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  1. R

    Plastic cone fell inside front diff

    I was almost done with my front diff fluid flush when the black plastic tip from the Mobile 1 75-90 quart fell into the front diff fluid hole. Has this happened to anybody on here before? I saw a thread about a tip in the t-case, but didn’t find one on the front diff. Will the tip get chewed up...
  2. I

    Found gear teeth during front diff fluid change

    Hi All, I've searched the forums and found lots about what to do once you've blown the front diff. I am hoping that's not the case. I bought my LX470 at ~200k, I'm at 230k and currently going through the PM's found here: 200k Service & PM - Suggestions? (Thanks a ton). I decided to save the...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 - Front differential - High Pinion 8" 4.10 non locker

    NO SHIPPING SoCal $200 firm. Complete third members I have the rest of the axle and parts available.
  4. Serge1988

    Wanted  front differential 1994

    I’m looking for front differential fo my Land Cruiser 1994.
  5. BullElk

    Extended front diff breather.....and then this!

    I just replaced hose and extended as far up as I could next to brake fluid reservoir. I had the typical fuel filter on it then took it off. right about same time the DS knuckle begins to leak. Could there be some correlation there regarding a vacuum or a reason this would be caused by...
  6. dr_dobro

    For Sale  FJ62 front diff 4.1 NY

    Complete used third of a front 62 series axle. Asking $150 plus the ride Or pick up at Long Island NY
  7. BullElk

    Front diff or rack and pinion bushing?? pics

    Would this worn rubber bushing have anything to do with rack and pinion? or is it only holding front diff? I'm trying to diagnosis skid control coming on like it did before replacing rack and pinion.
  8. ZRotheohv

    Leaking New Front Diff

    I JUST got my truck back on the road after replacing the front differential, and installed the third with a dry gasket. Apparently that wasn't enough since it's dripping out of there (the bottom is wet and leaves a little half dollar sized puddle whenever I stop). I read about using FIPG instead...
  9. Cruiser Justin

    Wanted  Front diff side gear

    Looking for at least one or two front diff side gears for a 91-97 fj80 also 89-95 4Runner and 90-95 p-up. Any of those will work. Any help guys would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Justin
  10. R

    SOS front diff in pieces

    So a few weeks ago I decided to pull my front differential on my 98 land cruiser and replace it with all new everything including an arb air locker. Well my friend was helping me and he just told me to tear it down and we forgot to mark anything. I bought an air locker, nitro ring and pinion...
  11. cc93cruiser

    Wanted  4 Pinion 00-02 100 series Front Diff

    Looking to buy a 100 series front diff from a 00-02.. Looking to upgrade my 99 100 series from a 2 pinion to 4 pinion front diff.. Thanks
  12. S

    1999 100 Series Front Diff Removal Instructions

    Yes folks it's another thread on a broken front 100 series diff! I just broke mine yesterday afternoon during some (mild) wheeling. Knew I needed to install a locker at some point but just wasn't ready for it yet....guess now I am! So as I searched I found plenty of posts about folks trying to...
  13. R

    front diff ring and pinion

    so I'm rebuilding my front differential on my 98 lc and i bought an arb air locker so i wanna replace the ring and pinion too. I'm keeping the gear ratio the same but i can't find any aftermarket ring and pinions with that gear ratio and all the oem ones are discontinued. where on earth am i...
  14. Surf n Turf

    Seem to have alot of play in front diff ? Troubleshooting

    Hey all, so thing's i must mention is that when i got from Reverse to Drive and on and off the gas there is quite a noticeable clunk noise, had a play with the front driveshaft and it appears as though there is a fair bit of play within the front diff. Have a video i can hopefully upload of the...
  15. SimplyTanner

    R&P swap from ADD to non ADD

    Does anyone know if the ring and pinion from a non ADD diff is the same for and ADD diff? It seems the only difference is the needle bearings in the ADD. Which I believe is actually part of the carrier and the housings are identical. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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