1. J

    Updated suspension, new stance concerns

    Hello All, I am new to the LC realm.. owned a very neglected 2000 for 2 weeks now. Began correcting it's pain, and fell in love.. sold my two other vehicles and forgot about my muscle car project immediately. Anyhow.. my current issue is stance, or level rather. I have searched and read many...
  2. BakerFJ

    1FZFE Oil Level Sensor Block Off

    I've been toying with this idea in my head for a while now, I know that there are businesses that produce oil level sensor block off plates for the USDM 3SGTE (for those who don't know, it's the engine from the MR2, JDM doesn't have an oil level sensor). I've seen this block-off plate from...
  3. H

    HDJ81 coolant level question

    I wasn't able to find any posts dealing with the 1HD-T (HDJ81) regarding what the proper coolant level should be and when to check it. I also looked at the FSM for the 1HD-T (page CO-3 and CO-4) and couldn't find any more elaboration on this... So, when I check the coolant in the plastic...
  4. S

    Anyone running Level 8 mk6 wheels?

    Looking for some pics and comments for those running level 8 wheels please
  5. MoJ

    Sunroof FSM level spec

    As below, the FSM specifies a tolerance for the difference in level between the roof panel and sunroof seal. It does not specify whether the sunroof seal should sit above or below the roof panel, but rather just the absolute difference between the two surfaces. For those with a sun roof that's...
  6. pjohnson

    Carburetor fuel level

    Yup, another carb question... I got it rebuilt and it runs much better than before (yay for me, and thanks Pinhead videos) But the fuel level in the sight glass seems low when it's running. It's at the bottom of the window. When it's not running it's higher, but not in the middle of the...
  7. J

    How level does a fuel tank need to be?

    45 project. Heard S10 tank has worked before. Got one, but seems long. Only way seems to be to tilt it. If the fuel pickup is in the low end, and vent and inlet on hi end, would it be okay? Not gonna use these springs. Will use Alcan 4" sua or go soa Thanks
  8. jpsfj60

    A442F Transmission Fluid Level

    Going to drop my pan and change my transmission fluid. Will clean the metal screen of the valve body also while the pan is down. My question is how many quarts of transmission fluid does the A442F hold? What type of automatic transmission fluid is everyone using or the best ATF to use...
  9. Drogon

    Engine noise level

    So i noticed after i installed 285/75 16 tires the engine seems a little louder when accelerating. Is this normal based on the increased tire weight?
  10. Z

    do 60's sit level front to back

    Yea I know no cruiser sits truly level, but I put a set of OME HD's on the 60 last September in preparation for a load, and I'm not that loaded yet. The skinny on the truck: From the fender lip. Drivers side. 40 front, 37.25 rear. Passenger side. 40.25 front, 38 rear. 2" body lift also. I...
  11. utahisrad

    Oil level all the way to the cap.. WTF?

    Background: Owned cruiser since dec last year Changed oil according to specs in FSM a month or two ago Has several leaks which leak a little, but not much. Oil light started coming on intermittently a few days ago. Usually on inclines. Fuel pressure is good, temp is good. I checked the stick...
  12. stevebradford

    Where should I go for a fuel level float/sender?

    It's time for a new fuel level sender unit for my 60. No luck at lordco, jb or nappa. I'm sure Toyota could get it and I probably will go there. By the time you pay for shipping from any supplier it will likely be close to the same price as Toyota. Unless anybody knows of somewhere better?
  13. stlbill

    High level of lead in Blackstone test

    So I've had the LC for 3 months and put 3k miles on it. The PO didn't do much pm and the truck sat for years. I baselines it when I got it and since have always been worried about a blown head gasket so I sent off an oil sample last week. I got a call today from BSL saying they did not find any...
  14. cc1999

    With ride comfort foremost in mind, what is the best way to level a 200 Cruiser ?

    I have read where you can level or lift these rigs few different ways, adjustable coil overs, lifting spacers etc. With maintain or possibly improving ride comfort foremost in mind, what is the best way to achieve leveling my 2011 LC. I order some 18x9 +20 rims this week and a little concerned...
  15. Mighty690

    Icon (on the level)

    One thing I was going to mention is that the Icon springs set the rig perfectly level (no armor as seen here). No stinkbug. Also, the lift is a solid 3". The front springs are equal length, as are the rears. The (very complete) kit comes with 10mm urethane shims to level side-to-side. I put one...
  16. Markuson

    Leveling Issue... Advice?

    Not sure what's up... Truck not level. Right rear lower than left rear... LEFT front lower than RIGHT front! So I've opened KDSS three turns on level ground... -bounced around on sliders to shift side-to-side... When it seems I might have it sitting more level, I tightened valves again. -Did...
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