1. Beehanger

    Carb leaking Fuel

    Hey fellas, Installed this chinese carb on my newly rebuilt 2f, and after running the 2f/break in its apparently started to leak -- fuel. The sight window didn't show gas up to the level like i've seen this carb properly do befoore. Wondering what's going on here and the fix --- and most...
  2. nikojo

    Fuel Sending Unit Emergency Bypass

    Recently had the fuel tank dropped and took opportunity to change the fuel pump. As anyone who's done this knows it's not easy to do on the trail or side of the street. I've thought of converting to some type of inline pump and get rid of in-tank pump but as others have pointed out it's a...
  3. N

    1st gen fuel gauge reading incorrectly?

    hey y’all new member here I had a question about my 85’s fuel gauge reading super incorrect from what I’ve been reading. It was just above empty and I only put in $20 for 3.5 gallons and it got to half I know gas tank capacity is 14 gallons so can I get some help on if maybe some ideas to get it...
  4. Fj40owen

    Wanted  Fj60 fuel tank

    Looking for a clean fj60 fuel tank. Mine had the recall done back in the 90's so looking for a clean tank that wont break the bank to get back up and running. Located in sw colorado Text: 720-975-3767
  5. jmylie

    starting issue

    I replaced the fuel lines in the engine compartment and now starting my LJ77 takes a lot of cranking. I tried the primer but it no longer seems to work. The truck does start every time but I have to crank it for 15 to 30 seconds. What could be the problem? Thanks,
  6. terrapin

    Rat chewed fuel tank sensor wire and I can't find the other end

    I checked the little portal under the carpet and found that the fuel tank pressure sensor wire had been chewed. However, I cannot find the other end of the wire. Can anyone clue me on where to look? The sensor points towards the front passenger seat so I figure it's in that direction, but I...
  7. 40TUDE

    Wanted  79-84 Fj40 Fuel Filler Neck

    Need one in good condition. Thanks
  8. CharlieS

    Fuel Pump Relay Troubleshooting

    Hi All, Could I get a sanity check on normal behavior of the fuel pump relay (FPR). I'm trying to determine if I should be observing cycling of the FPR back and forth during engine warmup. By observing, I mean hear it clicking and feel the relay cycle periodically by putting my hand on it...
  9. Readhead

    Can I use standard fuel hose for this?

    Hi, I replaced an old hose - see picture (Differential Pressure Control PN 95337-06020), with standard fuel hose (NBR/PVC SAE30R7). Should I be worried about it? Does this hose require higher standards? Thank you!
  10. bloc

    Inside a 200k mile fuel tank

    I'm throwing my rig a bit of a 200k mile birthday party, and as part of that I dropped the tank and installed a new fuel pump as PM. The logic for this was the few reports of bad fuel pumps (Teckis, others), or fuel pump ECUs (CharlieS, seems like a couple more) which I believed at the time had...
  11. G

    fuel gauge question

    I have a 67 with original cluster and gauges. I just put in a new tank with new sending unit and now the fuel gauge reads full 100% of the time. I swear I read somewhere that the new sending units don't match up with the old gauges because the voltage output is different. Am I imagining that I...
  12. G

    Warning fuel buzzer Hzj70

    Hi friends My warning light fuel sedimenter not working and the manual shows a buzzer where is conected. Where Thatcher buzzer can help my. Tanks G
  13. R

    1968 FJ40 fuel Gauge Sender

    With a new fuel sender, the fuel gauge only goes to about 3/4 to 7/8 full when I articulate the float full up. The gauge follows properly when moving the float arm part way. When I set it at full down, the gauge indicates past empty. I measured the unit resistance with two DMM's, and the...
  14. matzell

    MUDShip  done


    Toyota 3B Fuel

    So usually when I turn the key I hear the fuel pump then glow plug timer goes etc etc. About a week ago I cracked open a banjo bolt on the injector hub thing to unlink a hose and forgot to bleed the fuel lines afterwards. It started choaking and struggled to start/stay running without...
  16. D

    Kzj78 hitting fuel cut

    Hey all, so recently I’ve been noticing when i accelerate I sometimes will end up going past 10psi and getting fuel cut. I don’t run a boost T or anything like that, so I shouldn’t be going over the normal stock boost levels. Im guessing it’s potentially a wastegate issue. I’m planning on...
  17. The White FJ62

    Temp and Fuel Gauge Short?

    Hello Folks! I've always had a temp gauge that sometimes like to peg itself out above hot, even though the truck is running fine. It will do it maybe once every 30 minutes, for 30 seconds or so. Not that big of a deal, but I noticed yesterday that the fuel gauge did the same thing (pegged...
  18. TimTX

    Changing Fuel Filter...Question

    I'm trying to "break"/loosen the 14mm bolt/line from the Filter itself (19mm). Its on there good, and with lots of other lines in the area, I'm afraid to put too much force and cause the wrench to slip, or even worse, damage one of the rubber lines running close by. I'm afraid to put a little...
  19. I

    Another fuel gauge not working…

    New to me ‘72 55. Going through some immediate issues. Would love to have a functional gas gauge. I think I have read through maybe 20 threads on this issue. My float/sender is functioning properly (checked with ohm-meter) Contacts on the back of the gauge look clean, the ebrake and charge...
  20. gmr76

    SOLD  FJ40 fuel tank evaporator assembly

    Seeing if anyone has one of these sitting around they want to part with. truck is a 2/76 PM me if you have one! thanks!
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