1. wngrog

    Builds  Weenie 3 - Bringing another 40 back from the dead

    Rustic Green 40's are stacking up around here in Mississippi. 3 in my group of friends alone, hence the "3" in the name. Green Weenie 3, aka Weenie 3..... Backstory: This 40 was bought new in Louisiana in 1974 and lived a hard life on a farm, I have a mound of registration papers stretching...
  2. seth

    Patina Appreciation: Show Us Your Rusty Land Cruiser!

    Here's mine! mid-1964 FJ40 FST was an Ohio duck hunting truck. Now running in Los Angeles! -Seth
  3. ClemsonCruiser

    Wanted  Outside mirror and arm in spring green "patina"

    I've got a bit of an odd request but I'm looking for a Spring green outside rectangle mirror and arm to complete my "patina" 45 If you've go something you think might work please post up. Thanks JP Need something to match this
  4. GRM

    Builds  Project Beach Cruiser | The 1971 FJ40 Patina RestoMod

    Project Beach Cruiser | The 1971 FJ40 Patina RestoMod I have always enjoyed driving from my house in Irvine down to Newport Beach for Saturday morning coffee. I usually drive my old '86 Toyota, but it doesn't seem to fit. I want a convertible classic. Since I'm a huge Toyota guy, the only...
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