1. jason fischman

    For Sale  or trade '89 HJ61 Turbo Seats Front & Rear (Brn & Tan)

    I have 1989 Brown and Tan HJ61 Turbo Seats. I am looking for the original GX rear bench and matching front seats. Will sell or trade.
  2. G

    Seat belts interchangeable side to side ???

    Are the FJ80 seat belts and retractor assemblies interchangeable (i.e., identical) side to side? Can I replace my front driver's side assembly with a front passenger side assembly? And, thank you all for your interest. GringoBob
  3. M

    For Sale  200 Series 3rd Row Seats + Seatbelts

    Gray leather 3rd row seats boxed up and ready to ship at your expense. Great condition. These came out of a 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser. Also have all 3 seatbelts if wanted. Open to offers. Pickup or ship. 79707 Midland TX Will text/email photos at request
  4. Z

    Leather Seat Covers - 200 Series? Perforated?

    Hi I recently purchased a 2014 LC with black perforated "leather". THere is a rip the size of a quarter in the middle of the drivers seat so I am looking at replacing the bottom drivers side cover. I've previously purchased a set from Metric TLC for a 2000 LX470. Any ideas where I can find a...
  5. jurassic cruiser

    For Sale  $300 no rips or tears front seats from 1991 jdm 80 series will fit US spec first gen 80 series

    I got these seats in my 1991 hdj81 - Japanese spec 80 series diesel. They are pretty clean although there are a few stains on the passenger seat. the driver seat has electric lumbar and manual adjustable side bolster. Also you can manually adjust the seat angle and the head rest angle. The...
  6. B

    FREE  SOR Grey Seat Covers for FJ62 / FJ60

    Bought these a long time ago (15 years?) from Spector and only used one seat cover bottom. So, what we have here is one complete seat (top and bottom) cover and the top for a second seat. I think it originally came with a lower metal hoop ring for the hog rings but that is long gone. I'm sure...
  7. houstonfj40

    Quick question on stock seat mount height

    building a seat platform this evening and tomorrow. The PO had installed one way to tall. I am going to give it 7/16 to 1/2 inch above the tank (1972). I will be adding slides for the seats. Anyone have a quick measurement how high the stock set up was? Don’t want to be to far off a stock...
  8. M

    LX470 Drivers & Passenger bottom seat swap

    Like many driver's seats the bottom cushion and leather on door side are starting to look fairly worn. Instead of getting new leather I started thinking about whether it might be possible to swap the bottom of the seat from the driver's side to the front passenger side. This way i get more...
  9. AaKnight

    For Sale  Gamiviti Seat Cap and Gear for 80 series seat.

    I bought 2 sets but only needed one. Brand new Gamiviti 80 series electric seat gear and cap. $20 for both, ships free.
  10. Fuentesfranko

    Wanted  Headrests FJ40 please?

    Hi, I'm looking to get a couple headrests for my FJ40 1973 for a decent price. The condition doesn't have to be perfect as I might be reupholstering them. If you have something that's maybe not 1973 but would fit and look stock, let me know. I just don't wanna get rear-ended and break my...
  11. RyanTomorrow

    Swap front seat motors?

    Hey gang: So I spent a chunk of NYE swapping out a stripped DS power seat gear for a fresh Gamiviti one. Got everything put back together only to find that only one of the two sides of the seat seems to be moving (right side seems jammed). So I’m going to take the whole thing apart again, but...
  12. J

    SOR Upholstery HELP!!

    I'm recovering the bottom portion of my 1977 FJ40 front seats using SOR foam and seat covers. I have 2 question(note zip ties are temporarily in place of hog rings): 1. It seems like I need to trim the foam to be able to attach the seat track to the front seat bottom cushion/frame(2 bolts each...
  13. NexusD

    For Sale  1992 FJ80 blue manual seats

    I'm selling my 1992 FJ80 blue manual seats, their in good shape for their age. Of course they need to be reupholstered but otherwise in good working order. The mechanics (ie slides, tilt back etc..) are in good shape. Selling as a pair $500. Local pick up or delivery within the Los Angeles area.
  14. I

    Help! Dash gauges, climate, radio, seat, rear lights don't work and won't come out of park.

    I have a 2006 LC. It died recently with all the warning lights lit up and would not come out of gear and would not start. Changed alternator and battery. It now starts fine but warning lights still on and won't come out of park. Plus all the dash gauges don't work and the radio, climate...
  15. C

    For Sale  67/68 fj40 front bench seat

    up for sale are the front two piece bench seat out of a 67 or 68 fj40. They seats are in pretty good shape with exception of a couple tears/holes. I'm asking $600 obo. Also up for trades, let me know what u have. Welders, car parts, dirt bike, motorcycle, guns, misc stuff. Pm for more info. I...
  16. Ali M

    Where can I buy new front seat belts?

    I need to replace my brown front seat belts particularly the driver seat. Where can I get new ones?
  17. G

    2018MY changes Rear Seat Entertainment optional!

    A nice guy over at T4R posted the changes on the LC 200 for me yesterday. Thought I would share. As a result MSRP has also been lowered $1,110. A small victory I'd say for end of model lifecycle updates.
  18. S

    Wanted  Rear seat for 1975 FJ 40

    Im looking for 2 rear seats for my 75 FJ 40.
  19. John E Davies

    Removable front seat covers

    Any suggestions for my '13 200? I really like these from Equipt but there is no way in this lifetime that I will pay $460 for two.... "They are all handcrafted from 510 denier cotton canvas and contoured specifically to the Land Cruiser seating surface. Each cover set includes headrest covers...
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