1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  For Engine Swaps: 91FJ80 shifter and 96FJ80 Air Filter Lid

    So Cal: Shifter $110 with good knob included Air Filter Lid $40, Air Filter Body $15 Shipping possible. Send Private Message Please
  2. S

    i wanna go V8

    hello all, i wanna go a v8. Im thinking of an LS, not sure which one but i have to daily this car so id like to try go something with alright economy. I have a few questions if could help me out that would be unreal. 1. what type of fuel economy would i roughly get with a LS 1,2,3? (running...
  3. TinoFJ40

    Man-a-Fre Auxiliary Fuel tank

    Finally time to upgrade my fuel system on my ‘74 40. Bought the overpriced man-a-fre auxiliary 21 gal tank to feed 5.7 LS recently installed. Fill neck suggestions? Anyone have experience with this system? Planning on removing the under seat tank altogether. Tips and tricks? Thx!
  4. lucky 13

    For Sale  AA Flywheel & clutch kit for LS/gen 3 series

    For sale new never installed Advanced Adapter flywheel and clutch kit 712500M. Made to adapt an LS/3 Gen series to manual transmissions (M21/M22, SM420, SM465, NV4500). I bought it with...
  5. Carp

    2f vs LS - A Character Discussion

    I know that the virtues of both powertrains have been discussed ad nauseum and I understand the pros and cons to both. What I was hoping to hear from people is how they feel that the character of the truck changed after going from the 2f to the LS? In particular, part of the fun of driving one...
  6. R

    Builds  '94 Re-Power | GM 5.3 Vortec L59 - Build Tracker

    Hey all I've had my cruiser for a couple years now and it's served me well on many adventures, but at the miles creep up, my quest for power drives ever onward. Now in my possession is a zero-mile '04 GM 5.3 L59 that I intend to have carry me throughout the forests and hills; getting there is...
  7. Sam Haring

    For Sale  Ranger overdrive and other parts fj60 ls motor swap

    Brand new still in packaging ranger overdrive unit bought through advance adapters in January, I sold the fj60 so now I am selling the parts- $1250 Also available is AA motor mount kit-$100 11" clutch and flywheel setup - $500 (Flywheel is custom fit for the 4.8) 2006 4.8 L20 Chevrolet 10k...
  8. HDJdreams

    EZ LS 5.3 Torque tune/build tips???

    Wow, the V8 Swap thread up to almost 1000 posts! My 80 needs more motivation! I am eagerly awaiting the bolt-on turbo kit, but a few things really nag me: First is the limited ratio spread of the A343 (I am 3 hours from Moab, but have to drive on 80 mph freeways to get there - do I pick...
  9. White Stripe

    LS Motors leaking everywhere

  10. MBurroughs

    Builds  1985 FJ60 -> 6.0 Liter LS Swap Build Thread

    Hey Guys. Some of you may remember or be familiar with my FJ62 that I picked up just over two years ago. I picked it up as a stock truck, and really enjoyed turning it into something of my own. We had some ups and downs, with it getting stolen last spring... It was recovered, but missing a...
  11. HitTheDirt

    LS Swap orrrrr.. a Taco

    Hey Mudders, I am in conundrum, or something. I want to keep my 60 since I have around 11k in it and there's no way I'm getting that out. But I hate it's slow useless motor, and the frame is rusted through in the center. I have a new rust-free and freshly powdercoated frame waiting to drop under...
  12. T

    TexZ's 1984 FJ60 LS/6l80 Swap and Build

    The build thread is long overdue so I thought I'd try and get yall caught up. This project started in 2015 with a 1972 GMC C10. My brother and I are GM guys at heart but love pretty much anything with an internal combustion engine and at least two wheels. We've owned/built quite a few late...
  13. Shes Mad

    Tach wires LS Conversion using the stock tach DIAGRAM

    I finished wiring up my factory tach today with the Dakota digital SGI-8E module. I couldn't find a definitive diagram in the search, so I posted this up. Easier than looking through a long build thread I decided the easiest way would be to splice into the wires on the vehicle side of the...
  14. jd727

    For Sale  80 series ls swap

    Prefer to trade for 1fz supercharger kit but will sell outright. Here's what I have collected. I have marks adapter on back of a fresh rebuilt 4l60 with new tq convertor out of a hummer h3 alpha which housing helps clear front driveshaft. Full and complete stripped wiring harness and ecu...
  15. S

    For Sale  LS wiring harness

    I have a brand new wiring harness that I no longer am going to use. I purchased it for an engine swap project and the guy backed out. It is a stand alone harness for a Gen IV/ 6L80E or 6L90E trans. This will fit any of the 2007 to current truck engines with or without active fuel managment and...
  16. Alaska ADV

    craigslist  LS Swapped 1985 FJ60, NorCal

    No Affiliation, Humbolt CA "2005 ls 5.3 Sm465 granny low 4 speed 205 transfer case Dana 44 front axle 14 bolt rear axle Runs n drive good I just need cash for my daily driver I'm not selling it for 3999 so don't ask 4000 is the deal come steal it from me call or text 7074974931" Ls 5.3...
  17. arguetaedgar

    Ls swap on Land Cruiser 100?

    Has anyone seen anyone with an LS (Ls2,ls3,ls1) swap Land Cruiser 100 or if it's even possible? I've searched everywhere and have only seen 80 series and before. I have a 99 LC with 4 speed auto, it's a great SUV but it's a turd. I know it's not a performance truck, but was just Curious if...
  18. A

    V8 conversation help

    I have 1968 fj40. I am still a newbie with FJ's but I've done my research and decided on doing a LS swap with a NV4500 5speed swap. I still have a few questions though. What modifications need to be done to drive shafts with the NV4500? I've been told that a split case for the transfer case is...
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