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  1. MoggyCruiser

    Opening rear doors of FZJ80 when handles are not working

    Opening rear door on FZJ80 when exterior and interior handles are not working. Tools needed for this task: Panel pry tools, though 1” putty knife will suffice 2 feet of 1/4” round rod, available at any home repair store Lower window and wedge a gap between exterior window seal and window. You...
  2. K

    Touch Screen Navigation Radio Help?

    I know this isn't LC or LX but, maybe someone here has had a similar issue because the radio looks like the radio in the 2006-2007 LX470? My college son's radio is not working on his Lexus 2010 ES350 with touch screen navigation and amplifier 86280-33170. The touchscreen is working fine...
  3. N

    LC200 Fridge not working

    The fridge in my 2009 LC200 is no longer working. If I turn it on I here a sound like a relay being activated and I feel some cold against the plastic towards the front like the coil is getting cooled but I feel no air blowing. I suspect it's probably the blower motor just not blowing any air...
  4. labcab

    Hatch brake lights not working

    I've been troubleshooting my trailer wiring and noticed that the brake lights on the hatch don't light up. Outer brake lights and the high center/3rd light work fine, but the signal isn't getting to the hatch lights. I pulled one and it lit up fine when I applied 12 volts to the harness. I...
  5. F

    Help Can't get Techstream to function

    Another member bought his cable here and got it to work: New Mini VCI J2534 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Code Reader for Lexus Toyota Techstream | eBay I've got a 2003 LX470 so after reading that seller's info(mine is older than the other members) bought the other cable with K-line support(whatever...
  6. cabrito1970

    License plate lights and dome lights not working

    Can someone with more neurons than me walk me through to figure out how to trouble shoot license plate and dome lights not working?? My blinkers, parking and reverse lights work.
  7. RyRoRyan

    EGR 401 error, VSV is new, but still not working

    I have a new to me LX450. Had a 401 when I got it. The PO just changed out the VSV thinking that might be the cause. With it being out and exposed now, it helped me diagnose a little bit. EGR works fine if I draw vacuum on it directly (engine stalls). I ohm the VSV and get ~36 which is...
  8. Cruiser804

    Seat Belt Adjuster not working

    I removed all my seat belts to have the retractors rebuilt. For the front you have to lift up the mechanism used to adjust the height of the seat belt on the pillar. Now the adjusters aren't working. I figured out how they work but seems like I am missing a piece. So the white bar with the...
  9. 60Man

    If the ac is not working do you need the belt?

    Okay, so I hope this is a quick one. I am replaceing the belt on my fj60, and the ac is not working, but is spinning freely. I am not looking to fix the ac, so do i need to have the belt? Thank you.
  10. jonarnar

    Power window master switch not working - can't close window

    Hi, the power window switch panel on the driver side has stopped working on my 2001 Cruiser. And to make things worse, the driver window was down and I cannot close it. None of the switches work, can't control any window, the central locking system or switch to disable window control. All other...
  11. nickinportland

    91 FJ80 Tachometer Not Working

    Hi- My tachometer on my 91 FJ80 has not worked since I have purchased this vehicle and I would like some tips on what I should be checking to make sure everything is properly wired/plugged in before I replace the whole unit. I believe I should check the connection at the distributor first but...
  12. I

    A/C not working 2000 Land Cruiser

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on my problem. I have searched on google and not come up with anything spot on. It has been warm in the Chicagoland area lately, crazy for February, and yesterday after listening to the wife complain I turned on the a/c. Well, no cold air. Got home and...
  13. P

    advice for speedo not working thx

    Had my 9/1975 stock drivetrain fj40 tranny and TC rebuilt. Upon receipt of vehicle the speedo worked erratically for a short period before giving up the ghost. I had tech put in brand new speedo gear (same # of teeth that was removed...18). New speedo worked for maybe 30 miles normally. Then...
  14. KYLandy

    Side Mirrors Not Working

    I have already searched the forum: =26']Search Results for Query: side mirror fuse | IH8MUD Forum but could not find a solution. I only have a 2004 FSM and it seems to be different as to fuse locations, circuits and names. In case it doesn't show up in my signature, this is a 2006 LC. I'm not...
  15. S

    blinkers and hazards not working

    I am just about finished with my 9/70 and cannot get the blinkers or hazards to work. The flasher has power to it but the blinker switch does not. Also when I pull the e-brake lever, the "brakes" light comes on. How does the turn signal switch get its power? I thought power came from...
  16. divemedic

    Rear wiper not working

    So it was working fine, then after spraying the salt of the truck yesterday it stopped. The washer nozzle functions fine. advice?
  17. Scottbonnar

    hzj80 aircon randomly cuts out

    Hi all, Ive got a diesel hzj80. aircon wasnt working recently until i had the relay replaced and regassed. Works awesome around town but did a long drive not too long ago and the compressor randomly cuts out. Engine doesnt get hot. I read somewhere that my tx valve might need changing? anyone...
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