1. CloudCity

    Pollution Sensor Adjustment

    Hey folks, I just posted up a little video that shows owners with the same NAV unit as my '04 LX how to adjust the Smog Sensor sensitivity. This is part of my new project called Lux Cruisers, which will be an information repository specific to the LX 470.
  2. J

    Wanted  Inlet clamp

    I’m looking for an inlet clamp for my FJ40. Anyone have a clamp they are willing to sell? Jeff
  3. J

    Air Cleaner Refurb/Seals

    I’m finishing refurbishing my 1977 FJ40 OEM air cleaner. All seals are no longer available from Toyota. I did some searching and found that most people address the seal around the edge of the air cleaner cover with little mention of the seals on the top and bottom of the filter itself. To me it...
  4. sunrk

    Different versions of genuine Toyota diesel oil filter for 1hz/1hdt/1hdft ?

    Hmmm. So there is what seems to be a genuine made-in-Japan oil filter 90915-30002, and a genuine not-made-in-Japan oil filter 90915-30002-8T (made in Thailand). No prizes for guessing which is the cheaper one. For anyone in the know, does that also mean the quality is significantly different...
  5. platypusREX

    Changing oil right now..a tale of two filters

    Hello guys, I am changing my oil and bought a Toyota oil filter 90915-YZZD3 and it is tiny compared to the Napa 21515 filter. The Napa filter looks like it goes on a Caterpillar bulldozer and the Toyota is literally "cute" next to it. The seal looks to match but the capacity is way different...
  6. P

    Oiled air filter + Paper filter = ??

    Hey fellas, so I stumbled on this question when I picked up a paper air filter for my 12H-T 'Cruiser: Long story short, I have a thin Unifilter (read: oiled) foam sleeve that slips right over the paper filter. I figured it would be nice to have two levels of filtration. Is this approach...
  7. Krondor

    Wanted  Air Cleaner for single barrel carb

    I am looking for a paper element air cleaner that would fit an SD40 carb.
  8. rghouse

    Charcoal filter 3fe- autozone one doesn't fit

    Can Somebody please explain to me how you get a 5 inch diameter filter to fit in between brackets that are only 4 1/2 inch diameter? The AutoZone VC120 is too large to fit in the oem bracket (which also mounts the VCV). If someone can chime in here it would be much appreciated. I don't want to...
  9. FeralOne

    Wanted  1974 stock fuel filter mounting bracket

    I'm looking for the stock bracket that holds the lower fuel filter (between the tank and the fuel pump) to the chassis. My unit is a 1974 FJ40. Dave Dillon 619-929-1944
  10. Cancruiser

    Use Tacoma/4Runner oil filter in 1HDT

    Can the oil filter from the 4Runner/Tacome/Tundra/gas Land Cruiser (Toyota: 90915-YZZD3) be used in the 1HDT engine? I have a lead on a box of them for a decent price and wonder if they can be used? Cheers,
  11. Aussiemike

    Oil Filter sandwich plate adapter

    Trying all over to buy the above for my cruiser but having big problems. Decided to fabricate one here in Kenya. Can anyone point me to a diagram for the oil flow that I can give to one of the engineers here? Cheers Mike
  12. Romer

    IMPLEMENTED -Random thought on making oil filter changes easier with ARB Skids

    With the valve on the oil pan draining the oil is a piece of cake Changing the filter requires removal of the front skid plate with the ARB System So a thought, get bjowetts cab with the valve and Drill an access hole into the skid plate. Maybe a round hole with a 4" hole saw?? Either the...
  13. H

    post-air filter, pre-turbo leaking oil on HDJ81 with 1HDT

    I was hoping someone could help me out here with a diagnosis and hopefully, an easy fix. I noticed that the corrugated, bent portion of the air intake hose that is AFTER the air filter (probably a foot or so below the air filter along the air intake hose), but BEFORE the turbo, is wet with...
  14. 350HJ75

    Can someone ID this 3B oil cooler / oil filter housing?

    I purchased this oil cooler and downward facing oil filter housing combo anticipating a turbo on my 3B from a wrecker off the shelf hence an unknown 3B or B series engine variant. Can anyone tell me what it is from?? and why it seems to be missing the oil lines to the vacuum pump on the back of...
  15. mtweller

    Specks in the filter - 2nd oil change :o

    I'm a bit concerned, but we'll see what it looks like next time as well.
  16. fj62max

    Hdj81 transmission filter and pan gasket oem part number?

    Im about to change transmission fluid and need part number of transmission filter and pan gasket. Also what oil are you guys using. I have a hdj81 1991 with a auto. Thanks
  17. fj62max

    Hdj81 transmission filter and pan gasket oem part number?

    Anyone know the factory Hdj81 transmission filter and pan gasket oem part number. Mine is a 1991 auto. Thanks
  18. 40Man

    A better oil filter wrench

    Not sure if this has been discussed, but due to the fact that the stock housing lends itself to getting stuck on the filter wrench or rounding off the filter housing I recommend getting one of these instead: Toyota Lexus Scion Special Oil Filter Wrench Tool LARGE SIZE | eBay I have one from...
  19. 88Retired62

    88FJ62 WIX 51773 oil filter

    I gotta admit even I got a belly laugh out of the initial juvenile trolling response from the forum brain trust; albeit from an entirely different alphabetic perspective...touché! I just love it! The question is...I've been using the WIX 51773 oil filter since the demise of the OEM 15600-41010...
  20. 88Retired62

    88FJ62 Wix 51773 oil filter

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