1. mrjordann

    Wanted  1F crank start handle

    Anybody have a crank start handle for an FJ40? The one that you stick in your crankshaft pulley nut to start the engine if the battery is dead. Thanks.
  2. offroadvegan

    1993 1FZ-Fe Will not Start or Crank when HOT

    I was taking the fam to the Alvord desert this weekend, and stopped to get gas a couple hours in. The rig felt hot inside, but with an RTT, camping gear and 2 adults/3 kiddos, I figured it was just working hard. We stopped in Madras for gas and I filled it. Went to turn the key and click...
  3. T

    No idea where to start

    1fz motor 94 year The truck idles rough when cold. Still close to 2k RPM but feels/sounds rough. It is very very rich on a cold start. Most of the time, it runs fine once warm. Intermittently, it will stutter, shake, and nearly die for just a moment. This only happens during acceleration...
  4. B

    82 HJ60 used to start first time every time, now starts second time every time, any idea's?

    Was going to post up a video but no dice, non compatible.. simply i reckon the EDIC arm is playing up. Hit the go button and it moves to over-injection but doesn't start first go, start it -immediately- after and it turns over.. all the relevant relays click when they are supposed to, batteries...
  5. W

    Stall at start/vaccum leak

    So long start short I my car just Rieves and stalls when starting unless I absolutely floor it and hold the rims at 3000 for 30 seconds, also found this vaccum leak, help!!!
  6. A

    1FZ-FE Rebuilt but have a Rod Noise when Cold Start

    Hi, I just do a master rebuild of the 1FZ-FE. The engine is rebuild with 0.25 clearance not standard. I notice a BIG loud noise when cold start or when the truck is sitting for 3 to 4h. The Knock noise last for about 2 seconds! the times that RPM goes up and down when starting. What is this...
  7. pokerDawg

    '83 FJ60 won't start....HELP!

    The FJ60 has been sitting for about 2 years. I drained the old gas. Replaced the fuel filter. Put penetrating oil in the cylnders. Added 2 gallons on new gas New battery Sprayed starter fluid Turned the key and the starter tries to crank the engine but does not start. After studying this...
  8. Irish Reiver

    Keyless entry & Remote Start systems OBD1

    I want to replace the old keyless entry system which has now failed with a new model that also has a remote start function. My truck is a '94 so OBD1 (not sure if that matters). Does any one have real world recommendations ?
  9. RFB

    What is the advatages of the Power and second start buttons

    I re did the wiring for the IBs dual battery monitor and while I was at it, refinished the shift console and armrest. I had to disconnect the POWER and SECOND START. But what are they and is there any advatages to using them and when I guess is what Im asking.
  10. btbuild

    First start questions.

    Hello I have a 1/73 fj40 F engine that has been desmogged and rebuilt also has a New Troll hole carb. I am planning on starting up rebuilt engine this weekend. The engine is mounted on chassis without any of the wiring harness. 1. Do I have to hook up idle solinoid for start ? If so how do I...
  11. jdayment

    No Start Help

    Started a thread in the 80's section just wanted to see if you guys had any ideas 91 FJ80 No Start
  12. jdayment

    91 FJ80 No Start

    Alright so who can tell me what I am missing. Went to start the truck at lunch and it wouldn't start here is what I have. CEL is illuminated No click no crank I am able to start jumping the terminals on the starter with the key in on position I am able to move shifter from Park into gear...
  13. meatloaf

    Resuscitating My vortec Powered 60, Wont Start

    Trying to start truck after 3+ years of it sitting. I had pulled the 5.3L Vortec/h55 a while back, sold the h55 and installed an nv4500. Cranks over fine but it appears it's got no spark. I cannot find the temp sender wire from the harness and the tranny wires are not connected, other than...
  14. Zarek Cockar

    1HZ Hard Start at warmer temperatures

    - I have a 1994 HZJ80 GX (non-turbo 1HZ) with 380,000 kms on the clock. For reference, I'm based in Kenya, where our best quality diesel is probably not up to par with average diesel elsewhere, but I only buy diesel from reputable, international companies (Shell, Total, etc.) - When the engine...
  15. ccasteel

    Wanted  '88 fj62 cold start timer switch 89462-20010

    I am needing a cold start timer switch for an '88 3FE. It's the square connector and the no longer available part number is 89462-20010. Below is a pic of the harness side of the connector.
  16. O

    No start first try, start second try when cold.

    Someone on here will be able to diagnose this quickly, I'm sure. I've included a video. When cold it sounds like the starter is engaging but no cranking. Then your turn off and try again and it starts every time. When warmed up the problem seems to go away. Thank you for your help in advance.
  17. zipdoa

    HDJ81 - No start issues after stall while idling

    Was adjusting max fuel on 1HD-T and turned it down a bit. Idle lowered as a result and was about to adjust idle screw when motor stalled. Didn't seem like it stalled from lack of fuel though. Now it turns over but no start (lots of grey smoke when trying to start). I'm now noticing that the...
  18. LR LC200

    74' F Engine Hesitation/Hard Start

    Followed instructions on valve adjustment and happy with the result. While I was at it; pulled plugs and cleaned, adjusted plug gap to what's stated in Haynes Manual, adjusted points air-gap, cleaned up rotor, adjusted mixture, adjusted idle, and lastly adjusted timing. Rig runs much better...
  19. Marine7

    No start 91....Fuseable links good, no cel

    My 91 has been f'ing up lately. At first I thought fuseable links, but I changed them and still the same! I have 12 volts to the underhood fuse box, but only 3.7volts at the B+ terminal in the firewall mounted test port........????? Any help would be great! Can't find it in FSM!
  20. maddss

    No Start Situation, need your help

    94 LC, Over the pass few months I have been chasing a engine stumbling issue while driving. No codes to help that issue. Yesterday the LC ran with no problems. Today my LC will not stay running, It starts then dies immediately. Pulled the following codes: 21, 42, 32 and 71(I always get this...
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