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  1. OREGON85

    ABS wheel speed sensor

    I broke one of my wheel speed sensors when I was tearing the axle down. I am planning on getting a new one from a wrecking yard. Can anyone tell me about compatibility? Does it matter if it is from the left or right, front or back? Are all the years that had ABS compatible? Thanks!
  2. Pete B

    2l-te NE engine speed sensor

    Does anyone know the part number for the engine speed sensor inside of the fuel injection pump and where to get one. Thanks
  3. BullElk

    Is replacing wheel speed sensor a driveway kind of job?

    I am thinking that is the reason for skid control and alarm coming on. New rack and pinion. Mechanic did not see any obvious issues underneath but it did have ABS codes. Since he didn't find the rack or tie rods loose, I'm thinking wheel sensor...but still searching. Thanks
  4. operatorTRP

    97 LX450 passenger wheel speed sensor part number?

    Anyone have a part number for just the wheel speed sensor (passenger side)? Not the $500+ abs wiring kit etc that my search fu keeps coming up with? Mine was destroyed when my birf decided it had had enough.
  5. 65swb45

    For Sale  FJ40 used VSS, SoCal

    Stock In line unit found on 69-71 vehicles, used to switch the VSV. $100 shipped. Post or call the shop. No PMs please. Mark
  6. M

    ABS Light on after replacing shocks, fuel filter

    I replaced the front shocks and fuel filter on my '03 LC today. When I started the car after the repairs my ABS light was illuminated. My OBD reader says I have an ABS code for a front right speed sensor fault. I figure one of two things happened: The PB blaster I sprayed to loosen the shock...
  7. okryan

    Anybody ever damage an ABS speed sensor?

    99 LX. I replaced a bad CV axle over the weekend. All seemed to go fine (but I remember fighting with the brake caliper - never unhooked the brake lines). Drove the truck about 50 miles and seemed fine. Then ABS and brake lights came on, accompanied by the continuous beep. Brakes worked...
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