For Sale Dual Fuel Filler Neck // 80 Series

Feb 28, 2018
I'm selling the 80 series dual filler necks.

The neck is without unleaded gas restrictor and can be used with diesel and petrol tanks.

This filler neck can be used when adding an auxiliary fuel tank to Land Cruiser 80 Series cars.
I used one of these necks on my FJ Cruiser, with a Front Runner auxiliary tank. I'm pretty sure that you can make it fit Land Cruiser models as well, not just the 80 Series.

These dual filler necks are not sold by Toyota as complete assembly. They have to be assembled from various original Toyota parts.

This neck was assembled from original Toyota parts, except for 1 lever & 1 bracket, which went out of production and are no longer available.

Price: €475/$580, incl. shipping costs. Shipping from Germany (DHL) or Switzerland (Swiss Post).

No warranty, no returns.

This item can be shipped from Switzerland or Germany.
Buyers have to pay import duties/taxes in their respective countries of residence.
I will not declare false customs values, and I will also not declare this item as gift.





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