1. P

    PaulC's build thread by RPM Off-Road Garage - 35 inch tires

    Folks, I wrote the Yelp review below for the project mechanic on my LC200. I am pasting it here because this post is equal parts of build thread (at least Stage 1) and a thank you to Steve Lam and his team at RPM Off-Road Garage. When it comes to finding any service provider, I try to find 3...
  2. H

    For Sale 2004 Lexus GX470 rear air springs. Idaho, USA

    Had these installed this summer. They worked fine, but I couldn't track down a sensor issue, so I now have coil springs and am selling these. $100 for both.
  3. Harp123

    Dangerous Diagonal Bounce/Sway @ Highway Speeds

    Guys, I have looked around for a thread with the following issue, but I have not found the same problem that I am having. Of course I may have missed it. I have a fully stock 2013 with 117,000 miles. When I purchased the vehicle it had about 93,000 miles. I have noticed since purchase...
  4. Ruquik

    For Sale 70 / 80 series Timbren Bump stops

    Timbren ABSTORLC1 rear active offroad bumpstops. New in box $135 shipped to lower 48
  5. juane

    For Sale: 100 Series rear suspension parts

    I upgraded to heavier springs and Slee shocks. So have available: OME 866 springs, Icon II 2.5 inch remote reservoir shocks and Timbren bump stops. The springs and shocks are two years and about 25,000 miles old. Bump stops are new. Total retail: $1500 Will sell for $650 plus shipping. Or can...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Birfields, Drive Flanges, hubs, axle shafts, spindles, calipers

    So Cal BIRFIELDS ARE SOLD Backing plates, Axle Housing, Tie Rod, Axle shafts , Relay Rod (Drag Link), Sway Bar, ETC ETC ETC From a 1997 FJ80 Land Cruiser - parts will interchange with LX series . Prices run from $25 to $110 per part. One Set available.
  7. icorradoi

    For Sale FJ80 OME 850/863 & Icon 2.0 Shocks Bay Area, CA $850

    Looking to sell this combo of 850/863 OME springs and Icon 2.0 shocks. This lift worked very nicely for me on my '96 80 series with a good level of comfort, dampening, and capability for a 2.5" lift. Springs and shocks have about 10K miles on them and are in very good condition. Prefer not...
  8. C

    2nd Gen Ball Joint spacers and rear suspension

    Hello everyone, I am new to this website I was sent here to ask some questions about coil spring upgrades to a 94' 4Runner. I plan on doing Ball Joint spacers on my rig 1.5" in the front, the problem I am running into is what to do for the back end of the vehicle. I have heard many options...
  9. Fuentesfranko

    FJ45LV Suspension

    Hey guys! I am ready to get new suspension for my 1967 LV and I am wondering if the "ARB - OME - FJ45 Lift Kit - 2" Light Load w/ Shackle and Pins" that they sell at CruiserCorps would be a good fit and if I should go with "Light Load" or "Heavy Load" for an LV that will be used mostly for...
  10. N

    For Sale 100 Series Land Cruiser Stock Torsion Bars - FL

    Came off a 100 Series with 170k. Nothing wrong with them, just upgraded suspension. Located in Ocala, FL
  11. C

    HJ47 Troopy bent leaf spring plate and U-Bolts

    G'day All, I recently got my rear leaf springs for the Troopy resprung. When reinstalling them I found that the leaf spring seats are slightly bent upwards which causes the u-bolts to bend outwards when tightened to the correct tension. I haven't been able to source any new leaf spring seats...
  12. Noah Master

    New to the LX470 life; help me with a couple quick questions please!

    Hey, I'm a pretty new owner of a 2000 LX470. I'd like to outfit this sucker to go down mild to moderate trails/dirt. My AHC system has failed and thus keeps me in Low mode at all times (drives like a pile of bricks!) and I'd like to switch to a more traditional LC100-style suspension setup to...
  13. DanMedeiros

    For Sale OME 2864 HD rear springs, $100

    Hi everyone, I bought a pair of lightly used OME 2864 HD springs but I ended up deciding to go with taller coils for my suspension redo. These are for an 80 Series. Not sure if they also work for a 100 or a 60. Happy to let these go for $100. Originally $175. If you would like me to ship them...
  14. E

    Hydraulic Flooding Carpet on Drivers Side? What could this be....

    Hey All, I have a 1998 LX470 with about 380K miles on the clock. Been having alot of issues lately with the cold in GA. Parked the car and over the course of a few days, came back to notice a leak of hydraulic fluid next the to drivers side wheel, directly beneath a drain hole from the cabin...
  15. kauaicruiser

    Disintegrating Spring Brackets/Shackles

    Aloha everyone, My tRusted 86' 60 has finally reached the next maintenance marker however I don't have much experience with suspension. Im looking to do a basic but worthwhile fix. I have a few questions- If this hanger was to detach at speed how messy would it be--say at 45mph? Silly...
  16. R

    Shock measurement using adapters

    Suspension gurus- I was given 4 free skyjacker shocks, P/N: N8012- compressed 12” extended 19.32” N8041- compressed 15.55” extended 26.33” Both are eye-eye connections so I know I’ll have to use an adapter top and bottom for the front and top for the rear. Shocks are intended for use on...
  17. DoubleNickels

    Cruiser Outfitter's 55-Specific Suspension Kit - Advice Please

    Piggers A few weeks ago I purchased the 55-specific suspension kit from Kurt @ Cruiser Outfitters. The kit is comprised of Old Man Emu spring packs and shocks, along with goodies such as anti-inversion grease-able shackles and bushings. Good stuff. The kit requires moving the rear hanger back...
  18. 2

    Front end squeak - upper/lower control arms. Toyota dealership vs local

    My front suspension and steering have started getting really squeaky. Took it to Toyota dealership and their diagnosis was that upper and lower control arms and ball joints all need replacing. They quoted me $4k for the work. Local shop will do the lot for $1.2k but with ISG (international...
  19. B

    35” rubbing

    Hey Guys, I just put 35” KO2’s on my 2011, and am getting some noticeable rubbing, especially when turning right. I took it to my mechanic and he told me that I’m getting some serious rubbing on the sway bar bracket, especially on the driver’s side. He suggested that maybe there is an...
  20. Belov

    Need advice on a '98 LX 470

    I may have to trade my beloved '93 for something with fewer miles on it for, ah, relationship reasons. I found this: Lexus LX 470 I'm completely new to the 100 series, so I'd like some advice particular to this vehicle. I've read all the threads here and on Slee on general 100 info, but it...
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