1. B

    200k Maintenance - Dealer Hosing Me?

    2001 100 series - brought the cruiser in because my rear quarter window spontaneously shattered... Had them do an inspection while it was in there... Need advice on reasonability here... I don't know what's really necessary to complete aside from brakes. Original Estimate: $529.90 $465...
  2. mgsmith125

    slight whine when turning (power steering)

    2006 Land Cruiser 110K miles I had my timing belt / water pump / serp belt / tensioners , seals, etc. done today. I drain and filled my power steering fluid on October 31st. I noticed when pulling into a parking deck earlier that when I turned my vehicle there was a faint whine noise. It is...
  3. mgsmith125

    New Owner DIY Questions (2006 LC with 110K miles)

    Hey All, I just bought a 2006 Land Cruiser with about 110K miles on it. The maintenance records were pretty good with no major issues as far as I saw. I deleted the ACH myself and replaced with 1.5" OME medium kit, new 33" Goodyear wrangler Trailrunners, brake pads, rotors. I have a couple...
  4. DirtNap

    Maintenance Schedule Table - 200 series

    Hey all, Last week I put together the attached spreadsheet to help me take a look at the service recommendations in one place. I just copied all of the service & "inspect" text from an online copy of the manual, then did some formatting to make it easier (for me at least) to see it visually. The...
  5. mrahc

    Land Cruiser Mechanic/Shop

    Hey everyone, new 100 owner here. Looking to start base-lining maintenance on my truck and looking for advice on a Cruiser friendly shop/mechanic in the South Coast MA area (willing to travel a bit more if it's worth it). I plan on doing as much as I can myself (within reason), but I'm no...
  6. shack

    Rust Converter

    I read somewhere else recently about this stuff and wanted to see if any of you have had any experience with it. Rust Converter Gallon I was thinking about buying a gallon, applying it by brush to many areas under my truck. Seems straightforward just looking for any user feedback. Thanks!
  7. 60wgnadvntrs

    Parts and Service Advice

    I live in Boise Idaho, and I am getting ready to give my 88' FJ62 w/ 213k miles some tender loving care -front axle rebuild, shocks, brakes -transmission fluid change and a new filter (shifts rough into 2, sometimes takes forever to shift into 3rd) -checking out a leak from the transfer case as...
  8. E

    Baseline Maintenance Question?

    I am purchasing a 2003 LX470 with 116k miles. I will pick up the vehicle next week. Please tell me what items I should replace, change, inspect for wear, etc. to get it ready for its new home. I know the timing belt was replaced at 90k miles, and I assume the water pump at the same time...
  9. B10Resto

    New FJ60 Owner, seeking advice

    Hey Mudders, I recently purchased a beautiful '81 FJ60, and after quite a bit of research, I have a few questions on what should be done initially, as I will not have a service record for the car. I am planning on replacing the fluids as soon as the truck arrives, rebuilding knuckles, and...
  10. Quantumq80

    I bought a cheap land cruiser 100 series (laughs)

    Hello dears! First off, sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum to post in. I'm from Kuwait, and here the land cruiser has legendary status and loved by everyone, so resale value is skyhigh and parts are abundant everywhere you look. I recently bought a land cruiser 100 series gxr1 the...
  11. Frkens

    Electronic maintenance schedule for free

    Hi guys, So I used to work in the navy where I did all maintenance according to schedules, and it worked pretty great. So as nerdy as can be, I copied the FSM maintenance schedules into a Google Sheet document. Here's a direct link to it. Check it out and see if it's something that you can use...
  12. 92RedToy

    ATF maintenance to a 2011 FJ Cruiser

    My FJ is a 2011, its about to hit 110K miles. It still runs like new and I want to keep it running that way. I want to change the ATF fluid but there isn't a dipstick to the transmission and I read according to Toyota these transmissions are sealed transmissions. I'm also seeing a lot of people...
  13. BW200

    New 200 - free ToyotaCare maintenance...opinions??

    Hey everyone, I'm new around here. I just upgraded my trusty old '01 Tundra to a new 2017 Cruiser a couple of months ago. After many years of wanting one I finally took the plunge! So I decided what better way to get into the fun of off-roading it than to find a group of like-minded souls...
  14. V

    idle jumping after maintenance

    Overdue for state inspection and was getting P0401 EGR insuf.. Pulled the 3 throttle body cables by only turning the nuts just enough to be able to slip them off the bracket. Pulled the upper intake manifold Replaced the VSV solenoid Replaced the EGR actuator/solenoid (blue) Replaced the...
  15. Stylo07

    For Sale 2006 with 72k miles and extensive maintenance in KC, MO

    Up for sale is my beloved 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser (UZJ100). Below you will find a high-level overview. Overview: I'm the third owner, and bought it with 56k miles over a year-and-a-half ago after a very-time consuming, months-long search. Daily, I would scour,
  16. G

    Additional preventative maintenance @ 45k service

    Hi all. I will be scheduling my 45k lx570 service shortly @ my nearest dealer. On a whim, I traded my 14 LC on a 14 LX CPO with 19k at the end of '15. Both have been great, and I currently plan to keep the LX for a while... that being said, can I get your opinions on preventative maintenance...
  17. C

    Best Mods for Prolonged Life?

    Hi all, I just registered recently, this community has an amazing amount of information, I'm seriously jealous of all the knowledge. I have a long way to go, never really modded cars at all, but hoping to get my feet wet soon. I just bought a 2005 GX 470 w/KDSS and 135k miles that I would like...
  18. Malleus

    Engine bay maintenance

    I have a spring cleaning project for the '95 in the planning stage. Four items on the list want community input: 1. Need a replacement under hood insulation pad (Mr. T's p/n 53341 60100, Insulator, Hood); recommendations, other than OEM? 2. Total length of OEM vacuum hose for the entire...
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