1. fuzzywuzzy

    SOLD  //SEAT PURCHASED - Second Row Seat for FJ80 - SoCal/San Diego

    Prefer San Diego but can do Orange County for right price/quality. Color is not an issue but prefer cloth over leather.
  2. Rusty 72

    Wanted  72 front seat

    Looking for a front seat for my 72. Have one but needs a complete rebuild. Looking for one that's ready to bolt in.
  3. unfortunately

    HJ61 seat adjuster broken. Repair?

    I just took apart my seat that doesn't work, to try to figure out exactly what's wrong with it. Leaning back, it will lean all the way back, and the same leaning forward. It feels as though there are teeth inside that are not catching, or stripped out. However, if I put force on the lever, it...
  4. B

    SOLD  80 Series Manual Cloth Front Seats (From 1991 FJ80)

    This is a pair of front seats that came out of a 91 Land Cruiser. They need cleaning, new padding, new covers, and one of the mounts needs to be welded (or maybe JB welded) back on. I intended to re-cover them and replace my electric seats, but I fixed my electrics. I no longer need them. So...
  5. 7

    For Sale  1978 FJ40 parts

    Front seats with headrests, seat frames and center console. $300 Radiator mount / support $70 Metal fuel tank with new sending unit $150 Metal fuel tank shroud / cover $150 Original gauge cluster $200 New poly fuel tank in box $150 If these prices are way off please let me know. I don't...
  6. 88red

    Wanted  The infamous 60series seat bottom.

    Looking for a decent front seat bottom grey. dirty ok, no nasty gear oil stains, tears, or holes. Fabric only ok as well if we need to ship. As a second choice I could take a rear seat fabric set as an option. let me know what you have. I'm looking for two.
  7. Mudeater

    Wanted  FJ40 seats and mounting brackets

    I've got a completely clean floor on a '72 restore project. Need good seats and mounts. You have anything? (I'm located new Chicago). Thanks!
  8. weaesq

    Seat Wobble -- Repair or replace?

    Im facing a dilemma that I suspect many have encountered -- my seats wiggle and wobble like crazy. I've looked for a thread on how to correct this problem with no luck (if you know of one, please point me to it). I'd like to keep the OEM seats if I can, but if the wobble doesn't get under...
  9. J

    SR5 Seat question

    Truck is a 1990 extended cab with 22re. I'm looking to replace the front seats with better sr5 buckets. Current ones are the split bench with the little fold-down arm rest. Looks like SR5 seats from trucks 1989-1994 will bolt in. 4Runner seats should fit too? What about 1995 - 2000+ Tacomas...
  10. DTFJ45

    For Sale  Fj55 Rear Bench Seat

    fj55 rear bench seat for sale. From a 1975. See photos. Ideally this would be for pickup only.
  11. Al Johnson

    For Sale  80 FJ40 Seat Hinge For Sale

    Purchased hinge for $225. removed spring and have hinge would like to sell $80.
  12. bulldog77

    For Sale  Used Wet Okole front seat covers for fzj80 -- SOLD

    When I purchased my 80 the PO had these seat covers installed. I reupholstered my seats so I no longer need them. The driver's seat also has an optional seat heating element (plugs into lighter outlet). They are quality seat covers and fit really well. Easy to take on and off and clean well...
  13. bulldog77

    For Sale  Vertical Seat Heater switches Left and Right side

    I purchased these switches from a few of months ago with the intent to use them. I ended up just using the switches that the seat heater element kit came with. These are unused. I'm located in NJ. They should fit in a 7.00 flat rate shipping box but I will verify. I would...
  14. daner

    Interior/ seat cover colors for 1965

    Hello all-I'm looking for the correct seat cover color for a white 1965 FJ40 . According to the Cool Cruisers webpage, this should be a Lily White: Cruiser Color Codes I had thought the mid 1960s white Cruisers usually came with the red/corral interior, but looking closer at the few remaining...
  15. tstepp920

    seat belt differences

    Are there any differences, other than color, in the seat belts used for short jump seats from year to year
  16. 4

    For Sale  FJ40 seat belts

    Lap belts $25 ea recoil working $50 recoil not working $35
  17. onetruth1130

    Wanted  2nd row seat for my LX450. fabric is ok too

    anyone selling a second row seat? im in NEW JERSEY so the closer the easier.. please let me know! thanks! oh fabric is prefered. 1996 LX450
  18. onetruth1130

    Wanted  2nd row seat

    anyone have a second row seat in NEW JERSEY? or close to NJ??
  19. mmcinnis

    Wanted  Driver seat early 60, 61

    Need drivers seat frame. Early 60, 61, 62. Thanks Mike
  20. cbmontgo

    Trade  Gray Bestop Fold & Tumble Seat for Black

    I've got one similar to the one pictured below, but would prefer black. Let me know if anyone wants to trade.
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