Fender Liner Trim/Movement tips?

Oct 7, 2018
Goodmorning GXOR, it's your friendly neighborhood noob asking for advice from many of you experienced experts.

I'm planning on staying stock height for a little while since a lift can be a bit of an investment (also the air bags are pretty comfy for day to day) but once my tires wear down I do wan't to get some A/T's that are a little beefier. I haven't decided yet, it's still some time away. But in the mean time I'm trying to figure out the best way to trim and play with the fender lining, it's my first time I'll be doing so.

I don't want to just go in blindly with a heat gun and start mashing things and cutting things with a dremel, so any advice or tips would be appreciated. I figure there's enough collective experience on here to get some good advice for the future and anyone else that's looking to do the same with little experience.


03 GX470
Jul 27, 2014
Buena Park, CA.
I guess it really depends on what size tires you plan on running. But best method, is to mount the tires, drive for a couple days, and then see where the rub marks are. This is the best way to note exactly where it's rubbing and then you can use a heat gun and push in those areas.
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