1. dodored

    Current Market Values on FJ40s vs Early Ford Broncos

    I have noticed a interesting trend on the pricing of FJ40s vs the early Ford Broncos. Gone are the days of $100k FJ40s except in isolated pockets on the west coast. I bought a relatively rust free running '72 FJ40 for $7500 out of Colorado, and I have seen consistent pricing on solid FJ40s...
  2. C

    For Sale Current Pricing

    I have beenreading threads for a while, but never posted...I figured now is a good time since I am looking for a 40 and prices seem to have mostly gone through the roof! I am wondering if anyone can give me an idea of pricing, or what I can expect in price ranges. I see everything from...
  3. L

    Parting Out Help with pricing parts

    Hi, I'm working on my project, I now have extra parts and I need the room and money to continue. The problem that I have is setting a fair price. I'm new at this and don't have enough reference to do it. Is there anyone that can help me pricing. I can post fotos of everything. Thanks
  4. MRT Motorsports

    KING Shocks! Best Pricing - 50 Popular Sets In Stock - IH8Mud Specials

    is now available at MRT Motorsports INFO@MRTMOTORSPORTS.NET MRT is your source for all the equipment you need to get back out into the wild. From Suspension, to Storage Solutions, GPS/Communications, Lighting, Remote Power, Tires/Wheels, Armor, Camping Gear we have the tools for your...
  5. TrailBum

    1997 LX450 Pricing Advice!

    Fellow Mudders, I am looking at joining the ranks of the 80 world and was hoping to get some pricing advice regarding a cruiser I stumbled across. It is by far one of the most comprehensive 80 series builds I have come across, and already has the majority of the big ticket maintenance items...
  6. ridgeback rig

    Help pricing FJ80?

    My mom has a 1993 FJ80 that she drives daily. Unfortunately repairs and maintenance are becoming really difficult for her to afford so she's thinking about selling it. How can we come up with a fair price? Where should we advertise? Any other advice about selling an 80s series? We live near...
  7. BookerNoe

    Advice on 2008 LC Pricing - 165k

    Guys you were instrumental in me buying my first LC this year. Full disclosure I LOVE it. More than any vehicle ever. Hands down. That said, I realize I could probably own a boat that I would love too if I downsized to a 100 Series. If you recall mine has 165k on it and was immaculate...
  8. erose54

    Quick Question about Parts

    Hello All Has anyone used this vendor before? Toyota Parts - OEM Toyota Parts Thoughts or experience? I need to order the following for my wife's FJ80 Louver Sub-assy, Qua Part Number: 6290560020 Louver Sub-assy, Qua Part Number: 6290660020 Mudguard Sub-assy, F Part Number: 7660460021...
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