1. V

    Fender Liner Trim/Movement tips?

    Goodmorning GXOR, it's your friendly neighborhood noob asking for advice from many of you experienced experts. I'm planning on staying stock height for a little while since a lift can be a bit of an investment (also the air bags are pretty comfy for day to day) but once my tires wear down I...
  2. B

    35” rubbing

    Hey Guys, I just put 35” KO2’s on my 2011, and am getting some noticeable rubbing, especially when turning right. I took it to my mechanic and he told me that I’m getting some serious rubbing on the sway bar bracket, especially on the driver’s side. He suggested that maybe there is an...
  3. CanadianFlyer

    78 FJ40 tires rubbing on fender

    Hi guys. I just got new wheels and the offset is a little different and sticks out a little. Where ever I hit a bump, I'm touching the fenders. Im on stock suspension and clearly need to do a lift. What would you recommend without breaking the bank? Tires are BF Goodrich A/T 31x10.5x15...
  4. mwm4211

    How much tire rubbing is too much?

    I just had a set of Falken AT3s (275/70/18) installed today after Slee completed a 2" OME lift. The tires feel great but have some rubbing: - Extension piece on the front mud flap. It's a small square piece screwed to the front mud flap-don't know what purpose it serves. I removed this piece...
  5. B

    bfg KO2's 305/65-r18????? rubbing issues? I have searched..

    Has anyone run this size tire? I read and searched through the forum about tire sizes etc im just wondering if this size tire can fit and is it possible to have it be fully offroad capable with this size tire? any modifications to make it work so it doesnt rub? I saw an ebay listing from a...
  6. Murphy

    Tires Rubbing on Steering

    Hi all. Just bought my 40 a couple of months ago. Tires (35s I think) are rubbing when I turn a corner...especially on a right turn where it rubs on the steering components (not sure of the exact name of the part). No power steering and I think it's stock now. I'm wondering what my best...
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