1. C

    Wanted  8" High Pinion E-Locker wanted - FZJ80/FJ80 & LX450

    I'm searching for an 8" High Pinion E-Locker diff or maybe even an open diff high pinion, from a 93-97 FZJ80/FJ80, or 96-97 Lexus LX450. Anyone?
  2. dudenhoeffer

    Yukon Grizzly 3rd member bearing fail / replacement

    Purchased a Yukon Zip Locker 3rd member from Marlin in Dec 2017 - Installed it and all was great for a while. I don't drive the my cruiser very much... and recently, with less than 5k miles on the 3rd member, a howling started to emit from the rear end and got worse very rapidly. I jacked it up...
  3. B1oodyBuzzard

    Wanted  REAR 10x37 Third Member

    I'm in need of a third member for my 1980 FJ40. My current gear is 10x37. below is the thread from the 40 page I made. I am located in south Mississippi but I have friends all over so I may be able to arrange local pick up otherwise I will need to ship. I would also love an inspection cover...
  4. I

    Pinion bearing failure?

    So I bought a fj60 at the start of the summer and as expected it had been previously neglected and a laundry list of repairs needed, after replacing master cylinder, front calipers and pads, wheel bearings, rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders, rebuilding knuckles and birfield, thoroughly...
  5. AaKnight

    Does this Pinion Flange look right to you?

    I admit I don't know much about differentials, and I'm chasing down a Driveline vibration. Was hoping someone more knowledgeable could watch the and tell me if this is where my problem is, or if this appears normal. symptoms are growling on deceleration, almost like a lawn mower. After the...
  6. I

    Pinion noise/ bearing preload Pini

    I've had this humming noise on the highway, it starts around 25mph and just gets louder as I go faster. I just rebuilt the steering knuckles, so I know it's not a wheel bearing, at least in the front. It doesn't seem to make any more or less noise going around corners. I just removed the rear...
  7. Bardiya

    Got diff vibration and whine? Spoiler: it’s your pinion gear

    01’ FZJ100 4.30 Ratio Rear Diff 320,000Km Shop says it’s happened because of an outer axle bearing ‍failure
  8. JoostJacobs

    BJ73 Pinion bearing

    Hi guys, Does anybody can tell me the Size of the inner and outer pinion bearing and oil seal of a bj73 fullfloater rear diff? Thnx a lot for your help! Grz from holland
  9. majmetro

    Pinion slope

    I have a '99 LX470 with 215K miles where I've converted the hydraulic ride system using a Strutmasters conversion kit. Did this conversion in the fall of 2014 (very improved ride). Most all my driving is highway with an occasional pulling my utility trailer or trailered drift boat. This last...
  10. 4x4 More

    SOLD  NIB parts for replacing the front gears (4.10) in a '93 FJ80

    After years of surfing this site as a guest, I finally joined. . . . I have a complete set of NIB parts from for replacing the front gears (4.10) in my 1993 FJ80 (with front e-locker). I bought the parts a while back, but I didn’t end up needing them. I could use the cash...
  11. 84runner

    For Sale  80 ring and pinion stock - r&p fzj80 lx450 Central Coast CA

    Moved up to 5.29 r&p on my 96 lx450 with about 210k miles. I had bought the rig from an elderly couple that were the original owners, and it was in stock condition when bought. So most likely "easy" miles. $40 each set plus shipping or make me an offer Arroyo Grande, CA
  12. Howardkats

    Locker and New Ring & Pinion install

    To ih8mud members in Utah: I need a referral for getting my new lockers and ring & pinion installed in my FJZ80 3rds. Can anyone recommend someone that does a great job for a fair price? I can take the 3rd anywhere along the Wasatch front. Thanks in advance.
  13. Box Rocket

    Pinion Bearing wobble

    Last night while doing all my Pre-Cruise Moab checks on my truck I noticed a very slight amount of up/down movement at the pinion flange on my front diff. The diff has 4.88 Nitro gears and install kits from @justdifferentials that were installed just last summer, so I'm a little surprised to...
  14. Matt1260

    For Sale  FJ40 Differential Complete Rebuild Kit

    These are still new in the box. Thought I'd need them but the diff turned out to be fine. DIFFERENTIAL OVERHAUL KIT FJ40/55/60, F&R applications, 45mm carrier bearing Toyota Land Cruiser 9.5″ 4.10 Ring & Pinion by NITRO Toyota Land Cruiser 9.5" 4.10 Ring & Pinion by NITRO Purchased for $400...
  15. dugsgms

    pinion angles

    This might be old news but after installing a OME 850s and 860s with no caster correction I decided to measure the driveshaft and pinion flange angles to check u-joint alignment. It seems those Toyota engineers knew what they were doing, even raised 3 inches the u-joints maintain nearly perfect...
  16. BullElk

    Front diff or rack and pinion bushing?? pics

    Would this worn rubber bushing have anything to do with rack and pinion? or is it only holding front diff? I'm trying to diagnosis skid control coming on like it did before replacing rack and pinion.
  17. X

    Ring paint/ pinion

    I just got my differential back. Before I put it in I noticed that there was no paint on the ring. Should I be worried? I always thought that the paint on the ring was used to show that the pinion was running centered on the ring. There is no paint to show where it is running. Should I be...
  18. Goobmeister

    Rear Pinion Seal Leak

    Hello everyone, as you can see fro the title my rear pinion seal is leaking. Oil is running out where the drive shaft connects to the diff and its no small amount, but not to where I cant keep the level up. I have been searching the forums for ways to fix it and there are two drastically...
  19. L

    Wanted to buy: 4 pinion front diff.

    Looking to purchase, thanks!
  20. toyofan

    ring & pinion replacement - local shop ?

    So I managed to break my front axle ring and pinion (more info in the link) REAL TIME help , something snaped and out of town I have already contacted ZUK (great guy !!!), but I am wondering if there is a shop in the DFW area that you would recommend for the task ? I'll be removing the third...
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