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Dec 18, 2007
Hi guys,
I own a landcruiser 80 1997 turbo diesel automatic with a single factory fuel tank 90 liters (24 gallons)
1. Any idea where to get in USA a long range fuel tank to replace the factory tank?
2. If thr spare wheel underneath the body is removed to install an auxiliary fuel tank where the spare wheel could be relocated?
Sep 25, 2014
Gilbert, AZ
Your best bet would be to get a hold of LRA at LRA fuel tanks

And if you use the spare tire location you can relocate the spare to the cargo area where the 3rd row seats are or if you plan on getting a off road bumper get one with a swing out for the spare.

Road Apple

Nov 28, 2011
Santa Cruz, CA
I agree with Scott, but here’s more notes I’ve taken over the years. Not all these may be available anymore.

Long Range America
High quality
Georg has installed them at Valley Hybrids for years.

Man A Fre has had the 38 gallon long range tank on their website for years. It fills all the space where the main tank mounts.

There is a place out of Las Vegas that sells the whole kit with a 43 gallon tank for 1300 I talked to them at the expedition Expo at Mormon Lake this last summer. When I get home I can post the website if you're interested
The big tanks hangs really low. Rock scraping low.

Cruiserparts.net sells new, OEM sub tanks.
Outback proven in Las Vegas sells the long range tanks. I gave up on trying to buy one from them though.

These guys build complete bolt in aux and replacement tanks. I wanted one for my 60 $800 for the tank, unfortunately $850 for shipping.

( Ships air right to your door! ) But good stuff.


Your best bet to complete your aux tank project, is to monitor eBay au. There are dismantlers with big yards, that regularly post parts rigs. email’em and ask if they have a rig in their yard with an “sub tank” system. Confirm they will ship overseas and work out an arrangement for them to post the bits & pieces you need for a buy it now price.

Before you go any further, I’d suggest you confirm whether your dual filler is diesel or unleaded. I can’t remember all the differences off hand, but the diesel version is slightly more problematic in N.A. .
Assuming your tank has mounting straps, and a sending unit, you have most the hard parts to acquire in N.A. At a minimum you are missing the ECU controller DS under the rear Cargo area window, a pig tail connecting the tank to your existing harness, a pig tail connecting the overhead console via the A pillar to the DS kick panel, the transfer pump assembly, and the main tank pump assy is different if you go 100% OEM. (There are work around for this via the Evap line). And there are an assortment of options if you do not go 100% OEM

Unless you have an LX 450, There should be an exsisting harness plug for the system ECU under the back window, but regardless you will have to wire in the dash switch.

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