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  1. mrjordann

    What's the valve sequence on an F engine?

    Hi. Trying to adjust my valves on a May 1973 F engine. Got it at top dead center, but a couple of the lifters are up when they should be down. Which makes me wonder... Am I looking at the correct valves? For example, valve 7 is open when it should be closed. Maybe I've got them in the wrong...
  2. mrjordann

    F engine experts: What is this hole for?

    Hi, here's context: I'm rebuilding a 5/1973 F engine. Old oil pump is discontinued, so I had to fabricate a new oil pump output line to make the new style oil pump fit. The new custom line fits great into the threaded hole, but there is another threaded hole next to it, and I cannot figure out...
  3. mrjordann

    valve cover gasket too small?

    5/73 f engine. Machine shop gave me this gasket that's way too short. [1st pic] We ordered one (unaware that the machine shop already had) and this one seems to fit. 2nd pic shows the short gasket laid over the long one. Anybody know what's going on? Did I get an F.5 or 2F gasket from the...
  4. mrjordann

    Rebuilding F engine- do I need a new oil pump?

    Hi. My natural instinct is yes, I do need a new oil pump. But I have a 5/73 F engine and can no longer get a new oil pump because they're discontinued. I suppose I could upgrade to a 2F oil pump, but I've heard that I would need to get a 2F oil pan too. What are my options? Can I just reuse...
  5. mrjordann

    Oil Pan/Side Cover Bolts for 5/1973 F engine?

    Hi. Does anyone have the bolt sizes for the oil pan and side cover bolts? Also looking for those three bolts that hold the steering column to the firewall. Thank you.
  6. pjohnson

    Wanted 1965 F Engine Oil Bath air cleaner - FOUND

    Gathering parts for a 1965 FJ45 restoration. Looking for a single barrel oil bath air cleaner for a D40 carb. Post here or PM. Thanks.
  7. pjohnson

    Wanted 1965 F Engine Oil Cannister and Lines -FOUND

    Gathering parts for a 1965 FJ45 restoration. Looking for a restorable condition oil cannister, lines and bracket. Post here or PM. Thanks.
  8. Bike

    73 F engine tuneup, timing and compression.

    I've spent a couple hours searching for an answer to my question. I hate to ask (because I'm sure it's already been answered), but I can't find the answer, so here goes. #1. I'm attempting to set the timing on my '73 F engine. My flywheel has the metal ball, but no other timing marks. I...
  9. fj55-100

    f engine or 2f .

    I have a 64 fj40 in the shop with a cracked head , it is getting harder to find a early f head anymore , if money was no object would the sty recommend , a rebuilt 2f , and if so whom has the best quality for a complete engine , i know i need all the sheet metal and manifolds. he wants to...
  10. shmukster

    For Sale Older F engine oil pan excellent shape in PA

    I got this oil pan with a 64 FJ40 project I parted a few years ago. It's very solid these are no longer available. Has the big diameter drain plug. Price $100 buyer pays shipping. Best to email me shmukter@pa.metrocast.net
  11. FixedIt

    Wanted Temp Gauge - 73 F Engine

    Evening all! I am in need of a functional temp gauge for a 73 F engine. The rest of my gauge cluster works, but the temp gauge does not work. Thank you in advance! Dave
  12. Aussie 25

    F engine number.

    I found an f engine with no F 108007 on it . I can't find any reference to engines with 108 for the first 3 digits. haven't seen the block yet so can't get the date off it. Could it be a truck or forklift engine ;
  13. cc93cruiser

    F engine water outlet paper gasket installation order

    Quick question... I have the diaphragm from an F engine cooling system/waterpump and I noticed I did not put the gasket on the pic ( letter D) in the correct order.. I put the thermostat on the lower piece water outlet and then paper gasket on top then the upper water outlet piece with rubber...
  14. bossman28

    Should I Abandon My F-Engine Rebuild

    Hello, I am new to the forum so for give me if I am doing everything correctly. But i own a 1971 FJ40 that I bought for $500 two years ago (as you can imagine it looks rough. The the vehicle had been sitting since the early 80s and I am currently in the process of "restoring" it. The body has...
  15. warimono

    For Sale 1973 F engine air filter assembly

    For sale: 1973 F engine air filter assembly Great shape for its age. Could use new gaskets. Missing factory wing nut and washer. Includes a K&N filter. $150.00 plus shipping from 89145, LV NV. USPS money order only.
  16. Matt1260

    For Sale 1973 F Engine

    Does anyone want this? Make offers? Located in Portland, OR It ran when it was pulled. Good, but ready for a rebuild. 1F engine by Matt1260 posted Feb 5, 2017 at 6:53 PM
  17. LR LC200

    74' F Engine Hesitation/Hard Start

    Followed instructions on valve adjustment and happy with the result. While I was at it; pulled plugs and cleaned, adjusted plug gap to what's stated in Haynes Manual, adjusted points air-gap, cleaned up rotor, adjusted mixture, adjusted idle, and lastly adjusted timing. Rig runs much better...
  18. graham5david

    For Sale f engine valve cover

    $30 plus shipping
  19. Got Cruiser?

    For Sale Land Cruiser D.U.I. Performance Distributor for F and 2F Engines

    Toyota Land Cruiser D.U.I. Performance Distributor for F and 2F Engines Brand new. Never used. Part Number: 80820BK (Black) 80820BL (Blue) Price: $365 (shipped) with wires $465 I have 2 in Black and 1 in Blue Simply put, D.U.I. is three letters you never want to hear. But with a Performance...
  20. M

    Wanted 1968 f engine

    hey I'm looking for a used f engine in good working order to swap mine out with. message me if you have one or know someone who does. located in Boone NC
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