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May 8, 2011
Has anyone welded some sheet metal or something underneath the PS pump bracket to prevent ATF fluid from ruining the smog pump if/when the PS pump goes ?

I don't have any PS or smog pump issues yet with my stock 1983 FJ60. However, in reading several threads concerning smog pump and PS pump issues, it seems pretty common for a leaky PS pump to destroy the smog pump as well. I figured someone may have thought of putting something "under" the PS pump to prevent double accessory (PS pump then smog pump) failure.

Any ideas or experience doing this preventative alteration ?


Jun 30, 2017
It's a long slow process of the PS fluid from a leaky PS pump eventually destroying the smog pump. The cause of SP death from PS fluid is ALWAYS due to owner neglect due to never even bothering to open the hood every once in a while to take a peek inside.

If you pop open the hood every once in a blue moon and take a look at the PS pump, you can see if the seal is starting to weep oil. If it is getting grimey around the pump, that means there's a leak & the leak will only get worse with time- eventually wreaking havoc on the smog pump if enough oil migrates down.
No sheild needed.


Jul 14, 2014
Saginaw conversion
Talk to George at valley hybrids
It works
Don't look back
I'm happy with mine
Good luck

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