1. Dwight S

    Subwoofer enclosure fitment question

    I have a 1998 with the two 4” woofer enclosure. I am looking to see if the later model enclosure with the single 6.5” woofer will fit in my truck? I know the sound isn’t ideal with these type subs, but I really don’t want a large sub box sitting back there, at least not right now. I will...
  2. B

    FJ40 mechanical fuel pump fitment

    Hey guys, I'm looking to change out my electric fuel pump for a mechanical one, tired of the issues with the electrical. I have a 350 SBC swap and have run into the issue of fitment of the mechanic fuel pump. My buddy has a similar set up and has an inverted fuel pump that fits next to the motor...
  3. H

    FJ40 Hardtop fitment question

    Will a 1971 complete hardtop (white top, sides with windows, rear hatch) fit right onto my 1975 FJ40? Any fitment issues I need to know about?
  4. H

    FJ40 Hardtop fitment question

    Does anyone here know if a 1981 FJ40 hardtop will fit onto a 1975 FJ40?
  5. B

    American Racing Teflon Mojave Wheel Fitment/Offset FJZ80

    Hi All, Its been a really long time since i have posted, but i cannot seem to find the information needed on the wheels i am looking to purchase for my restoration. I am looking to run 285/70/17 on American Racing Mojave wheels. I believe the wheels are 17x8, linked below is a youtube video...
  6. Adams77

    Hardtop fitment problem

    My hardtop hangs over the back of my tub by about an inch. Its a fiberglass tub of unknown origin. Are there differences in tops through the years? See photo
  7. M

    A 1999 100 series LC landed in my lap...where do I start?

    What would you all do if someone handed you a 1999 LC with 280,000 miles on it and you wanted to get it a bit more off road-capable? I figured tires/lift would be a good start, but I think I'll need to save up a bit more to lift it (unless you have any good budget options) I'm looking at...
  8. J

    03+ Arb Bumper Fitment and Gap

    Hello all. I've been a regular lurker here and finally came across a question I need to ask. I installed an 03 Arb bull bar to my 99 100 series. I am seeing a 1" gap in the front between the bumper and the car. Is this normal? Btw I've been pounding the bumper with a rubber mallet and it...
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