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  1. nickjgall

    SOS - Denver - Smog Pump? (60)

    Hello! I am driving across the country toward LA and am crashing in a hotel near Denver tonight. My cruiser has been running great but earlier today I noticed a tin-ey rattle. I took a video and sent it to my usual mechanic and he is worried it could be the smog pump, which could damage the...
  2. bigboiimigel

    SOLD  FJ60 Reman'd OEM Smog Pump and Smog Rack

    Hi folks, I have a Smog Pump and a Smog Rack that I am selling, it came out of my '85 FJ60. Smog Pump: Purchased in November Installed Professionally Driven less than 150 miles Comes with 4 bolt pulley Rebuilt by a qualified rebuilder, everything replaced and fixed. $350 Smog Rack...
  3. skhochay

    Smog Pump brush gone

    Hello again see the video
  4. JordanBradley

    For Sale  The Woodlands - TX - Smog equipment from FJ60 Desmog

    Would Love to get 200 bucks for everything, you pay for shipping. Feel free to make offers, I can piece things out. If you need any hardware to come with it, I have all the old stuff in a bag, please specify! I can give you more detailed pics if need, everything worked well before I pulled it...
  5. NookShneer

    SOLD  2F Smog Pump Eliminator Bracket

    ManaFre smog pump eliminator pulley. Run for a short time (500 miles) before getting swapped out for a second alternator. $165 shipped in the lower 48. Same one as here: FJ40 FJ60 Air Pump Eliminator Air Pump Idler Pulley for 2F Engines 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 SKU...
  6. RodrigzCrzr

    For Sale  FJ62 air pump

    Ok for all you CA emissions FJ62’s. I have a used working air pump for sale. $80 plus shipping
  7. F

    Desmog- smog pump replacement?

    Just about to put in the fresh rebuilt 2f in my 87 FJ60. Desmogging it along with TBI injection. I was wondering if anyone has replaced the smog pump with anything that requires a pulley. I know I can decommission the smog pump or replace it with the pulley but was wondering if I could add a...
  8. F

    FJ60 2F Smog pump hose routing verification

    Hi everyone. Can anyone verify the smog pump hose routing for an FJ60 with a 2F engine? This is how ours has been routed forever but wondering if correct...
  9. WGermer

    Wanted  3 bolt pulley for smog pump

    Looking for a 3 bolt pulley to fit a '77 style smog pump. My current seized pump has the center shaft pulley and its not compatible with the reman unit I want to order. (I've thought about desmogging but not quite into that yet). Any help is appreciated!
  10. F

    PS pump bracket mod for air pump protection.

    Has anyone welded some sheet metal or something underneath the PS pump bracket to prevent ATF fluid from ruining the smog pump if/when the PS pump goes ? I don't have any PS or smog pump issues yet with my stock 1983 FJ60. However, in reading several threads concerning smog pump and PS pump...
  11. IslandJ

    Why wont the smog pump adjust

    Starting to put things back together on my FJ60. Went to put the belt on around the smog pump and the tensioning bolt doesnt seem to do anything. WTH. The alternator tensioner is doing as is expected.
  12. dpcustoms

    Wanted  FJ60 smog pump idler pulley

    Hello, I'm about to swap my smog pump for an idler pulley + mounting bracket. If you have one for sale, let me know! ( I have a fab shop and might make one myself but I would rather save my time and just buy one that's ready to go). Justin
  13. mattressking

    Wanted  FJ60 Smog Pump Hoses and hood prop rod

    Looking for the smog pump hoses labeled #40 and #42 in diagram below and a hood prop rod. Located in Ventura, CA area. Thanks!
  14. mdsims

    For Sale  F, 3FE Parts (Smog pump, oil pump, oil fill, and more) NorCal USA

    All items located in Modesto, CA. Can arrange to meet up in the Bay Area (Fremont to San Jose). I will ship if needed, at buyers expense. Smog pump, 17610-61040, 1988 FJ62, 3FE. Small dent on one port. Not needed after my de-smog. $30+shipping
  15. Lou the fj60

    Wanted  2f Smog Idler pulley

    hey guys i'm looking for an idler pulley to to replace my smog pump but dont have the funds to get the one from jimC at the moment. I need to get back on the road. I'm currently in Arlington, WA
  16. Lou the fj60

    saginaw ps pump on fj60

    recently my smog pump seized because of a leaking ps pump, ive head of people converting them to saginaw pumps. can i use the original brackets or do i need new ones?( where do i get them) what did you get it for ive heard that the volvo 240 works good but i dont know what year or how to hook it...
  17. Lou the fj60

    how do I loosen the smog pump so i can move the belt?

    im trying to find out if my smog pump is bad. how do i remove the belt? this is on a 2f
  18. muelbeedle

    Emissions Trouble at Idle. Air Injection? Smog pump?

    My '86 FJ60 has been failing California smog with HC and CO at idle over 3X the limit (CO2 11.3%, O2 0.4%, HC 493ppm and CO 5.39%). I figure it's an air injection system problem. Working through the emissions service manual, it's the "Check VTV and ASV" test on page 3-21 that gets me. I don't...
  19. monroeshton

    Saginaw Conversion questions

    So I'm new here. Hi guys. My '84 FJ60 (F2 motor) just recently had the inevitable smog pump failure, and I didn't have the money on hand to buy a new pump or an idler pulley kit to replace the smog pump (My state is lenient on emissions and I don't need the smog system). What I wound up doing...
  20. DSB345

    Smog pump questions

    I want to clean up and rebuild this smog pump but I'm running into a couple of problems. I need to remove the two tubes in the back and exhaust release cone on top for plating. I unbolted the back first and used a punch to get the back off.
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