1. Toy Yoda LC

    Hello and Help

    Hello everyone. I started my account about 2 weeks ago when I bought a 1997 FJ80. Drove it home today. It's in decent shape for an upstate NY vehicle... some rust so some light bodywork is in my near-future. 157k miles on it and when I test drove it, it ran extremely well... no issues or flags...
  2. Crazjtk

    3B dies after sitting at idle

    The long and short: bought a BJ42 a couple years ago, it ran great when I parked it. I replaced the hand pump with the Bosch one as recommended. The fuel lines from the tank to the hand pump are new rubber. I have a return line from the engine back to the tank. Nothing seems to be visibly...
  3. spencer2000LC

    Stalls out when put in gear question?

    Looking for advice. Recurring issue where LC stalls out when coming off highway to first stop light. In sputters and then stalls. It will restart and run in Park or Neutral - but when engaged in Drive or Reverse it stalls. This has happened a number of times over the past couple years - but...
  4. W

    Main beam cuts out fuel pump....I think!

    Hi all, I have something very dodgy going on under the bonnet. I was driving a very long straight road, when the car suddenly started jumping/jerking. I think it was the fuel pump playing up. Checked the air filter and started her up with no problems however as soon as I turned the main beam on...
  5. hbunting

    FJ60 stalling question

    Hi guys! I've tried to look this up, but couldn't quite find anything exactly similar to my problem, so I figured I'd see if anyone had any ideas. Recently my 60 (Pearl) has started stalling if the gas pedal isn't pressed a little or if the choke is off. It will idle with the choke. When I turn...
  6. morganism

    2001 Corolla stalling, hesitation

    Just gonna post this up here, so maybe i can find it again later. This is a software problem, a firmware update could fix, but they will not roll it out. This throws O2 sensor codes, and then cyl codes as vehicle starts to misfire. Simple fix is to disconnect both O2 sensors in front of cat...
  7. Frkens

    Advice needed on FJ62 88, with throttle issues

    Hey fellas! I'm continuing my way down through Southamerica in my FJ62 and have made it to Ecuador this far. No breakdowns this far but... The engine is acting a little weird. I am driving in 3000 metres currently but it has been going on for a while and I can't find any explanation. My...
  8. K

    Please advise for stall Problem Codes P0172 & P0175 - banks to rich?

    I am looking for help before I shoot my LX 470!!! I purchased my 2001 LX 470 in March of 2017. The LX 470 had no known problems when I purchased it but, since I plan on keeping this LX 470 forever I took straight to my local Toyota dealership to get a baseline on all maintenance items. From...
  9. J

    Mysterious stalling, lack of fuel 2LT-E

    My mechanic thought we had fixed my sudden loss of fuel to the fuel pump problem. We replaced the ecu, checked the wiring, etc. but now it’s returned. My LJ78 runs great, a half tank of gas maybe, then randomly stalls. After it completely cools down, it will start up again and run fine till...
  10. B

    06 LX stalling on rough road

    Having an issue with engine cutting off at highway speed then coming right back on. From 2500Rpm to zero check engine then back to 2500. Fuel pump relay was replaced by mechanic per code. Condition is very intermittent. Second trip back to mechanic and no codes and extended test drive by him...
  11. LorainetheFJ62

    FJ62 stalling when it's hot.

    Alright, fj62 question. My restored blue land cruiser is stalling and won't start and run for more than 2 seconds before it cuts off again once it's warmed up. I was in traffic and it died on me again after a new fuel filter, fuel pump, and throttle cable. I'm thinking it's an EFI relay bugging...
  12. BTG88

    Most Likely Cause? - New Stalling issue

    One for the brain-trust - 1975 2f - with a Mark-rebuilt carb, headers and electronic ignition. New to me vehicle. Been driving for the last three weeks. Running well, idled smooth and even at full-off choke. Would start instantly cold with only a short tap on the gas pedal - no choke...
  13. napir

    '96 Stalling Out Under Load

    Just started this morning, I was driving along and hit the throttle and the truck got super sluggish, throttle hesitated then finally I got some power. Came home, took some video of what's going on. In the first video towards the end, I have it WOT and there's no power and then you hear it...
  14. C

    Rough idle almost stalling on cold start

    It happens especially after a rain. The red low battery light will also intermittently come on during the almost stalls. There's no codes being generated and I recently replaced the battery with a diehard gold. The rough idle goes away once warm but the red battery light will intermittently come...
  15. Traakon

    Erratic idle and stalling at stops

    Hey Y'all Well, for 2 months "OSO" has been running better than at any time since we owned her. The major issue with stalling seemed to be resolved with the TPS replacement (after 4 months of replacing everything else), the new O2's relocated in the new custom '96/'93 cat-exhaust system...
  16. S

    1kzte loud knocking. struggling to start

    HELP. I hav problem with with land cruiser Colorado 3.0L. the engine is struggling to start with a lot of grey n black smoke, with it does start for a second there is a loud knock/rattle on revs, then in stalls
  17. A

    Vehicle stall over 3000 rpms

    I have a 1991 HDJ81. When I rev the vehicle between 3000 and 3500 rpm's for maybe 5 seconds or so the vehicle stalls. Does anyone know why this is happening? This was after I had driven the vehicle for over an hour. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks!
  18. 87CruiserCid

    Please Help!

    Hey y'all, I have looked around this site a few times while trying to find some answers and finally choose to make an account and ask myself. First, What is the desired idle on a 87 FJ60? (I ask because when I adjust the idle speed to low (below 700RPM) after driving and stepping on brakes...
  19. K

    Why is 305 TPI conversion burning through distributor caps?

    I am nowhere close to being a mechanic but I am minimally astute about car problems and repairs. I've had my 87 FJ60 for about 5 years and (like everyone I'm sure) put a good bit of money into the repairs. When I bought it there was a 89 Chevy 305 TPI engine it it that was installed in 1991...
  20. Z

    fuel light/ stalling issue

    Hi all, new to the site and to Cruisers in general! I picked up a a 92 fj80 this summer with 200k miles on the clock! She is super clean and purrs like a kitten, as of January 1, she will be eligible for collector plates, which is my goal, bone stock, super clean, and minor wheeling (logging...
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