened, we moved and I ended up selling my cruiser, so the project is no more. I...
  6. GCRad1

    Off Road 2.0 Inch Air Shock W/ 1.25 Inch Shaft 16 Inch Travel Radflo Suspension

    Anyone building F-Toy or some type of FJ - RockRod? Off Road 2.0 Inch Air Shock W/ 1.25 Inch Shaft 16 Inch Travel Radflo Suspension - Red Line Land Cruisers -...
  7. J

    For Sale BNIB Dobinsons Caster Plate Kit FZJ80 Socal

    Dobinsons 5* Caster Plate Kit for 80 series Land Cruiser. Brand new in original packaging. Suited for 5-7” lifts. $150 picked up or will ship at buyer’s expense.
  8. J

    For Sale DENVER,CO - GX470 - 2008 - OEM - Suspension Parts - Shocks, Coils, UCA's + Airbags

    GX470 - 2008 - OEM - Suspension Parts - Shocks, Coils, UCA's + Airbags. Upgraded suspension; these are leftover spare parts (~50k miles use). Prefer local drop off / pick up (Denver Area). $200
  9. Malleus

    Training Docs T453, Suspension, Steering and Handling 27MAY2022

    Toyota technical training course , T453, Suspension, Steering and Handling - covers the basics of vehicle dynamics related to Suspension, Steering and Handling Contents: 1. Tire and Wheel Basics 2. Tire and Wheel Service 3. Suspension System Basics 4. Types of Suspension Systems 5. Steering...
  10. patchagan

    Wanted Atlanta: 100 series Extended Sway Bar Links - Panhard correction kit - bump stops

    I'm looking for a few upgraded miscellaneous parts to be paired with my Ironman FCP 2" lift. Extended sway bar links Panhard correction kit Bump stops (aftermarket) I'm running a 1999 LX470 and am located in Atlanta.
  11. Omsok

    Suspension Upgrade Options

    So I have looked around the 200 series forum, but am looking for some advice from people that have tried the different OME (Old Man Emu) I have a 2008 200 series (Actually it is an LX570 but AHC is shot, so will delete) and I am looking to swap in suspension. I am ok with an inch or two lift...
  12. S

    Shock mount broke.

    So the previous owner switched the front axle to a FJ60 with power steering. In doing so, it looks like the front driver-side shock mount was cut away and a steel pipe welded in it's place. Today, thanks to DC area highways having what feels like speed bumps in the middle of the highways; the...
  13. C

    2007 FJ Cruiser has loud squeaks from front end

    I recently bought a 2007 FJ cruiser. It has camburg coil overs and icon upper control arms. I noticed after a couple days of driving it, that it started to squeak aggressively on any bumpy road. I got my mechanic to go under a grease up all the joints. It was ok for about a day then it went...
  14. CLPete69

    Happy So Far - Slow Build

    My wife had a 2004 LX 460 that was beginning to show its age and she wanted an upgrade. While she wanted more luxury and less squeaks, I still wanted that Land Cruiser, Go anywhere heritage. We settled on a 2016 GX 460. She loves it, but didn't like the "Soccer Mom" vibe and I wanted more...
  15. A

    KDSS question /problem

    I recently added a 2-inch lift (Ironman) to my 2016 cruiser. It now appears that the kdss is no longer working as can be seen in the photo. I had had some problems with the kdss and had it refilled a short while ago. What can I do to correct the problem?
  16. joey.w

    Lifting my 94FZJ advice and why-

    Hi all. I’ve read every article and thread on here related to suspension lifts but let’s face it, it’s a lot like reading instructions for dealing with labor and giving birth -they all target the same thing. Success and safety which obviously is very important and top priority. I’m doing a lot...
  17. B

    I busted one of my AHC lines on my 07! Anyone have a used take off?

    Hey there! With some guidance from users here and a friend, I was able to diag my AHC system and found the culprit. It’s one of the hoses that comes out of the shock. One of the users on here “MycoManiac” made a very nice offer and idea of sending one of his used take offs. But just in case he...
  18. B

    Did I blow my whole front end hydraulic suspension?

    Hey y’all! Lurker and first time poster in need of some help, so thanks in advance! I purposely went it to a ditch with what looked like a nice little bump and my intention was to test out my new to me 100 series suspension! But instead I leaked out all of my fluid through the front drivers...
  19. grenade

    old man emu suspension for a 1974 or 1975 bj40 in bulgaria

    hi all! i recently got my hands on my third 40 and she's a wobbly old girl. i live in bulgaria where i think that between myself and two, maybe three others, we own all the 40's in the country. i'd like to sort out the suspension in a way that is the best job i can do and that improves the...
  20. TanTLC

    Leaf spring eye / loose bushing sleeve

    Recently noticed an issue with the front right leaf spring eye. Notice the gap between the bushing and the spring and how the spring eye has eroded the bushing on the left in the photo. I've determined that the spring can slide laterally over the inner steel tube sleeve that the rubber...
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