1. C

    Questions about 6BT versions

    Good afternoon everyone, I´m writing you all from Santiago de Chile. I´m Jorge and I´ve bought a 91' FJ80 in december 2018, and this model has inside the 3FE engine. Currently I´m looking for the chance of swapping my FJ80 due to gas price here (I´ll become poor soon) and the most recurrent...
  2. C

    Rear Diff vs 5 speed

    Hey all, I am in CO and I am in the market to buy a 100 series (or Lx equivalent). I am currently torn between an earlier model with rear diff lockers, and a newer model with a 5 speed. I plan to take it off road and up into the mountains, but nothing that requires a lift kit. This will be my...
  3. ERIK95LC

    80 series driveline noise question

    Hi, I have a strange noise that only occurs on the freeway 50mph+ i have checked phasing and u-joints which appear to be fine. heres what happens and only with these conditions - i can be going flat at highway speeds foot on the accelerator and under load. in the seconds when i release my foot...
  4. ERIK95LC

    Taking the 80 to the dunes for the first time.

    hi all, new to the LC and i have a 95fzj80 ome 3.5 front 2.5 heavy kit w/ slee sway bar drop kit, castor correction plates, sitting on kumho road venture at51 size 305/70/16, slee center diff lock installed (no 7pin mod yet) (no front and rear lockers) front bumper with 12k winch also the...
  5. fjfjfj


    Hello you guys, I have a leaking seal below Throttle Linkage on this injection pump pictured where my finger is pointed. The pump is on my 3B. If we pull the injection pump to replace the seal then is it hard to re-time the pump when we put it back in? Somebody mentioned a Key Way and that it...
  6. 4Cruisers

    Distributor Wire Harness from Coil/Igniter - Question on Lengthening

    Quick question on my '76 FJ40 ignition upgrade - I installed the FJ60 coil and igniter in the same location as the FJ40 parts and figured out/reconnected all of the wiring except for the two wires to the distributor. The wires are about 6 inches too short. Is there anything special about these...
  7. landscrambler

    FJ62 - AC Question

    I read through most of the existing threads about AC but couldn't seem to find an answer about this. My question is this: what should the "power" of the fan be coming out of the vents when blowing AC? The air is cold, it just doesn't seem to have any power behind it, even when on the highest...
  8. FJ80Steve

    Quick de smog question

    Ive searched, found, and read everything I can get my hands on about de smogging but there is one thing I'm not exactly clear on... Question is about the three plugs on the driver fender that are vacuum fed. Correct me if I'm wrong but the one closest to the firewall goes to the fuel pressure...
  9. Bulimba

    Intro + Question

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to introduce myself to the elite group of 70 series owners and at the same time ask a couple of questions- Name is Mike, state is Florida - Truck is a 1987 LJ70 turbo Diesel from Italy with a 2L-T engine. (2 tone blue) 139k Kilometers, Left Handed. Only bad thing is...
  10. S

    Drivers side reverse light wiring question

    Can anyone with an FSM (or reverese cam install experience) let me know what wires around the drivers side light housing i should be tapping for reverse light + and - ? Thats where my routing for a rear view camera is so i want to tap it as my power source/trigger. The other option is power...
  11. Berzerker76

    OBA switch wiring question

    I'm hoping one of you electrically inclined types can help me out here. I'm in the process if installing a VIAIR on-board-air system in my rig and thought about adding an electronically controlled purge valve to the system for 5h!ts and giggles. I'm planning to use this momentary switch to...
  12. J

    SR5 Seat question

    Truck is a 1990 extended cab with 22re. I'm looking to replace the front seats with better sr5 buckets. Current ones are the split bench with the little fold-down arm rest. Looks like SR5 seats from trucks 1989-1994 will bolt in. 4Runner seats should fit too? What about 1995 - 2000+ Tacomas...
  13. jdayment

    LX470 Android Head Unit Install Question

    2001 LX470 I have power unit turns on but no sound. My wiring harness has ground wires for the speakers but the vehicle harness has no speaker grounds. Im using the diagram below. Where do i ground the speakers. I do have mark levinson i can turn the am on and off in the head unit. What do i...
  14. firewalker

    Front E-locker will not engage question

    hello all, My front e-locker will not engage. I use them regularly and both axles have always quickly locked and unlocked. A week ago when I turned the lockers off the front would not unlock. I turned off the center diff lock and drove in circles forward and backward until it finally...
  15. W

    O2 sensor sim question

    Anyone have experience with this product. Toyota Land Cruiser O2 Sensor Eliminator MAGNUM EZ CEL FIX Oxygen Sensor Simulator
  16. shanelu97

    New to forum....Suspension / Ride Height Question

    Hi - New to forum and recently acquired a new (to me) 1978 FJ40. I love all classic vehicles but have mostly done cars up to this point (have a 73 vette I have done all of the work on and sold a 57 bel air which I did everything on as well except body work) so the FJ and old rigs are new to me...
  17. B

    +2010 FJ/4runner compatibility question

    Hey guys, I figure someone here will be able to give a quick answer to this... There's a great deal on a Icon stage 5 kit here locally for the +2010 4runner/FJ. All parts in the kit match with the 4th gen 4runner kit except the front coil-overs. What is the difference in the front shocks...
  18. T

    Auxiliary lighting installation question

    As I am about as bad as it gets when it comes to wiring and I'm getting ready to add a new bumper with a light bar and a couple of driving lights. The light bar came with a wiring harness and I will have to add one for the driving lights. I was looking at the slee headlight conversion harness...
  19. c2dfj45

    1963 FJ40 color question for the experts

    Got this 63 40 in from MT today...neat truck. A little more beat up than I usually like but it's complete and it was obviously well used. Trying to ID the original color....maybe Jade Green? I found some areas in the glove box that were unpainted and it looks like the tops of the doors are...
  20. PJ40

    Vacuum advance question

    So I recently lost the timing on my 40, but realigned it, BB lined up and she actually starts stronger than before. Problem I'm having now is when I attach the vaccum advance and hit the throttle she stumbles like a drunk bridesmaid with one heel on. Any advice?
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