1. doug720

    Key Code Info

    I have my key code off the PS door lock barrel. Are the codes 4 numbers long? Ie., 2234? Not longer and no letters? I cleaned up the barrel, but all I saw was just four numbers.. Can someone post an example of a made up code combination? Thanks Doug
  2. D

    engine code info

    Hi, I am new here and have a question. I picked up a 1974 FJ40 last summer and it came with a hole rusted out 1977 for parts. The engine was not in it but I have it. Now my 1974 should have a F code engine and it has a 3 speed tranny, I would think the other engine would be a 2F engine but the...
  3. JohnnyOshow22

    April Club Meeting Info

    Club meeting next week everyone! 4/26 @ 6:30 PM Pedersen Toyota. Instead of just going over the agenda and having a discussion among our members like we always do, this month I'm going to discuss how to fix a sidewall/puncture in the field and (hopefully) we will have some tires to practice on...
  4. Nifski

    1964fj40L numbers info

    what can you tell from: Engine F188632 Engine 4-fj40-21450 Thx, N
  5. V

    82 SR5 steering box

    I done posted this in the wrong place, was directed to here. I'm new on here, sorry for all the mistakes. I bought a steering box for a 40 chev gasser project I'm doing, it's off of a 82 toyota pick up, 2WD, SR5. It's a manual box and I was needing some parts and not having much luck. It mounts...
  6. Bassumarus

    E-Locker Axle Swap Info Quest

    Hey all, I've got a line on a 93 Cruiser with e-lockers for about $2.5k. It has a bunch of other parts I'm interested in grabbing for my current rig - a 97 Cruiser, so I'm not considering this price for the lockers alone. For the fairly light trails I do a few times per year, there is no...
  7. Downey

    4WD Floor Shifter Gee Whiz Info

    When using the original Toyota 4WD floor shifter with a non-Toyota transmission on a Chevota conversion the transmission adapter manufacturer (Advance Adapters or Downey) normally provides a new mounting bracket for the 4WD floor shifter pivot pin, necessary since the stock transmission pivot...
  8. 5

    1972 fj55 jack handels info needed

    Hello guys , I"m restoring a 1972 fj55 , will keep it stock , I need Pics and measurements on all the stock jack handles , any help is very much appreciated ? Will buy If you have any for sale ? Thanks
  9. MadMeak

    Who's got some info on quality replacement floor mats for a 62?

    I'm in the market for some all weather floor mats for my 62. What do you recommend?
  10. JCruse

    In need of RTT storage info

    I remember reading something about storing a RTT on it's end, it said to stand it up in a particular way. Like hinge up or hinge down or something but I cant remember. The correct way was the way it came, but I cant recall. Anybody?
  11. DancesWithMutts

    Colorado Emissions, new info, and new questions about the AFM Also an error in the FSM!

    I have been battling Colorado emissions for months now, and as a result my 94 has been sitting in the driveway. I purchased a set of magna-flow cats and had a local shop add flanges to make them bolt right up in place of the old cats. The shop did a good job and I gained almost 2 inches of...
  12. Tpurdin

    Wheel spec info

    Ok all been searching not finding what I want to see....... I am in the process of building up my 80, just finished up the ome suspension on my 80 now off to other things. I've hit a snag....... wheels and tires. I want to run 33 inch tires for sure. Issue is wheels I've seen most running the...
  13. TacoJonn

    Looking for Info Sources on FJ40 History

    Looking for any good literature on the history of the FJ40 (and other FJ series as well). Most of what I have found is from Wikipedia or YouTube. Basically small tidbits of information or short YouTube videos. These are cool, but I want to dig deeper. Surely there has to be information on the...
  14. A

    Local club info

    Please delete if not allowed, I know things in the Alaska clubhouse is pretty slow, so I figured I would cross reference the forum for my club here in Anchorage. Alaska Extreme 4Wheelers Corp.!!! We are still putting the finishing touches on the new websight and forum, but I encourage...
  15. C

    Gen 3 hilux surf info

    Hey I hate to bring up old threads but I haven't found any information on the gen 3 hilux surfs. Im thinking about getting a 1996 toyota hilux surf as the next vehicle, hoping to get the diesel the 1KZ-TE motor. I am just wondering if there are any common problems or maintenance problems i...
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