1. Dustin Messina

    Fj55 Fenders For Sale SOLID

    Two pig fenders for sake. Passenger side is 100% solid no patches super hard to find. Missing up fender but I may have one that can go with it. Drivers side fender is straight, but has patches etc. Asking 350 obo on passenger side and 200 on drivers. Located in Brandon MS. Prefer pickup...
  2. Nottajeep

    The IronPig UJ-55

    As discussed, I am starting a thread so we can get this thing back out of the pig pen. Bought this truck in 2015 from Zack Penny based on word of mouth from Mike Blake. Truck was built and had some electric bugs to work out. As a matter of fact, it blew a fuse and died on my test drive at BP...
  3. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  SOLD: Craigslist (Mine!) FJ55 Body Parts - Boise, Idaho

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Craigslist Link: FJ55 Landcruiser Body Parts Hey folks. I purchased this blasted 'n primed body from local knucklehead @J Mack - he had already grabbed the rear quarter panels. I've decided I'm certainly keeping the roof and some floor sections, but I have a lot of goodies I'd...
  4. cruiserjunktion

    Pig Party 2018 T shirt Sale

    Although the design hasn’t been 100% finialized, I’m now taking orders for Pig Party ‘18 shirts. You do not need to attend the event to buy a shirt. Shirts are $10 each delivered to the event or $15 each + $3 shipping to those who would like a shirt(s) mailed to them. I will leave this poll...
  5. nvrlose54

    Luck of the pig

    Here is the tale of two pigs, well three really... I've always been a fan of the 40s but could never land the right deal, so I decided to sale my Polaris rzr, bite the bullet and buy a nice complete 40. Plenty of tire kickers emerged but no sale, fast forward to Christmas eve. While talking to...
  6. fjfjfj

    Will these tires fit a stock 1978 pig?

    32x11.50x15 BFG / ALL TERRAIN T/A KO? Will these fit on a stock 1978 FJ55 WITHOUT rubbing? Using the STOCK STEEL WHEELS AND CAPS. Thanks for any info. Dave
  7. C

    For Sale  Craigslist - 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 55 - Not Mine

    Not Mine. Came up via Craigslist search for "FJ" I'm not too familiar with 55 pricing but this seems like a deal... maybe too good to be true. I don't think this is in Charleston either, but I haven't reached out since I'm not seriously in the market for a 55. Asking $16,500. 1972 Toyota...
  8. billstoudt

    Mitsubishi Leaf Springs on a Pig ???

    So i was cleaning out my engine bay getting the frame ready for doing some welding and i noticed one of my leaf springs had a diamond logo on it. upon closer inspection i found that there were 3 in a manner that looks strikingly similar to the Mitsubishi logo. if this is something well know my...
  9. wngrog

    Pig Specific Desmog and Charcoal Canister

    Lots of threads out there about desmog but I can not find my specific question with a title search. I'm sure it's covered but buried in other threads. If so please link here to help people searching :) My question. I've removed the smog garbage from the 1977 2F in my Parts-O-Pig project...
  10. gorgor

    Wanted  Any year Pig

    Looking for any year Pig. Not lloking for a show pony, but something drivable that I can make into my vision over time. Would prefer 2f/4spd, but who wouldn't! I'm north of Boston, but will ship from anywhere. Thanks!
  11. Glennmerkel

    Parting Out  1978 Pig

    I'll be parting this one out fellas. I had hopes it might have some good stuff under the hood with the year of the truck but it doesn't. The guy didn't want to take anymore photos and I didn't want to ask if it had ac or power steering and suddenly the truck is worth $5K. It was a 2 hr drive so...
  12. wngrog

    Builds  The Warthog - 1977/73 combo

    The project formerly knows as Parts-o-Pig I bought a 1977 Pig that has been sitting up in a barn since 2006. The PO bought it from a guy that was paying someone to "restore" it and had taken all of the body parts off and was about to start on the main body when he gave up on the project...
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