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  1. CloudCity

    Grinding while turning hard right, front drivers/middle?

    The household GX developed a sudden metallic, squeaky, grinding sound that has me stumped. Happens only while turned full lock to the right, was only while moving forward but did start to happen while reversing as well at one point. I know there's a few possibilities so here's a video where you...
  2. PacificNW

    80 Series Front End Rebuild - Sticker Shock

    Have a 1996 LC. Got it when it had 110K miles. Currently has 325K miles. Never abused or four wheeling. Just received a quote from a reputable LC shop. Have sticker shock and could use another expert opinion. Does this all need to be replaced to get a reliable front end? Here are the...
  3. tie rod ends.jpg

    tie rod ends.jpg

    manual tie rod ends
  4. A

    Front End - steering dampener snapped

    Hey! I just picked up about a week ago an 84 FJ60 from Los Angeles and drove it across country to Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s a beast. But has caused some problems as I’ve been repairing issues from the PO. I realized late that my whole front end really got worked by the PO on a trail...
  5. Surftruck

    Front End "Thunk" 1990 FJ62

    Hi All, Started getting a "thunk"/"knock" when turning left while simultaneously going over a bump. Sometimes it does it going straight going over a large rut/bump at speed. I have not had a chance to get under the truck to take a look but I figured, as always, there is usually a "most common"...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser Drag Link - Good condition

    SoCal $45 + shipping $27.23 2 available. Good to have one for a spare! It is the first thing on your chassis to hit rocks and bend!!
  7. RFB

    Did I screw up my alignment with TREs?

    After doing birfields, I also replaced the TREs now Ive been gearing up for a long distance road trip so Birfields drove it fine, replaced TRTEs and now it pulls to passenger a bit. BUT to be safe I rechecked wheel bearings and they seems good to go. ALL KOYO bearing and races.
  8. SteveY

    Front End Refresh Parts List

    Any other suggestions? I have the F-N-R / R-N-F clunk and my original axles are starting to sling a bit of grease. Figured I would nip it in the bud with new axles, flanges, and bearings all in one shot. Also, I have two torn ball joint gaskets and the freeway wander is starting to get...
  9. Hokie LX

    AHC Failure- Front end dropped - sensor?

    Hi all, I've done a bit of searching but haven't been able to answer my question. On the way home from work today my front end dropped. I didn't notice until I got home but it is currently all the way down. Rear is at normal height. System is completely unresponsive and if I try to go into High...
  10. T

    GM  Touchy steering wheel, random grinding/vibration from middle area of front end ,

    I have a 2000 Grand Am GT, I've noticed a random front end grinding noise that does it in a pattern. It will grind 2 times in a row then stop , then a few seconds later same thing. I can feel it on the floor / brake & gas peddle. I'm almost certain it's not a wheel bearing. I'm concerned...
  11. DirtScaresMe

    two front end kits: do i need the red one?

    I decided to put on a new steering stabilizer and had the awesome experience that is removing the balljoint thingies without the right tools. Amazon hosed up and sent me two kits. The grey one I think is what I want: it has various mechanical methods of pushing things around. The red set there...
  12. robtackett

    Front end problem

    Ok I went four wheeling the other day and now I have a problem. My front and rear locker lights just flashed and to my knowledge never locked in. Now I can not turn the wheel and pull forward. It is binding up or something is stopping the truck. I lifted truck in air and wheels spin opposite of...
  13. ADVPIG

    Wondering front end on the FJ62

    My '88 FJ62 has been in the shop for several days....mechanic can't figure out why the front end is wondering. All front end components are in good shape. They think it could be the leaf springs/shackle bushings. The PIG wonders to the left when driving and it increases when it hits a bump...
  14. T

    lx 470 to LC front end retrofit swap?

    Searched and didn't find anything. I like the LX470 but prefer the front end of the LC. How hard would it be to swap the front ends on these trucks? Obviously would need: hood head lamps grill trim pieces below the head lights what else am I missing? I think a LC front clip with a lexus...
  15. DanMedeiros

    $50 Bounty: Front end clanking post lift

    Hi Guys, I'm having a hell of a time figuring out why my front end is clanking and thought I would ask for some Mud' wisdom. Right before my trip to Baja I installed a new 2.5-inch OME lift with Icon 2.0 shocks. I also ordered swaybar drops and new bushings where the sway bar connects to the...
  16. riffman12

    so THAT'S where my front end clunk came from...

    Daily reminder to look underneath your cruiser every now and then :bang: this is the passenger side frame mount for my front swaybar. I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how that nut would have come off. Either way...I don't have the nut. Can anyone help me out with what size nut goes...
  17. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  Fj62 front end cap RH

    Looking for a fj62 front bumper end cap in good condition. Passenger side RH. Shipped to 06851. Paypal ready. Thank you.
  18. racevws

    Front end clunk

    So I recently rebuilt the front axle, and I am not super sure if this is related or not, but I was doing some light offroad yesterday, and I noticed when my wheel would be coming off a rock, there would be a metallic clunking/ slapping sound. I jacked up the front axle when I got home, and...
  19. RefineSeattle

    1998 Front End Update Kit -

    I purchased the kit a long time ago. The cruiser is in the body shop this week, so I thought it would be an ideal time to get the update completed. The tech is having some issue with the install. Does anyone have or know of a write up on the procedure? Thanks!
  20. A

    Front end wabble

    Just picked up my 01 LX470 from the shop. Had tons of work done to it so it could be drivable, and the mechanic told me I needed to get my wheels balanced. Side note, one thing fixed were sway bar end links. I drive it around town and it felt fine, but as soon as I got above 50mph, my front...
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