1. nitroid13

    Gm p/s pump on a 74 fj40

    Is there a company that rebuilds these like redhead steering gear does with boxes? They did my sag box and did a great job. But my parts store 70' chevy truck pump keeps giving out. This ones been on for almost 2 years now and started leaking and wineing about 6months ago now theres little to no...
  2. Tisha Dee

    Cali -Bay Area FJ40 gal here

    Hi everyone, Working on a hybrid overlander/crawler build for my 73FJ40. Gotta work through some steering issues, replace the chevy small block (still researching which one I want), upgrade the 3spd to a 5spd tranny (thinking H55 or NV4500), upgrade to a 4 spd split transfer case (not sure on...
  3. S

    For Sale  FJ40 Calipers Genuine Toyota

    For sale a pair of Calipers. See picture for condition. They were in a box of parts when I bought sa donor vehicle. $150 obo plus shipping worldwide. Items located in South East Texas
  4. Indygbd

    Wanted  New or like new oem fj40 floormats

    I am looking for some oem floor mats in new or excellent condition for my FJ40's. I have a 72 floor shift, a 1978 and 1979 FJ40. I would like new oem if someone has some they kept and never used. Used in good condition with no holes or major cracks would be great too. Send me a pm with what...
  5. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 front heater with defroster hoses

    heater box is good but it's missing some parts. Comes with a heater core of unknown quality, I never had water in it so do not know if it leaks. Vent tubes are in ok, but not great shape. $50 plus the ride for all.
  6. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 mirrors

    Rustic but completely functional side mirrors and rear view mirror. All glass is good. $50 for all three plus the ride.
  7. kevos37

    For Sale  Fj40 Ambulance Door Tops/ 1 glass/Norcal

    I have 2 ambulance door top portions and 1 window glass for sale. I guess the frames could be used for patchwork . I'm asking $40 for the pair plus shipping . The window is in good shape I'm asking $30 plus shipping and I'm going to have it insured . Thanks Kevin
  8. kevos37

    For Sale  FJ40 Air Cleaner 3/69-6/69/ Norcal

    I have a air cleaner for a 3/69-9/69 (thanks was on a 67) It is a dry type filter. I'm asking $65 plus shipping. Thanks Kevin
  9. 85FJ60SD

    For Sale  [CA] FJ40 Front Radiator Screen+Emblem

    Downsizing my landcruiser art from Came from my 1978 FJ40 Screen+Emblem=70+ship
  10. tstepp920

    1980 FJ40 Rear Heater Photos

    Someone please post photos of the correct location of lines & hardware (clamps and brackets, etc.) running from the firewall back to the rear heater for a 1980 FJ40. And the mounting location of the heater itself. I can't seem to find the mounting point. Thanks
  11. tstepp920

    Wanted  FJ40 Ash Tray 1980

    WTB an Ash Tray for a 5/80 FJ40 . It will have the plastic face of the drawer like the photo. It doesn't have to be perfect. The face must be in great condition. I can have the rest rechromed Photo credit to Indygbd
  12. S

    For Sale  FJ40 Brake Proportioning Valve

    This was taken off a running and driving truck sold I know it functions correctly. I have seen these listed for quite a bit of money and really unsure of what it is worth. I'll ask $200 obo to start with as I have seen used ones advertised for $264.00. No sensible offer refused. Thanks
  13. redfj

    For Sale  [CA] FJ40 Brake Master Cylinder 9/75-7/80

    This was barely used in my '71 until I figured out it was the wrong year for my truck... whoops. Pretty much like new. $120 + shipping from Los Angeles EDIT: PRICE CHANGE: $100 shipped
  14. S

    For Sale  Door Seal Set FJ40 Genuine Toyota

    Genuine Toyota door seals for a 1974 and later FJ40. These are new in their bags. I have both front door seals and both rear ambulance door seals as a set of 4 in total. $250 obo. Can ship worldwide and contact me for a quote.
  15. 85FJ60SD

    For Sale  [CA] FJ40 Turn Signal Covers

    These came off my old 40. Don't need them anymore. 40+ship
  16. I

    For Sale  1972 FJ40 Zombie Assault Vehicle

    1972 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 fuel: gas title status: clean transmission: manual Location: Nashville, TN USA Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? I'm not, and you could be too! Been looking for that perfect ride to toss your molle attachment latent backpack in when it's time to bug out...
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