1. Searcher356

    Carbureter woes - '70 FJ40

    Working on 1970 FJ40, Build date Aug 70. It's been sitting for a couple years with only a few one or two mile trips. Filled the tank with fresh fuel and took a 40 mile shakedown run, 1000' gain in elevation at 65 mph and back. Ran great. Parked for 30 min. Restart OK but only ran for 2 minutes...
  2. M

    '93' 80 series HELP.

    Hi All. Been a keen reader of the forum for a long time but this is my first post. I have had a look at other posts but there isnt really anything that seems to fit my situation although many seem to describe some of the symptoms. I hope there is someone there that may offer some help here. My...
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