1. FZJFreddy

    Seat cloth pattern/partnumber help needed

    Hey guys, I searched the forum by the best of my abbilties but couldn't find anything related to my question, if there is already information about this please let me know how I can find it :) I am working on getting all parts together to get the interior of my LX450 to where I want it to be...
  2. Stevenmjones144

    80 Series Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    Hey there, Does Anyone have experience with The Corbeau Trailcat seats? I'm about to take my 91 FJ80 from SOCAL to Florida for college. I need something pretty comfortable for that drive, and I want to upgrade due to the state of the current seats. im able to order these online with the...
  3. Chris8760

    For Sale FJ60 drivers bottom seat foam and cover | ATL | $300

    This is a Specter Off Road/SOR seat cushion with original seat cover and newly replaced vinyl bolstering. Piping was removed when repairs were made. Vinyl is heavy duty and perfect match to OEM gray. Chris | ATL | $300
  4. 85x

    SOLD Seattle, WA - Updated Price: 1997 40th Anniversary Seats Renewed by Land Cruiser Haven

    I have the front two seats (driver / passenger) for a 1997 40th Anniversary edition that were professionally renewed with the Land Cruiser Haven kit for sale. These have been installed for about 1 year and driven about 3k miles. Driver seat is just barely starting to get broken in at this...
  5. kengalbraith

    For Sale <Prefix:For Sale> [NM] FJ62 grey seat cloth - 1.5 yards

    Hi All, Have a yard and a half of grey seat cloth from SMS. Took me a year to get it (they are the absolute worst, except the quality is good) and truck is now sold. LMK if you are interested, cost me $250 ish. Can send pics.
  6. Bushane

    Seating the torque converter a750f help

    How many clicks does the converter click in to seat? Mine has seated 3 clicks but doesn't want to mate up to the block like it should, does the converter seat 4 clicks?
  7. Toysicko

    For Sale Whittier Ca.

    For Sale BRAND NEW.. Conferr type REAR forward facing folding bench seat with or without undermount storage compartment. This seat is brand new black vinyl and metal frame bench seat made by Conferr been stored in my garage for 20 years. Very rare aftermarket piece hard to find in New...
  8. StinkyPig

    SOLD 1978 FJ40 Seat pedestals and Center Console

    $150 paypal and free shipping in the lower 48 States
  9. cstav86

    SOLD San Antonio, TX FJ40 Long Jump Seats $500

    FJ40 long jump seats - for a 40 with NO roll bar. These need to be re-upholstered, but are in pretty good shape. Came off a 12/1971 40. One leg looks slightly bent, I have pointed it out in the photos below. $500 Prefer text 210-833-2034 Curtis
  10. S

    SOLD Seat swap kit in WA

    Hello all, I have two Audi S4 seats along with power wire harnesses and seat heater wire harnesses. The seat heater wire harnesses were ordered from Germany and are plug and play. I bought these seats last year for but I've decided to go in a different direction. I fabbed up a seat brackets...
  11. bulldog8934

    80 Series multi-seat recline

    Searched high and low for this. Has anyone tried to mod a US-spec 80 series to make a "lounger mod" like shown here (go to 9mins if link doesnt work): I saw some threads on actual reclining of the rear seats but not much about the fold-down of the front seats.
  12. pif

    Wanted 79-84 FJ40 front left (driver) seat with tracks

    Looking for original front left (driver side for LHD, passenger side for RHD) seat with seat tracks in any working condition. Upholstery will be redone so it's condition doesn't matter. International USPS shipping preferred, but can forward from NJ. Thanks, Dmitry
  13. zombiehugs

    Wanted FJ40 Seat Bolts and Gas Tank Straps

    Looking to purchase the "shouldered" bolts, bushings found on earlier model FJ40s with front driver's and bench seat. Also interested in the gas tank straps. Thanks for looking.
  14. mccaleb77

    SOLD Utah - Con-ferr bench seat

    Local pick-up only - located in Salt Lake City. $275.00 con-ferr rear seat with storage underneath. Surface rust in the storage bottom. Pads are in decent condition but do need new vinyl. I have a Specter cover for it. See photos for details. thanks, Mike
  15. thorkea

    California Front fj40 Seats!

    Looking for a complete pair of Fj40 seats with head rest. don’t mind the condition, they will be redone. Thanks!
  16. nortyshorty70

    70 series interchangeability?

    Just bought a 1990 PZJ70 with next to no experience with cruisers and need a stock seat as the previous owner installed a crappy aftermarket seat that won’t pass rego. I can’t find a wrecking 70 series near me and I’m wondering if the rails and seat from a 75 series or something similar will...
  17. mustcamp

    For Sale Templeton, California Land Rover Discovery II seats

    1999-2004 LR Disco II power seats tan Leather with arm rest. Set are both power with harness. good condition picutes make them look stained they are only dirty. $ 300.00 300.00
  18. MrCWineMan

    FREE Colorado Springs: Black 3rd row seats from a 200 Series.

    Moving, and I'll never put them back in the car - first come first serve.
  19. Paulrotterdam

    ISOFIX Child Seat on the passenger front bench - opinions please!

    In our troopy we currently have two single Scheelmann front seats. It was excellent for our world trip, not so excellent for future camping trips with a baby. We're expecting our first child in January, so I now need to find a safe seating solution. The rear is totally taken up by the camper...
  20. SteveH

    For Sale SOLD! - CO: Price drop - 1979 FJ40 seat belt set FS

    1979 Seat Belt set from an FJ40. I used the passenger belt for many years in my '78 until I got my original ones re-webbed. The driver's belt is frayed, but all other aspects of these belts are excellent, other than faded release buttons. The retractors work smoothly and engage when the belt is...
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