1. Rhyno80

    LPG issues and tank repurpose

    G’day guys When I bought my 1994 1fz-fe 80 series it had been LPG converted. What I mean by that is the original auxiliary petrol tank had been ripped off and an LPG tank was fitted with all the parts that make the car run on both petrol and LPG. I know this was a common thing to do back in...
  2. P

    3FE rough idle

    1991 FJ80 with 245,000mi. My issue was present before and after I recently did my injectors. When idling for a minute or 2 the engine starts to misfire, lope, and generally "run rough". A quick press on the go pedal will make the engine run correct for about 5 seconds then run poorly again after...
  3. W

    Wanted Fuel Hose Tube sub assembly / EVAP

    For my '87 FJ60, I am looking for the cleanest fuel tube sub assembly for all those hoses going to / coming from the side of the fuel tank at the passenger side rear quarter panel - right near the filler neck entry to the tank. It is PN# 77209-60041. A shiny new one looks like this: Thanks!
  4. alefer5

    SOLD SoCal: RotoPax Fuel & Water Containers (With Mounts)

    Up for sale is a variety of Rotopax Items: - 2x 2-gallon Rotopax Fuel tanks (Fuel Pax) - 1x 2-gallon Rotopax Water tank (Water Pax) - 2x Rotopax DLX Pack Mounts Items were used and do show some cosmetic signs of wear. However, all items function correctly - the containers do not leak and...
  5. M

    For Sale Dual Fuel Filler Neck // 80 Series

    I'm selling the 80 series dual filler necks. The neck is without unleaded gas restrictor and can be used with diesel and petrol tanks. This filler neck can be used when adding an auxiliary fuel tank to Land Cruiser 80 Series cars. I used one of these necks on my FJ Cruiser, with a Front Runner...
  6. leucadiacruiser

    Giant Loop 5 gallon gas bag review

    In an effort to lighten the load and make space on longer trips, I’ve made the switch from Scepter cans to the Giant Loop 5 gallon gas bags and have used them on my last two trips. With a few hundred miles off road (and too many of those washboard), so far I can attest to how well made these...
  7. ColoradoSequoia

    What am I doing wrong? 4.1 mpgs!

    Granted I’m towing ~6,000 lbs with wind but WTH? Currently driving Denver > Albuquerque > Grand Canyon > Vegas > Moab but barely making it between some pumps. Otherwise the tow experience is great for a non-HD truck but this seems a bit off.... BTW the trip odo is showing the full trip not...
  8. jma256

    For Sale 4 x Fuel Blitz Matte Black Wheels + Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx 10Ply 295/70R17

    BUMP Re-posting as I had a sale fall through before the holidays. Have a nearly new (less than 1000 miles on them) set of Wheels and Tires that came off a project that never ended up taking off thanks to COVID. They've never been off-road. Wheels are Fuel Blitz Matte Black, full set, no...
  9. S

    105 Series Fz-Fe Loss of Power/ Fuel

    G’day, I’ve got a 105 series auto petrol I’ve had for a few months now and I’m really enjoying it. It’s having a problem with it running out of fuel/power when using the main-tank only. It’s happens anywhere between there being 38L to 18L of fuel left in the tank. Its running well apart from...
  10. aviafx

    Proper Aftermarket Charcoal Canister operation?

    Hey all, Replaced the OEM charcoal canister with an ACDelco 215-153 unit about a year ago (using this thread and this thread) due to tank over pressurization/ the "woosh" sound issue, (plus my canister was rusted out) which solved that problem. Been chasing a raw fuel smell on the passenger...
  11. A

    Getting fuel at fuel rail but no fuel into motor

    Hey. So I was having a no start issue due to no fuel. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, fuel dampener, and the EFI relay. I am getting fuel at the dampener but still won’t start. I can get it to start with starting fluid but won’t stay running or start on it’s...
  12. RoninMetal

    Wanted FJ60 Fuel Tank

    Just rescued a FJ60 that’s been sitting since 2012. It’s currently running with a jerry rigged plastic container in the engine bay :lol: In need of a rust free fuel tank, preferably in Southern California, unless shipping doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Ive heard about the recall but I need to...
  13. D


    Hey guys, I’m wanting to replace the old sub tank gauge in my 1995 1FZFE with a new modern gauge incorporated into my overhead console. My question is that does anyone here have a wiring diagram or any other info on what sub tank gauge wires Lead to where? cheers.
  14. Godfather90

    SOLD FS 1978 FJ40 Rear Heater with lines and Fuel tank with cover- Very good condition- SoCal

    Hello All, I changed my fuel tank to a larger unit and as a result would like to sell the old fuel tank with the cover along with the rear heater with all the lines from the firewall back: There is no rust inside or outside this fuel tank. No leaks and all the fittings are in great...
  15. M

    1974 FJ40 - Fuel pump problem

    Folks 1974 FJ40 - Fuel pump is not working. Things that have been checked and are okay: Spark plugs Coil Points Carb Fuel is not filling up the filter close to fuel pump. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Minnie
  16. R

    Extended Range Fuel Tank, California CARB Legal?

    Does anyone know of a larger capacity replacement or transfer fuel tank that is California CARB legal and fits the 100 series? Follow up question- Has anyone ever failed an inspection due to a non-CARB legal fuel tank in California?
  17. webbz47

    3B Rotary Injection Pump leak

    My 87' BJ70 sits a lot since I only use it in the fall months. Recently I noticed some diesel leakage underneath the truck. The top of the IP looks dry but from underneath the truck I can see that there is a plate on the side of the IP that is covered. From what I've read on previous threads...
  18. 7

    Need help: Aux fuel hose from outside into the tank..

    Hey everyone, 76 FJ40 here... A couple weekends ago I notice a large spillage of fuel on my garage floor from my rear tank after a fill up.. I siphoned out the gas from the rear aux (passenger side) and nailed it down to the hose connecting the exterior inlet and the aux tank. (See photo...
  19. DesertCruiser80

    Bad Fuel Pump or Something Else?

    Hey all, My 1992 FJ80 has been having some trouble starting. It takes a bit of time and when it does turn over, the rpm's are low (200's) until I give it some throttle. I've done the easy stuff (new battery, new plugs, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, new EGR modulator, and new air filter). I...
  20. Whiphub

    Bosch 4 Hole Fuel Injectors?

    Anyone here running these Bosch or any other “4 hole” injector? I’ve only found a couple posts, the main one mainly about troubleshooting wiring of the injectors. Links to the injectors and post below. https://shop.cruiserparts.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=62197...
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