1. L

    2006 LX470 tow settings

    Hi- I've got a 2006 LX470. According to Lexus and the manual this particular vehicle can tow 6,500#. I'm planning on towing a trailer that has a dry weight of 3,700# across the southeast over the next few months. Assuming additional stuff in the trailer/LX plus the weight of passengers in the...
  2. Kamran Khan

    105 Series 1HZ RPM at 120KPH

    105 series 1HZ RPM at a little bit over 120 KPH. Isn't the RPM a little bit on the high side for this speed?
  3. C

    Cruiser has a hard time with OD on inclines

    Hey guys, A brief intro as this is my first post; I recently bought an ‘04 100 series after quite the extensive search. She’s still just a baby at 120,xxx miles and since purchasing her I’ve dumped thousands into baselining her and getting preventative maintenance under control - timing belt...
  4. PanchoLedezma

    Does the 80 series manual says something about RPM? (pictures in the post)

    When i bought my 80, did not had the owners manual... how many RPM should it be. when start up the computer will iddle the car to warm up. what is the hot iddle rpm without and with A/C, pictures below
  5. LostAfrican

    Solved: Drone @ 2400-2800 rpm - frame to body contact

    I recently changed tires on our hundy from Toyo ATIIs to Michelin LTX MS2 to quieten the ride down a bit for some long trips we have coming up, and have discovered that we have a pronounced droning noise at 2500 rpm - which is unfortunately right at our cruising speed of ~ 70 mph. Drone starts...
  6. Pike

    Post Rebuild Engine RPM Drop Question

    Hey Folks! Just put in a rebuilt 1FZ and overhauled the tranny. All is together and running smoothly, however there is a slight drop in RPM's when I let of the gas at 2k RPM or above (under load) and the check engine light flashes. It has stalled from this twice. I'm thinking the belts could be...
  7. Jan Danielsen

    4.2 TD max 2600 rpm?

    Hi. I just buy a HDJ80 with a 1hd-ft engine. Very nice car. It have 557k on the clock. There is one big issue... It will not go over 2600 rpm. I have been testing the wastegat it moves fine and the car pull very fine from the bottom and open to 2600 rpm with a little smoke. With the clutch down...
  8. B

    Failed smog because my idle rpm was too high

    So I took my new FJ62 in to get smogged today and they couldn't perform the test because the rpms idled at 1300. They said it kept shutting their machine down because it was too high. They believed it needed to be around 800 and recommended a specific mechanic (which they're not allowed to...
  9. B

    2002 LC Vibration between 3-4k rpm on accel?

    I have a 2 2002 Lc's one is perfect and the other I been getting a vibration between 3-4k rpm soon as i hit 3k it starts and once above 4k it goes away. it seems to be doing it in 3rd gear. I checked the front and rear drive shafts, they are tight. I did a lock to lock while driving forward and...
  10. RotorHead04

    Cruiser wants to die at idle /low RPM with any load on engine

    I was out with the wife and child running errands when my Cruiser developed a new issue that increased in intensity relatively quick. Truck has been running fine, it just got a "tune up" with new plugs, coil packs, fuel filter, air filter, and cleaned the throttle body. I noticed while parking...
  11. HitTheDirt

    Grinding Noise at High RPM - Transmission or Transfer case?

    After some searching nothing really matches the issue I'm having. I've recently done a full knuckle rebuild with wheel bearings, rotors, calipers and pads. The noise was present before and still exists; basically when I have the truck in gear it starts making this grinding noise whenever I go...
  12. Bodda

    Nothing Works! RPM will not increase above 2000 in D

    A month ago, I took my Cruiser to a mechanic my local off-road club had recommended. He said that the fault was with my neutral safety switch. He pointed out that none of the dash gear indicator lights were working except R and L. He also pointed out that the R and L gears work properly. In 2...
  13. Bodda

    Transmission Range Sensor?

    I can't seem to figure out this problem on my new LC. It's a '94 FZJ80, fuel injection, automatic. While in D, the RPM will not go above 2000. It stops right at 2000; hard ceiling. In P or N, the RPM behaves properly. There is no CEL. I went to a local shop a couple of days ago, and after a...
  14. nmcbride89

    FJ62 Highway RPM

    Hello, noob question for everyone: I have had my 1988 FJ62 for a little over 2 weeks now, so I am still getting a handle on what is normal for these trucks. I noticed that on the interstate traveling at 60 mph, my engine is running at 2000 RPM. This is on flat sections, and the engine just...
  15. J

    1991 3FE sluggish in hot weather

    My cruiser gets sluggish in the heat, especially towards 30 C (90 F). It seems to have a harder time accelerating, even though it runs at the same RPM to maintain speed. Temperature gauge holds steady, too, and all fluid levels appear to be good. I've also noticed it has a harder time...
  16. TexYoung


    I just installed a tachometer in my 73 FJ40 with stock F motor and drive train. 2 questions: 1. Is the stock rearend 4:11 gears? That is what I was told. 2. I am taching at 3500 RPM at 70 MPH. It sounds to me more like it is wound to about 5000 RPM but the tach is showing 3500. Does that...
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