1. H

    93’ Cruiser coming back after 10 years of sleep

    Hey y’all I’m new to the forum and need some help from you well educated folks for my fj80. Purchased by my dad in 1993 the rig was driven for a few years on and off but for nearly the last decade it has not been driven. Fired up a couple times several years ago but not driven. I need some...
  2. tracknod

    Stelah Won’t Shift Into Overdrive/Forth Gear (urgent)

    Hello all, So I’m on the road, 4000 miles from home with the family and have run into a problem. My supercharged 99 has decided it doesn’t want to go into fourth gear. YES I MADE SURE THE OD BUTTON WASNT PRESSED! Right now I’m in Forks, WA. The problems started after I left the FJ Summit in...
  3. Slashzero

    Should I get All Terrain Tires?

    Yep, I looked through the FAQ, searched a bunch, and what I've found is there are a lot of opinions on tires, and tire sizes, and it's all quite confusing. I am sorry for beating a dead horse... but with all the information available I findy myself unable to make any decisions. Analysis...
  4. Toyotacollector

    1973 FJ55 project

    I don't know how this happened but over the last year my wife and I have purchased 3 old Toyotas; an 84 van, a 4wd tercel, and most recently an old FJ55. I wasn't really planning any of them but Craigslist is a dangerous thing... About a month ago my neighbor Gary asked me if I was interesting...
  5. cheFZJesse

    Supercharged 97’ Land Cruiser Shutter

    My 1997 80 series has what I can best discribe as a bit of a stutter. It seems to only happen or be noticeable when at freeway speed going up a good sized incline. My truck has 102,000 miles. The supercharger was added about 3 years back at about 88,000 miles. I believe the stutter has been...
  6. J

    Wanted need help 2lte surf bad smoke

    hi all im new to the site and needing help with my 2lte surf when its cold and i start it it chugges and chuggs and will stall unless you rev it until it stops chuging (a quick rev to 3000rm will do it) snd then it idles but with a massive miss fire and if you stand about 20 metres from the...
  7. B

    FJ45 Restoration Project

    Hello friends, I have this Land Cruiser and I need to restore it. I've seen some websites like "The Fj Company" and "Vintage Cruiser" but it's to faar way from my country (Mozambique) and quite expensive too. Can you guys give me some help? I uploaded some images from the car.F
  8. Huk

    Would like to borrow a car trailer/dolly.

    Hey guys, I need to tow my e30 to the shop as for some unknown damn reason I'm getting no oil pressure just after I put a new head on it:bang:. Anyone in the Athens/Atlanta/Braselton GA area thats willing to let me borrow their trailer/dolly for a day?
  9. A

    Yet another CDL Issue

    Hey Mud, I've exhausted my troubleshooting skills on my CDL not engaging when it should. I have a 1996 LX450 (no locking front or rear diff) with 144.5k miles, stock aside from adding the factory dash CDL switch. When you turn the key to ACC and it does the bulb check, ABS lights up but the...
  10. jamarquardt22

    A Cry for HELP!

    I'm making the offer. Anyone that can figure out what the problem with my brakes is I will reward with $100. I need somone willing to make a house call and work with me to diagnose the problem. Here is what has been replaced and when. Rear brake hose, custom made 36" braided stainless 7 years...
  11. unfortunately

    HJ61 seat adjuster broken. Repair?

    I just took apart my seat that doesn't work, to try to figure out exactly what's wrong with it. Leaning back, it will lean all the way back, and the same leaning forward. It feels as though there are teeth inside that are not catching, or stripped out. However, if I put force on the lever, it...
  12. S

    New To FJ40s - Advice Wanted On Purchase Of 2

    Hi All, I am new to FJ's and I wanted to see if I could get a bit of expertise about a potential purchase. I found 2 FJ40's for sale as a package deal. 1972 (BLUE) - This FJ has a good frame and ok body. There was an oil leak in the engine so it coated the inside of the engine compartment and...
  13. Tpurdin

    91 fj80 wheels help!

    Hey all just need some advise really quick. Buying some steel wheels for my 80, it is a 91 and keeping the 15 inch diameter since I have brand new rubber already. Will 15 inch wheels with 6 on 5.5 bolt pattern be fine? I keep seeing the 4.5 being used. Also wanting to do a negitive offset just a...
  14. D

    Brake Help!

    Hello Mud I just installed a new City racer booster, OEM master, all new brake lines, new rear wheel cylinders on my 77 40. Now comes the problems. I went to bleed the brakes this evening and I am not getting any fluid from the rear P or D when I crack the lines to bleed . I do get fluid when I...
  15. A

    Landcruiser still not running, need HELP!!

    Hello everybody! I am very new to this forum and relatively new to LandCruisers. I just bought my mom's '94 with 165k Miles. This is where the problems begin....the car sat in the garage for almost 6 years of not running or moving. I changed the power steering pump a few months ago because...
  16. S

    Odometer help!

    I have a 1976 40 with a stuck odometer. I've taken it out multiple times and followed the instructions I found on these forums to clean it thoroughly but it just does not work. I bought one from a nice gentleman on eBay but it did not fit my instrument cluster. If anyone has any suggestions...
  17. Overlander78

    Help! need some FJ40 wisdom on sims/difs

    To be more specific, what issues would I encounter trying to mount a 65' tub on a 78' chassis/drivetrain. I know the Air conditioning isn't a thing on the 65' model so that would be left out. But as far as body mounts/ drivetrain fitment, what should I keep in mind? any major things that will...
  18. mac miller

    HELP! Toyota KZ-TE

    I just acquired a KZ-TE 3 liter turbo diesel with a Aisin 30-40LE RWD auto trans for a special concept vehicle project... I am totally clueless about the electronic injection pump. Don't know rather to try to work with the electronic injection pump or, I am told, it is possible to change this...
  19. k4azy

    Help! Stuck on Dickey Bell

    I'm currently stuck about half way up dickey bell. I put the t-case shifter in low and suddenly couldn't go forward and can't roll back. The shifter is just loose and floppy. Transmission shifter is fine and seems to engage but it feels like something is seized. Any advice? Recommendations for...
  20. Super77

    locking hub removal and replacement - help!

    I removed one of my locking hubs - just the outermost part containing the rotating gold switch and the black ring - and forgot to note the position it was in before removal. How important is this? In putting it back, it seems that it can only go back in one of two orientations. The inner teeth...
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