1993 FZJ80 Wheel sensor

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Mar 10, 2023
Seattle, WA
I recently purchased a 1993 FZJ80 and discovered it has a faulty right rear wheel sensor. I'm trying to figure out which sensor I need, as there are two parts listed based on different yoke measurements. I was told that the build date will determine which specific sensor is needed (mine was built in April 1993) but can't find any information in terms of diagrams that delineates which part is needed based on build date.
Here are the two part numbers:
04895-60020 YOKE L=52.6
04895-60030 YOKE L=53.1

Can anyone tell me which sensor I will need? Very much appreciated.
Doesn't matter, the '93-'94 rear wheel sensors are NLA. You have to find a used one. If you find a donor truck, let me know; I need the other side.

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