1. havlov

    FJ60's build with a Cummins Conversion - Whats the fair price?

    1985, FJ60, CUMMINS 4BT TURBO DIESEL 5-SPEED 4X4 PS PB SOA AXLES CHROMOLY ADDITIONAL VEHICLE DETAILS *4-cylinder Cummins 4BT turbo diesel engine - 10k miles on Cummins *5-speed NV4500 manual transmission *4x4 *Power steering *Power brakes *Disc brakes *SOA axle conversion with cut-and-turn...
  2. ArthurFJ

    Builds  My R2.8 Cummins FJ40 (RJ40) daily driver build

    I just purchased a 1975 FJ40 roller. I'm building it into a daily driver primarily. I have zero experience but I'm working with a guy who has a ton of restoration experience with older 2WD cars. Plan right now is a R2.8 Cummins with an NV4500 tranny.
  3. ArthurFJ


  4. lucky 13

    For Sale  AA Flywheel & clutch kit for LS/gen 3 series

    For sale new never installed Advanced Adapter flywheel and clutch kit 712500M. https://www.advanceadapters.com/products/712500m--flywheel-and-luk-clutch-kit-for-ls-series--gen-3-engines/ Made to adapt an LS/3 Gen series to manual transmissions (M21/M22, SM420, SM465, NV4500). I bought it with...
  5. CruiserWeight

    For Sale  NV4500 Splitcase combo

  6. Hojack

    Builds  Project Snowball❄️ 85 FJ60 4BT Cummins/ NV4500/ SOA/OVERLAND/ Crater Lake Property

    PROJECT SNOWBALL❄ 4BT/SOA OVERLAND BUILD https://youtu.be/cXqrr717LUM January 10th, 2018 Fellow FJ60 Cummins diesel enthusiasts. I've followed IH8MUD for a couple years dreaming of one day beginning a diesel conversion in my 85 Landcruiser. I've been searching long and hard for a suitable...
  7. Will Van

    Questions: FJ60 6BT Cummins NV4500

    Hey Mud! Although I'm new to the forum, I'm a longtime lurker and Toyota truck enthusiast! I've been cruising the Classifieds, Craigslist, Autotrader, etc. for a rust-free FJ60 to do a 6BT/NV4500 swap into. I just have a couple of questions. 1. Is a SOA required to fit the 6BT? - All of the...
  8. WindRiverCruiser

    For Sale  New Nv4500 & NewAtlas T/C

    All Items are brand new. Never used. Nv4500 29 spline diesel 5speed. Atlas 2 speed rt hand drop. 3:0:1 1350 yokes. 23 spline but also have new 29 shaft w seal and o-ring. t-case come w universal shifter. $3500. Also have adaptor to mate to SD33 for all you Scout or Patrol guys.
  9. jesus888

    NV4500 / Chevy 350 / Clutch issues - Can't shift into/out of gear

    Hey fellas, I'll first give the rundown on the specs and then I'll explain the problem... Specs: 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Chevy 350 (Crate motor from ~1999) NV4500 (Early version with granny low) Unknown Clutch (probably installed 58K miles ago when drivetrain was updated) Clutch Master /...

    Family Rig: another 6BT, NV4500 swap

    So I am starting out with an 1995 FZJ80, that supposedly lost an timing chain and ruined the motor, that I got for $1000 and a 1994 Dodge 2500 6BT, NV4500, 4x4, that has a bad rear main seal leak and a bad throw out bearing, that I got for $2,000. The plan is to make an tough, reliable, family...
  11. J

    Manual swap on an 80. Opinion on performance needed!!!

    So no hope on getting an H151 in the US without unplugging the bank. So I'm left with three choices: R151f (from 4runner or tacoma) RA60f (from FJ Cruiser or newer tacoma) NV3550 or AX15 ( Jeeps) Let's assume that I have the bellhousing and transfercase adapter figured out (not yet but just...
  12. spongejosh

    Wanted  Advance Adapters 712579

    I need an Advance Adapters kit 712579. It's the Dodge NV4500HD to Landcruiser 6 cyl (2f) kit. I called AA and they no longer make the kit. If you have one sitting around I'd love to put some money in your pocket! I would still be interested if you only had the adapter plate, I'm sure I...
  13. Dirty Koala

    80 Series - 6BT + NV4500 + HF2AV Swap

    I have been documenting my build and Cummins 6BT swap in the 80 series tech section. For those of you that want to see another swap, here is the link to my thread. I am currently very close to being able to fire her up for the 1st time. Dirty Koala - Cummins 6BT + NV4500 + HF2AV Swap
  14. A

    V8 conversation help

    I have 1968 fj40. I am still a newbie with FJ's but I've done my research and decided on doing a LS swap with a NV4500 5speed swap. I still have a few questions though. What modifications need to be done to drive shafts with the NV4500? I've been told that a split case for the transfer case is...
  15. 64Rotorhead

    Builds  1973 FJ 40 Build,Vortec,NV4500,Atlas,Diamond

    Well hear I go! Had to build the shop first, it's done, so this marks day 1 of the FJ being rolled in to the shop. Some minor disassembly started! It'll take a while. Build plan: Vortec, NV4500, Atlas2, 37's", 4.56, Diamond front and centered rear- wider 60 or 80 width. To be decided: SOA or links.
  16. ravenholm

    OM606.692 Turbodiesel into FJ40 (SBC Swap)

    OM606TD with NV4500/Orion into a 1969ish FJ40 Hi! I've been working on an interesting swap. I haven't documented it thus far becuase my time limited and there is a deadline on the rig being running. However, I wanted to get the bullet points down and post them in case anyone else is pursueing a...
  17. jesus888

    NEW FJ Owner - Long Trip Advice... (Lots of pictures)

    So... I'm a recent FJ40 owner, and come from the Classic Bronco world... Just a little history... my good friend and I built a 69 Bronco from the ground up and threw every option we possibly could at it... including a fuel injected 302, nv3550, disc brakes, hydroboost, power steering/brakes...
  18. Elfman

    3spd NV4500 swap

    Swapping my old 69 3spd for a NV4500 from a '93 Chev 2500 4x4.Seller is also offering GM T-case.(NP208?) My FJ40 currently has Gen 1 SBC adapted to TLC 3 spd and T-case. I found a NV4500 for a song and I'm going to jump on it. I will be adapting the NV4500 to the TLC T-case via AA kit...
  19. Dirty Koala

    Builds  Dirty Koala Build - Cummins 6BT + NV4500 + HF2AV Swap

    Build Progress Index: Basic Maintenance Welded body trim & flare holes Dual Battery Isolator - Hellroaring Welded Roofrack holes & Installed ARB Bumper Sound Deadener Install Dual Battery Control & Monitor Installed New Carpet New Leather Installed Part-Time Transfer Case Body Prep for...
  20. cruisermatt

    Builds  Cruisermatt's FJ62 Build-up

    UPDATE December 2018 Current Build 2005 L33 5.3-liter V8 Engine Dodge NV4500 Dodge NP203 Doubler 87 FJ60 splitcase (38mm idler + manual shift) FZJ80 rear axle F/R lockers SOA with rears up front, shackle reversal, and Chevy rear springs Custom armor all around Subaru Seats Dual Batteries Lots...
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