ABS Light on after replacing shocks, fuel filter (1 Viewer)


May 28, 2016
Cambridge, MA
I replaced the front shocks and fuel filter on my '03 LC today. When I started the car after the repairs my ABS light was illuminated. My OBD reader says I have an ABS code for a front right speed sensor fault.

I figure one of two things happened:

The PB blaster I sprayed to loosen the shock got into the speed sensor and broke it.


A wire got disconnected near the ABS module while I was replacing the fuel filter.

I checked all of the wire clips I could find, and everything feels secure. When I tried to remove the wheel speed sensor to inspect it, part of the metal crumbled away in my hand. The actual sensor part is seized into the wheel hub and will need to be dug/pried out. Either way now I will need to replace the sensor.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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