1. M

    1974 FJ40 - Fuel pump problem

    Folks 1974 FJ40 - Fuel pump is not working. Things that have been checked and are okay: Spark plugs Coil Points Carb Fuel is not filling up the filter close to fuel pump. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Minnie
  2. R

    Extended Range Fuel Tank, California CARB Legal?

    Does anyone know of a larger capacity replacement or transfer fuel tank that is California CARB legal and fits the 100 series? Follow up question- Has anyone ever failed an inspection due to a non-CARB legal fuel tank in California?
  3. webbz47

    3B Rotary Injection Pump leak

    My 87' BJ70 sits a lot since I only use it in the fall months. Recently I noticed some diesel leakage underneath the truck. The top of the IP looks dry but from underneath the truck I can see that there is a plate on the side of the IP that is covered. From what I've read on previous threads...
  4. 7

    Need help: Aux fuel hose from outside into the tank..

    Hey everyone, 76 FJ40 here... A couple weekends ago I notice a large spillage of fuel on my garage floor from my rear tank after a fill up.. I siphoned out the gas from the rear aux (passenger side) and nailed it down to the hose connecting the exterior inlet and the aux tank. (See photo...
  5. D

    Bad Fuel Pump or Something Else?

    Hey all, My 1992 FJ80 has been having some trouble starting. It takes a bit of time and when it does turn over, the rpm's are low (200's) until I give it some throttle. I've done the easy stuff (new battery, new plugs, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, new EGR modulator, and new air filter). I...
  6. Whiphub

    Bosch 4 Hole Fuel Injectors?

    Anyone here running these Bosch or any other “4 hole” injector? I’ve only found a couple posts, the main one mainly about troubleshooting wiring of the injectors. Links to the injectors and post below. https://shop.cruiserparts.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=62197...
  7. LittleRedWgon

    Random no Acceleration and a bucking bronco

    Hey guys, My 85 FJ60 is having some issues... I had put a brand new OEM Coil along with other upgrades into my rig last year...everything had been running fine until I had it in the shop recently for a few minor things. I got it back and it randomly starts sputtering and bucking...it will not...
  8. TinoFJ40

    Man-a-Fre Auxiliary Fuel tank

    Finally time to upgrade my fuel system on my ‘74 40. Bought the overpriced man-a-fre auxiliary 21 gal tank to feed 5.7 LS recently installed. Fill neck suggestions? Anyone have experience with this system? Planning on removing the under seat tank altogether. Tips and tricks? Thx!
  9. S

    Fuel tank light and windscreen wipers issues

    I think these are unrelated atm as the fuel tank light has been on since I purchased the car in January The fuel tank light is lit and won’t transfer fuel from the sub to main. Both sets of fuel gauges are working through full range. Tried operation on various main and sub tank levels from...
  10. mep1811

    SOLD  Scepter MFC's El Paso,TX

    #1 I have ,four hard to get , Scepter MFC's $65.00 plus shipping. Located in El Paso Texas. Three new OD cans and one used tan can. Shipping for two cans ,in the past, has been in the vicinity of $47.00. Actual shipping price is dependent on your location. The cost is more due to the size of...
  11. LuketheDuke

    Howell TBI conversion on FJ40- Troubleshooting

    This last year, I did a TBI conversion on my FJ. The conversion that Howell does is from an early 90’s chevy. I have had a series of issues with the conversion and for the money I’ve put into it trying to get it to run properly, I could have dropped a 350 in. But I digress... I’ve ran the system...
  12. C

    For Sale  Fj40 gas tanks! Yuba city-ca

    I have 6 Fj40 gas tanks a under vehicle gas tank and two fuel tank covers as well Prices from $50-100 depending on condition. Fuel tank covers $125 OBO
  13. Paulrotterdam

    Aux tank plumbing logic?

    I have an aftermarket 120L aux tank fitted by a PO but have never actually used it. We're currently in Iran and would love to profit from the ultra low fuel prices (€0,02/L) so looking to fill it up, but can't seem to figure out the plumbing. The photo you see here is a T-piece fitted to the...
  14. cajunking

    Fuel Gauge Updates but Sticks After Ignition

    Fuel gauge updates on ignition to read correctly but does not go down with gas use and sticks after the truck is turned off (until fired up again -- can't remember if that is normal). Since it reads correctly on igntion I am guessing it is not the sender .. probably electric then? or am I way...
  15. Dustin Messina

    For Sale  FJ60 Hard Fuel Line (wraps around front of valve cover)

    Pulled this for the EFI conversion. Hard fuel line that wraps around valve cover and goes to carb. $50 plus shipping, located in Brandon, MS
  16. Dustin Messina

    For Sale  FJ60 Fuel Pump

    OEM Fuel Pump. This is a pull off after an EFI conversion. $50, located in Brandon, MS Have more pics if needed.
  17. Alexh85

    Petrol (Gasoline) Prices around the world?

    I live in New Zealand, NZ is currently run by a pack of f##kwits who are implementing a fuel tax (The idea is to encourage you to ride a unicycle 20kms to work instead of driving) The price of petrol is currently $2.50/L in some places and is predicted to reach 3 dollars a litre in the next 6...
  18. Blu MaXX

    Fuel starvation issue

    I will keep this simple. This 1984 FJ60 is box stock and mostly original. I have driven this 1984 FJ60 a few hundred miles without any issues then one evening I filled it up with gasoline and went to go play. About 10 miles after leaving the gas station it stumbled and died. I blew out a very...
  19. SteveH

    For Sale  CO: '79-83 FJ40 Fuel filler fender section

    Price drop! Add another fuel door to your FJ40. Cut from a 1980 FJ40. I do not have the fuel door itself. Was on a Mustard truck, has been painted silver. Should be stripped before repainting. $25/obo + shipping from 80908. Steve
  20. Giant Asian

    Fuel Gauge is acting wonky

    I changed the alternator and battery in my 2002 100 series and my fuel gauge has been acting up. I filled up the tank then drove over 250 miles and my tank reads that it is almost half full with the fuel light coming on. I then went to the gas station and I put in another full tank of gas...
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