1. LX Cruiser

    Allow myself to introduce...myself

    Been a Toyota guy for around 5-6 years. Started with a 4Runner. Now in a Tundra. Just picked up a very clean 2009 LX for my wife. 149k miles. I'm probably going to spend a bunch of preventative maintenance money on this thing...I'll be inspecting diffs and TC fluid, power steering, radiator...
  2. YSackett

    Intro to Mud - First Time Owner - Recommended Maintenance and/or Upgrades?

    Hello all - first time to post, have been reading up and educating myself after purchasing my first LC a few weeks back. Appreciate all the great info! I bought a 2000 Cruiser that currently sits at 255k miles and appears to be in outstanding condition. Below is the list of maintenance and...
  3. pattay

    Question after getting full maintenance history

    I was finally able to get the full maintenance history from the previous owner. Vehicle has 90k. Maintenance schedule looks normal. At 87k: Brake fluid replaced Power steering replaced Alternator belt replaced Battery replaced TSB for the 8-speed was applied Front and back pads were replaced...
  4. AsteroidLloyd

    FJ62 Cooling and Preventative Maintenance Advice.

    As it starts to warm up in Canada, the truck is coming out of hibernation. I have the radiator out at the moment, as it's constantly leaking - will get it reconditioned at a local rad shop In the next few days. My question is while it is out, what are some of the other maintenance items...
  5. Malleus

    FSM FZJ80 recommended maintenance procedures 1

    extract from LandCruiser FSM, maintenance section, ppg MA-1 thru MA-17: Maintenance schedule (MA-1 thru MA-4) Preparation (MA-5) Maintenance operations (MA-6 thru MA-14) General maintenance (MA-15 thru MA-16) Service specifications (MA-17) this was downloaded from TIS, prior to the removal for...
  6. C

    2010 LX570 Whine/groan noise at idle when warmed up.

    Hi guys, Driving home the other day I got out to open the gate where I’m staying and noticed an unusual whining noise. Please have a listen to the video at the bottom of the post and let me know what you think. It’s a sustained noise that only appeared after I started up and drove around this...
  7. gringochepe

    47k miles 2007 lx 470

    Hey guys I just picked this up. I’m new to the thread so, hello! i got it exactly how it looks in the picture. I’m sure it has been sitting for long stretches of time because of the low miles. I’m wondering what I need to do for a good reset. If someone can drop your two cents or link another...
  8. D

    97 4Runner With Needed Help In All Areas

    Hello! I have recently picked up a 97 3.4 4Runner and have many things I plan to work on. First off I had misfires in 1,3 and 5 but was fixed by replacing the Ignition Coils (which I was very surprised how nice and easy it was). Next on the list to replace is one I am not very excited about and...
  9. M

    Land cruiser general maintenance?

    Hey everyone. I just hit a year of owning my land cruiser and I just wanted to hear what you guys would recommend for some maintenance. I’ll give a list of what I’ve done At 92,000 kilometers: Water pump, timing belt, new thermostat, steering knuckles, radiator flush, new suspension. Shop...
  10. BigMF

    Is the "Brake Pads Hardware Kit" necessary?

    All, about to replace the rotors and pads in the rear of my 2011 LX with OEM. I've ordered the rotors, pads as well as the "Brake Pads Hardware Kit" (04948-60040) also called "Fitting Kit". My supplier ( has the rotors and pads in stock but the hardware kit is back-ordered...
  11. O

    1998 UZJ100 Maintenance Schedule

    Hi folks! Just got my 1998 TLC 2UZ-FE. Unfortunately, It didn't come with a maintenance schedule booklet. Can someone please send me a link where I could find the maintenance schedule? Tried searching the forums already. Cheers!
  12. B

    leaking fluid question

    Hey all, I was crawling under my 2005 470 today and noticed what appears to be leaking brake fluid at the coupler (is that the right word for what's in the pic) sort of behind the drivers side front wheel. Ive noticed zero difference in braking since I first got it. Id like to know if anyone...
  13. mdbadger

    Bought 2001 LC with 237k, what maintenance to do?

    Hi All, Thanks in advance for your help. I just bought a 2001 LC with 220k miles (got a great deal). 1-owner and was meticulously taken care of. What preventative maintenance should I do right away or get checked out? Was thinking timing belt and brakes, but wasn't sure what else to prioritize...
  14. Alexholl2015

    Maintenance: SPC Adjustable UCAs, Inner & Outer Tie Rods, both Axles, Front Sway Links and Diff Drop X-member

    Hi All, Putting in some good TLC on the 2007 LC w/ 3" OME lift. It's 256k miles strong and in great working condition. Purchased back in Feb 2020 and I'd feel better knowing I installed the following. Just lining up my notes for each. My question is, given install, would you do the same in...
  15. M

    1974 FJ40 - Fuel pump problem

    Folks 1974 FJ40 - Fuel pump is not working. Things that have been checked and are okay: Spark plugs Coil Points Carb Fuel is not filling up the filter close to fuel pump. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Minnie
  16. liftinghvy

    For Sale Longmont, CO ‘04 LC100

    Hi all, found this 2004 LC100 in green for sale out of Denver area. I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post, but I’m highly interested in this rig for daily commute/weekend warrior. Carfax has a long history of proper care as well as recent(in the last year/10k Miles) items knocked off...
  17. B

    200k Maintenance - Dealer Hosing Me?

    2001 100 series - brought the cruiser in because my rear quarter window spontaneously shattered... Had them do an inspection while it was in there... Need advice on reasonability here... I don't know what's really necessary to complete aside from brakes. Original Estimate: $529.90 $465...
  18. mgsmith125

    slight whine when turning (power steering)

    2006 Land Cruiser 110K miles I had my timing belt / water pump / serp belt / tensioners , seals, etc. done today. I drain and filled my power steering fluid on October 31st. I noticed when pulling into a parking deck earlier that when I turned my vehicle there was a faint whine noise. It is...
  19. mgsmith125

    New Owner DIY Questions (2006 LC with 110K miles)

    Hey All, I just bought a 2006 Land Cruiser with about 110K miles on it. The maintenance records were pretty good with no major issues as far as I saw. I deleted the ACH myself and replaced with 1.5" OME medium kit, new 33" Goodyear wrangler Trailrunners, brake pads, rotors. I have a couple...
  20. DirtNap

    Maintenance Schedule Table - 200 series

    Hey all, Last week I put together the attached spreadsheet to help me take a look at the service recommendations in one place. I just copied all of the service & "inspect" text from an online copy of the manual, then did some formatting to make it easier (for me at least) to see it visually. The...
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