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  1. 100sExp

    Weird front end behavior...since lift

    Hey group, looking for some help here. Ever since I've lifted my truck it's had some strange things happening in the front end. When I accelerate (worse at slow speeds or from a stop) the front end wanders/shimmies significantly. I can feel power alternating from one side to the other in the...
  2. kristofferson

    Wheels on front end slightly outward, need to prioritize?

    Hi Folks, I just noticed the wheels on the front end of my '97 are ever so slightly pointing outward at the top (or inward at the bottom). Again, it's very slight - you almost have to be looking for it to see it but I'm like that, lol... Here's a dramatic exaggeration, but to get the point...
  3. fit4life

    craigslist  Not mine-fj60 with fj62 front end conversion

    Not mine, not affiliated Very low miles, thought someone might find this interesting 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser- FJ60- 4x4- Low Miles- Nice Condition
  4. Andrew Bluemel

    Weird Hum Coming From The Front End

    I don't really understand what is going on. Driving home tonight I noticed a weird faint hum coming from the front end which I believe to be is the axle. I have heard the front axle make noises before but its only when it is bellow zero just pulling out of my driveway for 30 seconds then it goes...
  5. schradec

    Weird vibration/sound and RPM jump

    Was driving today and noticed a strange noise/vibration from the front end of the LC when going around 30-40 mph. Only happens under acceleration, and pretty randomly. Also noticed ones a weird erratic jump of the RPM. Didn't notice the engine actually jumping or revving, and didn't feel as...
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