1. C

    For Sale 1982 Fuel Tank; Washington DC

    I have what I think came out of a 1982 fj40 (full disclosure it was a chevota). But I believe this was the original gas tank. discoloration seems to be to protective coating (flaking a little), but not to tank itself. $60+ shipping. I'd love to see this go to a good home. comes with...
  2. The Chief

    Wanted Long Ranger TR52 182L tank

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a Long Ranger TR52 182l tank in usable condition to mount under my 100 series. Thanks!
  3. InTheFace

    For Sale FJ60 Gas Tanks

    I have 3 post-recall fuel tanks. Ran VINs at local Toyota and all came back as showing that the recall was compiled with on all. $100 ea
  4. Lou the fj60

    what is this burn't thing?

    what is this thing below the carb thats seems to be connected to the fuel cut solenoid (green thing i think) could it be causeing my idle issues
  5. A

    small Parts Help

    I purchased a 93 FZJ80 with 210,000 miles on it. It is in great shape. I've been running it for a few months and the plastic top of the radiator exploded. I am collecting parts to fix it now. I figure since I don't know what has been changed or fixed on it I might as well do some extras while...
  6. B

    Fuel Pressure in Tank

    All, Very early in my build, I had to replace my fuel tank as it could not be welded. The new tank from SOR did not have a vapor recovery system. I called them and they said it was not needed in the replacement tank. I took it out for a short ride around the block and parked it (tank only...
  7. D

    Preparing a new fuel tank for '80 FJ40

    Hello, I am in the process of installing a new fuel tank in my 1980 FJ40 and I am debating what steps I should take to prep the tank prior to installation. The tank only cost $225 and so I was a little hesitant to dump another $200 in it to make it bulletproof. The tank currently doesn't have...
  8. GlennRauch

    I H8 Fires!

    So the insulation from the hood fell on to the top of my engine causing the insulation to set fire. There are special wires under the intake manifold that got burned. The only code I have is 41 which is for the Throttle Position Sensor Circut. Anybody ever been under the intake manifold before...
  9. yjeff

    For Sale SOLD -80 Series AUX Sub Fuel Tank system

    80 Series Landcruiser & LX450 AUX Sub Fuel Tank system For sale is a nearly complete 13 gal AUX tank system from Australia, including some rare install pieces. This mounts above the spare tire. I’m leaving for South America on Christmas, and won’t return until July 2016, so please let me know...
  10. masong

    Fuel delivery issue, 3fe idles(somewhat rough) no go.

    My 92 Fj80 left us stranded today, first time ever. Had it towed back to the shop, where I was able to limp it in, barely, and left it to warm up. As it has been pretty damn cold (0 degrees last night)here in Montana the last few days and I have yet to put any gas drying agents in the fuel for...
  11. F

    Funky Power Issues

    Hi Folks, I recently took my cruiser on a camping trip and quickly and got a weird issue that i havent run into before: Occasionally, when my foot is on the gas, the RPMs will suddenly drop and i will lose a little power. If i push a little more on the gas, take my foot off and re-push the...
  12. uwum15

    '79 FJ40 gasping for fuel

    Recently my '79 FJ40 started leaking fuel from the fuel pump so I got a new pump and spacer and replaced it myself. I drove it around town for a few days without problem then had a reliable mechanic just do some brake work and general maintenance for me. When I got it back from the mechanic...
  13. Searcher356

    Carbureter woes - '70 FJ40

    Working on 1970 FJ40, Build date Aug 70. It's been sitting for a couple years with only a few one or two mile trips. Filled the tank with fresh fuel and took a 40 mile shakedown run, 1000' gain in elevation at 65 mph and back. Ran great. Parked for 30 min. Restart OK but only ran for 2 minutes...
  14. M

    '93' 80 series HELP.

    Hi All. Been a keen reader of the forum for a long time but this is my first post. I have had a look at other posts but there isnt really anything that seems to fit my situation although many seem to describe some of the symptoms. I hope there is someone there that may offer some help here. My...
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