1. nortyshorty70

    70 series interchangeability?

    Just bought a 1990 PZJ70 with next to no experience with cruisers and need a stock seat as the previous owner installed a crappy aftermarket seat that won’t pass rego. I can’t find a wrecking 70 series near me and I’m wondering if the rails and seat from a 75 series or something similar will...
  2. mustcamp

    For Sale  Templeton, California Land Rover Discovery II seats

    1999-2004 LR Disco II power seats tan Leather with arm rest. Set are both power with harness. good condition picutes make them look stained they are only dirty. $ 300.00 300.00
  3. MrCWineMan

    FREE  Colorado Springs: Black 3rd row seats from a 200 Series.

    Moving, and I'll never put them back in the car - first come first serve.
  4. Paulrotterdam

    ISOFIX Child Seat on the passenger front bench - opinions please!

    In our troopy we currently have two single Scheelmann front seats. It was excellent for our world trip, not so excellent for future camping trips with a baby. We're expecting our first child in January, so I now need to find a safe seating solution. The rear is totally taken up by the camper...
  5. SteveH

    For Sale  SOLD! - CO: Price drop - 1979 FJ40 seat belt set FS

    1979 Seat Belt set from an FJ40. I used the passenger belt for many years in my '78 until I got my original ones re-webbed. The driver's belt is frayed, but all other aspects of these belts are excellent, other than faded release buttons. The retractors work smoothly and engage when the belt is...
  6. BPalmer96FZJ80

    For Sale  Arizona: '96 gray leather 3rd row seats

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 I have the 3rd row seats that have been in storage since around 2003 when they came out for good. They are in great shape and I mean great shape. Factory gray leather, which is also in great shape. I also have all of the hardware. Asking $400.
  7. D

    Fixing electric seat sliders fj80 fzj80

    Hi guys, I have a videos on how to fix electric seat sliders on a fzj80 & fj80. I hope this helps you save money. There is a playlist in the channel for the fzj80 and more videos to come. A subscribe or a thumbs up are appreciated. Thanks:)
  8. C

    Front seat, half the mechanism isnt working to move seat forward.

    Hello all, I did a little bit of digging and couldn't seem to find anyone that has had the same problem. 2 years ago my driver seat in my fjz80 froze up and I realized it was the gears, so I replaced them. Recently the seat stopped working again. I assumed the gears had just gone bad again...
  9. HoopesRacing

    SOLD  FJ55 Seatbelts - 2

    Two FJ55 seat belts. One of them is cut but the hardware still works great, so an easy fix. Will ship. $20. Orange County, CA. Comment here or text me 9492573630
  10. N

    Wanted  100 Series Interior Parts

    I need the mounting bracket for the 2nd row seats. It's the part goes between the seat and body of the LC. If you have the bolts as well, even better. I'm also looking for tan front seats in at least decent condition. Possibly 2nd row seats if they're in good condition. Plus the interior parts...
  11. Marbleless

    Wanted  FJ60 Rear Seat Set - Complete (any condition)

    I’ve got a project for which I need an FJ60 rear seat donor. Anyone got any?
  12. FJDonny

    For Sale  76 fj40 rear seats wide

    Pair of used wide rear seats out of my 1976 fj40. Frames are solid. Need restoration. You setup and pay shipping. $500.
  13. mudbutt

    SOLD  Houston, TX ISO 100 Series LX/LC Tan color 2nd row rear seat 2001-2007

    **EDIT- FOUND, THANKS!** Guys, i'm searching for a not terrible condition 100 series LX470 / Land Cruiser second row rear seat set in tan leather. Specifically, I need the 01-07 version that features the LATCH aka ISOFIX child seat anchors. Tan color is needed. I'm willing to pick up if nearby...
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  19. L

    New member with J70 questions

    Hello, I’m new so I’d like to preface this by saying that if this is better suited for the import forum just let me know! I’m looking at a LJ70 that I found near me, it’s already registered in my state and a reasonable price which are two big pluses for me. The biggest single hang up is that...
  20. K

    Possibly a new place to get leather seats from?

    Someone posted this on FaceBook & I wanted to share it in case anyone is interested? The pictures of the seats look nice but, I don't know anything else about them.
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