Front end wabble


Nov 18, 2014
Just picked up my 01 LX470 from the shop. Had tons of work done to it so it could be drivable, and the mechanic told me I needed to get my wheels balanced. Side note, one thing fixed were sway bar end links.

I drive it around town and it felt fine, but as soon as I got above 50mph, my front end started to feel light and I would get horrible steering wheel wabble.

So I took my truck to my local trusty tire guy and had him balance my tires, they were all way off, but I'm still getting the same bad wabble over 50mph.

Could it be I need an alignment? My truck was converted from air suspension to bilstein shocks from the previous owner.

I was also thinking hat my truck clanks when it goes from R to D, or D to R so maybe I have bad U Joints and that could be my vibrating issue at high speeds.
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